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 July 21, 2019


Actor , Directors, Producers
Date of Birth
July 18, 1967
Zodiac sign
Place of Birth
USA, New York
Full Name
Mark Sinclair Vincent
Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel is an actor known to the world for dynamic and intense militants, such as the Fast and the Furious franchise.

Early years

Actor, director, screenwriter and producer Vin Diesel, whose real name is Mark Vincent, was born in New York on July 18, 1967. Mark Vincent and his twin brother Paul brought up his mother, Delors, and stepfather, Irving H. Vincent. Vina’s biological father broke up with his mother before the birth of his sons. Not too wordy when it comes to his family, Diesel, however, eagerly talks about his early passion for performing arts. His stepfather taught acting skills, and at the age of seven, Diesel first entered the stage of the Theater of the City of New York.

“I have always been firmly convinced that I will become a cinema star. I knew it as a child, ”he tells Entertainment Weekly.

All his youthful years, Diesel continues to take part in theatrical productions. At the same time, he settles in the club bouncer. This helps him to acquire the hardening, which will become the hallmark of all his future films. In an interview with Men’s Fitness magazine, he says: “I have at least five hundred fights in my account. I fought every night, and I worked as a bouncer for 9 or 10 years. And these were far from fair battles. ” This night work left Diesel free days for theatrical auditions and learning English at New York Hunter College. Diesel uses his experience as a bouncer to create the role of a fighter actor in his first cinematographic project. With this project, and begins his serious career.

Cinematic career

Without a bit of education before graduation, Diesel dropped out of college for the filming of his first film, The Many Faces. In this short film about an actor, willing to play the role of a person of any nationality in order to get a job, Diesel acted as a scriptwriter, producer, director and a specialist in the selection of actors. The public accepts the film well, and in 1995 it is shown at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. This work has attracted the attention of renowned film director Steven Spielberg, who at that time began work on his tape on the Second World War, “Save Private Ryan” (1998). Especially for Diesel, Spielberg introduces a characteristic role in the film. The tape comes out on the screens, and Win gets a high fee. In 2000, he appears in a brilliant role in “Black Hole” – a film that was only seen due to Diesel. Wine Hero,

Having played in the film Boiler Room (2000), along with Ben Affleck and Giovanni Ribisi, Diesel shows off the talent of a serious dramatic actor. Very soon, in 2001, he begins work in the most famous franchise of the Forsazh movie world.

In this film, Diesel gets the role of the dubious fame of street-racing Dominic Toretto, who is in development with a police officer under cover (Paul Walker). The talent of Vin Diesel as a star of fighters is finally confirmed by the main role in the film “XXX” (2002).

Wanting to expand the boundaries of his image, in 2005, Diesel was removed in the comedy “Bald Nurse: Special Assignment”. For the sake of filming in the film “Recognize me guilty”, where Diesel plays the role of a gangster defending himself in court, he sacrifices his flawless physical form. True, he soon returns to the image of a strong guy that brought him fame, acting in subsequent parts of the franchise, including “Fast and Furious-4” (2009), “Fast and Furious-5” (2011), “Fast and Furious-6” (2013 .).

The filming of the next film of the series was overshadowed by tragedy: in a car accident, his friend and partner on the set Paul Walker dies. In 2014, in the voice of Vin Diesel, the hero of the sci-fi adventure bestseller “Guardians of the Galaxy” Groot spoke. At this time, work continues on the film The Last Witch Hunter, in which Diesel is filmed along with Elijah Wood and Michael Kane.


“If you grow up in New York, from an early age you have to decide who you will be – a hunter or a victim.”



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