How to Install and Watch USTVGo on FireStick (Sep 2022) 


 September 1, 2022

Have you ever thought of watching free content on FireStick without thinking about legal things? There’s one such app that let you do it called USTVGo. Here’s the guide on how to install and watch USTVGo on FireStick easily. 

USTVGo is an old web-based streaming site where you can stream tons of content, including live and 90+ entertainment channels on various devices such as FireStick.  This is an amazing website that offers free live streaming services and that too without any spamming ads.  Some popular channels are Fox Sports, AMC, Disney+, ESPN, CBS Sports, SYFY, and so on. 

Moreover, you don’t need to sign up or create an account on USTVGo to watch your content.  Simply go to the website and explore different channels. 

Thinking of installing and watching USTVGo on FireStick but unsure how to do it.  Stay tuned here!  In this guide, we’ll explain in detail how to install and watch USTVGo on FireStick. But before that, let us learn about the USTVGo features. and how to watch content. 

What are the Key Features of USTVGo? 

There are many good features that make USTVGo an interesting app to download on FireStick. Some of the key features that we like for the reason we want to install and watch USTVGo on FireStick are as follows: 

1. Watch Content For Free

A web-based platform with multiple channels is called USTVGO.  On your FireStick device, you may watch any channel for free because USTVGO is entirely cost-free.  There are no subscription fees to pay. 

Thinking about what to watch for free on FireStick. Click on the link to find some interesting things that you can watch on FireStick without paying any fees. 

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2. User-Friendly Interface 

The software has a basic UI and is very user-friendly.  By just tapping on a channel, you may stream it. You may watch more than 90 stations on USTVGO.  These channels include endless programming in every category, including channels for kids, sports, journalism, and entertainment.

3. Spam-Free 

USTVGO does not have this issue, so you may watch channels without bothering about anything.  Most free live TV streaming services overburden their site with adverts, making it difficult for consumers to stay on those sites.

These are some great features that make us drool over the USTVGo app to watch free content on FireStick. However, there are many free sports streaming sites that you can use to watch sports content on FireStick without paying anything. 

How to Install and Watch USTVGo on FireStick?

USTVGo is a web-based platform, so you don’t need to install and download any app. You don’t even need to jailbreak your FireStick device to use USTVGo. Follow the below steps that will help you watch USTVGo on FireStick easily. 

Step 1: Install Web-Browser on FireStick 

FireStick only supports a few browsers, such as Firefox, Silk, and Chrome.  But here, we have chosen the Silk browser for so many reasons.  The foremost reason is it’s a built-in browser for Amazon Fire TV.  Thus, this browser also goes with FireStick. 

Another reason is that Silk has more features and options than other browsing networks.  So, here we will show you how you can install this browser on FireStick. 

However, if you want to choose any other browser, don’t worry installation process is the same, so you can easily install it by following the same steps. 

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Let’s start installing the browser on FireStick if you don’t have one.

1. Go to the home screen of the FireStick device and tap on the Find icon followed by the Search icon or lens icon, which is in the top-left corner. 

Click on Search Option

2. Now, type the Internet Browser in the search bar with the on-screen keyboard.  If you are using a remote, use voice command by holding down the Alexa button and giving a command. 

Click on Internet Browser

3. Click on the Silk Browser/Internet option visible on your screen. 

Click on Amazon SIlk Web Browser

4. Next, you’ll see the Get/Download option.  The option appears if you are using or downloading this browser for the first time. Click on Download. 

Click on Download for Amazon Silk Web Browser

5. Once installation is done, click on the Open button and launch your browser. 

Click on Open for Amazon Silk Web Browser

Congratulations, Amazon Silk – Web Browser is downloaded on FireStick and you are ready to watch the content. 

Step 2: Watch USTVGo On Amazon FireStick Using Browser

This section will explain how to watch USTVGo using the browser you installed on FireStick.  After installation, simply click on Open and you are good to start.  However, if you have closed the browser, follow these steps to access it again and watch live TV channels on USTVGo. 

