Victoria Bonya Biography, Age,Family, Education, Net Worth & More 


 January 13, 2020

victoria bonya Age: 34 years
City: Leningrad
Date of birth: October 15, 1986
Zodiac sign: Libra


Victoria Bonya is a native of the small village of Krasnokamensk. By the way, Bonya is the real surname of the star “House-2”, and not a pseudonym, as the public believes

Childhood and youth

The future celebrity was brought up by mom and grandmother, and dad, working in the mine, left when his daughter was not even three years old. While Bonya lived in her hometown, she did not need anything. However, when the family moved to the Russian capital, it became very difficult.

As the girl herself recalled, often had to eat vermicelli and bread. All members of the family walked in one pair of winter shoes. The star of “House-2” says that her grandmother raised her mainly. It was the woman who was able to instill in her important life values.

Bonya takes the criticism rather painfully. By the way, the girl’s lips are natural. Now the model and public figure is proud of her appearance, but in childhood she was embarrassed by the increased attention to her person, because she was swarthy and thin.

Life in Moscow

Victoria Bonya began to live in Moscow from the age of 16. Despite her age, she worked in a cafe on the bar and as a waitress. Salary was enough to rent a small room. In 2003, a provincial girl was educated at a university in an economic specialty. Two years later, she received a diploma from the School of TV Pi Ostankino.

One of the ardent admirers taught Victoria Bonya how to properly manage money. She set aside enough funds to go to live in the USA in 2002. There Bonya was trained, worked as a model, went in for sports. After that, the girl returned to the Russian Federation.

Project “House-2”

Victoria Bonya became famous in 2006, when she passed a casting for scandalous reality. She built relationships with the shocking Stepan Menshikov and the equally expressive Anton Potapovich. Very quickly, the participant with full lips became one of the brightest on the TV show.


At first, Victoria Bonya stayed away from gossip and intrigue, but in the end she even fought with one of her opponents.


After leaving the set, Victoria Bonya slept a lot, walked around the house without clothes, enjoying the fact that no one was watching her. In 2007, her television career began, because she became the host of the Cosmopolitan. Video version. ” Then the star of “House-2” was invited to star in the video clip of rapper Timati on the song “Do not go crazy.” Victoria Bonet was credited with a hot affair with the artist. The same thing was said about her connection with Dima Bilan after the release of the joint video on one of their hits.

Gradually, Victoria Boni’s modeling career began to develop. She began to often appear on the covers of top glossies, take part in shows, advertise various products.

Bonya managed to try herself as an actress. In 2010, she starred in the comedy film “Mom Is Better!”. Two years earlier, she could be seen in the film “All the Love in Love.” In the same year, Bonya was invited to an episodic scene in the popular sitcom “Univer”.

Personal life

The media discussed the relationship between the star of Dom-2 and the Brazilian striker Welliton Soares Morais. The couple met at a party with a common friend. Love happened at first sight. The celebrity was not embarrassed that the athlete was 7 years younger than her and that he lived in a civil marriage for 8 years, as well as the presence of a son. After a while, the relationship of the couple broke up.

The next novel under discussion was a connection with businessman Alex Smerfit. Their relationship lasted several years. The millionaire beautifully looked after his darling, he was flattered that next to him was such an attractive and bright girl.

Alkes Smurfit did not invite Bonyu to marry. The couple lived in a civil marriage in Russia and abroad. In 2012, Bonya gave Sherfit daughter Angelina. However, the child did not help cement their union.

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