Ways To Fix No Stream Available Error On Kodi 

Michaela Bobulinski

 November 28, 2021

Kodi is your open-source home theater software and is a great platform to have. However, there are times the user may encounter errors such as the “No stream available on Kodi.” It is touted as among the most common problems that involve your speed being throttled, filtered, or geo-blocked by your Internet Service Provider or ISP.

ExpressVPN is a well-recommended platform to bypass the “No stream available” error by providing a virtual Internet Protocol or IP, as well as strong encryption that will keep your online traffic completely unknown from ISPs. Plus, it is incredibly fast too.

What Are The Ways To Fix No Stream Available On Kodi?

Isn’t it awful when the video you are watching suddenly stops while watching it and never continues? Or, while it plays, it buffers periodically, not allowing you to enjoy the entire entertainment experience.

Many would say these occurrences are nothing compared to dealing with the No stream available on Kodi error, as you try to play a source link.

This article will look at the various problems that cause the issue and the most effective ways to fix the issues.

1. Check If You’re Using An Abandoned Add-On

If you are one of those who got faded by time and are still using the Genesis add-on, know that Exodus has long replaced it. However, if you are using Exodus, Covenant has taken its place. If you are still using Covenant, this has also been replaced by new entities. So, where should you get started?

With these being said, Kodi has been regarded to be playing a game of “whack-a-mole” over the previous years — thanks to the pressure from copyright infringement hunters.

Developers launch add-ons, and these add-ons become famous before they disappear. Though you can still use Genesis, Exodus, and Covenant, they may not have the relevant support as they did before unless, of course, they are managed by an active developer.

Concerning this, if you are using an abandoned or outdated add-on for streaming movies and TV shows, this might be causing the “no stream available error,” so it is vital to pay close attention to these in your system.

2. Clear The Providers And Cache In The Add-On

Those who have been using the platform for so long are saying they have encountered this issue several times before, where none of the links for an episode or movie would work and would constantly show the “no stream available” error.

One easy way to fix this problem is to clear the providers and cache in the add-on. You can do this by using the “Indigo” extension, which helps manage and maintain Kodi.

How to download the Indigo add-on? You may do so from the Kodi Israel repo. Once done, simply click on the “Clear Cache” in the maintenance tools menu.

It shall fix the problem. However, if it persists, you may have to try these options below.

3. Make Sure Your Internet Speed Is Fast Enough

This should be a primary checkpoint for many. If there are problems with the platforms you use, you must turn to check your Internet connection.

It is rather a common problem for Kodi streaming playback. Hence, a not-so-fast Internet connection leads to the “no stream available” error. You must ensure your device has strong connections to your wireless Internet or WiFi.

Specifically, you need a 10mpbs connection. Suppose you can provide yourself with more, such as 25 to 50mpbs, the better. You will never have to encounter issues with buffering.

It is recommended you utilize the website speedtest.net to check your Internet speed. If you have a fast network connection, but the WiFi connection is poor, get the WiFi Repeater that will cost you no more than $20, allowing for better Internet connectivity and performance.

4. Troubleshoot Kodi On Your Device

There are instances when, after using Kodi for a long time and installing new add-ons from time to time, the application bogs down drastically. This happens several times.

When this occurs, almost all extensions were giving trouble, and it was challenging to figure out why you were receiving so many errors, including the “no stream available” one.

What should be included in the troubleshooting? Well, you need to evaluate the health of the application. Typically, when the Kodi app starts showing problems, the add-ons will follow with their own issues.

There could be files conflicting with each other and regular lagging. In such events, the easiest way to take is factor reset and bring the app to its brand new condition by installing the latest add-ons.

5. Try Utilizing Various Sources And Take A Look If They Work

The Kodi add-ons responsible for streaming movies and television shows use various channels to provide the viewer, you, with sources for watching content at the best level of convenience.

Depending on which TV add-on you are using, you will have a lot of source options for each TV show or movie.

If you encounter the “no stream available” error for the first time, consider trying the second time around, then a third.

If several sources are not functioning, one good way to check if the problem is with the add-on and not with the sources is to watch a different movie.

If it still shows “no stream available,” you will have to re-install the add-on or the entire Kodi application.

6. See If You Are Getting Throttled, Filtered, Or Geo-Blocked By Your ISP

Know that many Kodi add-ons aggregate content from various sources so they can offer smooth streams of your favorite movies and TV shows. These may include accessing services from other countries.

Nevertheless, suppose your ISP has enabled content filtering on your router. In that case, there is a high possibility you will never be able to establish a connection with these sources, hence displaying the error.

On the other hand, geo-blocking pertains to the circumstance when servers restrict access to the content in certain countries only. To bypass this and throttling imposed on your Internet usage, it is strongly recommended to use ExpressVPN.

Several other VPNs work with Kodi. If you install VPN on Kodi, you will be able to shift your location and mask your IP address.

More so, these online privacy and security tools should prove handy in exploring unrestricted Internet. However, note that the results may not be the best if you are using a free VPN for Kodi.

Keeping these tips in mind and doing them, you shall be able to fix the no stream available on Kodi in no time.

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