1. Visit the home screen of the FireStick device and select the Apps section 

Press Apps Tab

2. Now click on the first option and the option See All. If you do not see this option, keep searching in the right direction in the same row unless you find it. 

3. Now scroll down to the bottom of the row. 

4. Click on the browser and open it.  However, use the FireStick remote’s 3-line icon to display the menu if you wish to open the browser from the home screen.  Your screen will throw up a menu; select Move.  Put the browser tile back in the first row.  Your FireStick’s home screen will now show it.

5. Now you have to click on the search bar highlighted in the top left corner.

6. Type the URL address: ustvgo.tv and then click on the Go. 

Click on Go on Amazon Silk Browser

Now you are on the USTVGo website’s homepage, and all you have to do is search for the TV channels you want to stream and start watching content.  You can also select fullscreen mode to enjoy content on fullscreen.

You may see that there are numerous categories of channels to choose from.  The categories of the channels are in the line at the top of the page.  You can choose Sports, News, Entertainment, and Kids’ channels.

You can also have a TV guide given in the menu bar. Click on this option to view all channels.

USTVGo on FireStick

In this section, you will see all the channels and shows options with timing.  You can also apply a filter to choose channels category-wise and select “All Categories” to watch content. 

In case you have any queries regarding the USTVGo services, you get all the answers in the FAQs section. Click on the FAQs from the menu bar and get all your answers. You will easily find all the answers to your queries. 

Use VPN for Browsing USTVGo 

Now, you have the full-proof way of installing a browser on FireStick to browse USTVGO and watch your favorite TV channel for an unlimited dose of entertainment.  However, some activities and channels may not be accessible in your country or have copyright issues.  Hence, it is better to use a VPN to keep your browsing activities hidden from the ISP. 

VPN is helpful to mask up your authentic IP. This also helps bypass ISP throttling, Online Surveillance, content geo-restriction, and many more.  On a personal note, we use ExpressVPN because it is reliable and fastest. Besides this, it is compatible with all forms of streaming applications and very easy to install. However, if you don’t like ExpressVPN, there are many other best VPN services for FireStick that we have reviewed. 

Install and Watch USTVGo on FireStick: Final Words

This comprehensive tutorial explains how to watch USTVGO on a FireStick device.  There is no need to download any APKs or apps. Simply visit the website to begin mobile streaming. 

To broadcast USTVGO on a FireStick device, you need to download a web browser like Chrome or Silk. Use a trustworthy VPN, to ensure your privacy is never jeopardized. With a VPN, you may view geo-restricted content as well.

With this, we come to an end where we showed how to install and watch USTVgo on FireStick. We hope that you find the guide useful and save some money while watching free content on the same. If you have any confusion about using USTVGo on FireStick, you can connect with us as well and we will help you overcome that. Till then, happy streaming!


  1. Is USTVGo secure and safe?

    USTVGo is entirely safe and secure so that you can browse it without any worries.  There will be no threat to your privacy.  But if you want to be on the safer side, we recommend using VPN as it will hide your browsing history and keep you safe from other issues. 

  2. Is USTVGo completely free?

    Yes, this application is free, so you can enjoy watching unlimited channels, including live sports, movies, drama, and much more, without paying any penny.  Simply open the application and start browsing your favorite channels. 

  3. Is there any app for USTVGO?

    You don’t have to go through the effort of installing apps or APK files to stream your favorite entertainment with USTVGO, which is one of its finest features.  Despite the fact that there are a lot of apps accessible in app stores, we do not suggest them.

  4. What is USTVGo?

    This free website-based streaming platform gives you access to 90+ channels without paying any cost.  With this browsing platform, you can watch movies, sports, live news, and much more for free.  The best part about these streaming services is that they don’t have spamming issues, no ads, and they have a user-friendly interface.  So, anyone can use it and browse it on FireStick by following above mention steps. 

  5. Is USTVGo legal? 

    Yes, the USTVGo website is legal, and you can browse it without any worries.  Moreover, you’ll not face any legal issues while streaming the site.  However, if you want to ensure your connection is private and safe, it is advised to utilize a VPN. 

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