War Thunder: A Review of German Airplanes 

Michaela Bobulinski

 February 17, 2021

War Thunder is a legendary combat game with realistic and spectacular battles with the involvement of aviation, armored vehicles, and naval ships. The 1.81 War of Thunder update, known as “the Valkyries” by Gaijin Entertainment, brought many novelties into the game with vast improvements of simulation elements and implemented turboshaft engines and flight control systems. All these new features were necessary to introduce airplanes and combat helicopters into the game. War Thunder represents various airplanes owned by different countries, including Germany, the USSR, the USA, Japan, Great Britain, France, Italy, and Sweden. As for German Aviation, the aircraft is known for its great diversity of flight models. In this War Thunder Review, we are going to tell you about the best German Airplanes available in the game and their advantages in the fight.

German Aircraft

German Aircraft is represented by various flying machines, including fighters, attackers, heavy fighters, dive bombers, and medium and heavy bombers. These airplanes have excellent energy retention and can climb and dive well. German Tree constitutes a variety of powerful models. You can also find some information about the best German flying machines in Full War Thunder Review by Insider.Games and read about other countries’ aircraft presented in the game.

The majority of the flight models are heavily armed and maneuverable at low altitudes. In the German Tree, some Italian planes are also available, and the players can use them in the fight if they need fast speed. Here you can find the best examples of German flying machines depending on their role in the battle.


This type of airplane has a variety of models. As the beginning of our War Thunder Review mentions, some of them are purely German, and some are technically Italian.

CR.42 Falco

This airplane refers to the German Tree but is technically Italian. This model is strong with good speed and incredible maneuverability; these characteristics make CR.42 Falco appropriate for different missions on all fronts. This airplane’s max speed is 429 km/h at 5200 m; the max altitude is 8500 m; the rate of climb is 17 m/s. As for weaponry, CR.42 is equipped with Breda-SAFAT machine guns.

He-51 A-1

Heinkel He-51 A-1 is a German fighter available for the players for free right from the beginning of the game. This airplane is regarded as a flying machine of great importance. The maximum speed of He-51 is 310 km/h; the maximum altitude is 7700 m; the climb rate is 13 m/s. The airplane is armed with Rheinmetall-Borsig MG 17 machine guns. All in all, this airplane is good for excellent maneuverability and the ability to carry enough weapons to win the fight with minimum losses.

Heavy Fighters

Heavy fighters unite the most exciting military power machines due to their speed, design, and weaponry. In War Thunder, heavy fighters have better armament than any other airplane in different categories.

Bf.110 C-4

Bf. 110 C-4 is the right choice for the battle because it is well-equipped with cannons and machine guns. Although this airplane lacks effective defense, it is not just a regular fighter as it is supposed to be. As discussed in several War Thunder Reviews, Bf. 110 C-4 can carry more weapons than a majority of single-engined fighters. No doubt, this plane will help you win any head-to-head battle.

Dive Bombers

Dive Bombers include only several models, but their weaponry and design will increase the chances of winning the battle.

Ju 87 B-2

Ju 87 B-2, also known as “Stuka”, is a single-engine German dive bomber. This model can be easily recognized due to fixed undercarriage and inverted gull wings. Ju 87 B-2 has an innovative design, including such features as automatic pull-up dive brakes and a siren. The maximum speed of this model is 390 km/h. The airplane is equipped with two 7.92 mm MG 17 machine guns in the wings. This aircraft is the best for stable bombing when attacking ground targets.

Medium Bombers

In this category, just like in the previous one, only some of the models are presented.

He 111 H-3

Heinkel He 111 is a German medium bomber. It is the first bomber available for unlocking in the German Tree. This model is known for a hefty payload of bombs, which makes it possible to hit numerous targets before the need to reload. He 111 is equipped with a bomb load, which can hold 32 5 kg bombs. The max speed of an airplane is 360 km. As for the restraints, this German bomber has a limited firing angle, but it does not affect its bombing power.


The attacker is the best choice for arcade, realistic, and simulator battles. These airplane models can fly immediately to an extreme flank and attack numerous targets at once.


Hs-129B-2 is the most powerful model in the German Aircraft Tree. This model is designed in a way to protect the pilot. This airplane’s max speed is 421 km; the max altitude is 7500 m; the rate of climb is 6.3 m/s. As for the weaponry, Hs-129B-2 is equipped with 20 mm MG 151 cannons, and 7.92 mm MG 17 machine guns with a reload time of approximately 15 s.

Advantages of Aircraft in War Thunder

Undoubtedly, the aircraft in War Thunder is an excellent tool for bringing new bright emotions to improve the game. With its help, you can make the process more exciting and engaging. The flying machines can make the battle spectacular due to breathtaking fights in the air. Also, the aircraft means gaining new experience and skills. A variety of airplanes presented in War Thunder Review, depending on the speed, rate of climb, weight, and weaponry, opens new horizons for War Thunder’s fans and provides thousands of opportunities to win the battle. All in all, the aircraft in War Thunder is a thing that creates a specific atmosphere within the game and makes it more exciting and even addicting.

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