Unlock the Best of British TV Using Proxies 

Kyrie Mattos

 August 17, 2022

When it comes to the world of film and television, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is an industry leader. Home of the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA Awards), the UK produces world-class movies and TV shows every year. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood call Great Britain their home, including Benedict Cumberbatch, Patrick Stewart, and Florence Pugh.

While many fantastic UK-produced films and television shows are available to audiences worldwide, a vast number of programs are only available on BBC iPlayer, a popular on-demand streaming service in the United Kingdom. To overcome these restrictions and gain access to all the best British content, you’ll need to use a proxy server.

How Do Proxy Servers Work?

A proxy server acts as an intermediary between an individual and the internet. It has several purposes. First, people may use this tool to secure their data as it can help protect against hackers and malware. People may also utilize proxies to block certain websites. For example, many schools will use a proxy server to safeguard students by filtering out mature content.

Another everyday use for proxies is to mask an individual’s location. When you access the web without a proxy, your original IP address shows, and it contains information about your physical location. A proxy can mask your actual IP address with another, which makes it appear as if you are browsing from another computer somewhere else in the world. By buying location-specific proxies, you can claim the IP address of another country, which will help you maintain online anonymity as well as gain authentic access to many location-based websites and services. 

What Are the Advantages of a UK Proxy?

When you access the internet through a United Kingdom proxy, the proxy’s IP address will make it appear as if you are in the UK. By changing your geo-location, you can overcome international barriers and access exclusive British content. If you’re hoping to watch British films or television, using a UK proxy is the best way to overcome online obstacles and gain access to British websites and streaming services.

When you visit https://iproyal.com/proxies-by-location/europe/united-kingdom/, you can access reliable proxies that fit all of your streaming and on-demand video needs. With a dedicated and trustworthy proxy server, there’s no limit to what you can watch.

Top British TV Series to Stream

No matter what your favorite genres are, BBC iPlayer has them! Using proxies, you can watch great content in whichever genre tickles your fancy. 


Many of the most popular drama series of all time originated from the United Kingdom. The country has a reputation for producing high-quality television shows like Downton Abbey, All Creatures Great and Small, and Peaky Blinders. While these shows are available to audiences worldwide, many other fantastic shows are reserved for UK residents only.

When you access BBC iPlayer with a United Kingdom proxy, you can stay up to date on all the latest British drama series. Choose from titles like Shetland, the seven-season crime drama series; Sherlock, with a miraculous rating of 9.1 out of 10 on IMDb; and Killing Eve, the spy thriller show that just released its fourth and final season.

Game Shows and Reality TV

If you’re a fan of reality and lifestyle TV, BBC iPlayer is the place to look. The streaming service has everything from Strictly Come Dancing to Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star. Whether you prefer fast-paced, action-packed game shows or calmer, documentary-style nature features, there’s something for everyone on this streaming service.


On BBC iPlayer, you can find the latest matches of popular British sports like cricket, football, and rugby. After the recent victory of the England Lionesses at the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022, UK sports teams have been in the spotlight. With a UK proxy, you can access exclusive match coverage, behind-the-scenes content, and player highlights, and even be the first to know about sports news on the other side of the globe. 


With great new shows constantly being added, BBC iPlayer is the best place to find authentic British TV shows and films. Although the service is only available for United Kingdom residents, a UK-specific proxy can help you overcome these location restrictions and gain unlimited access to quality content. Don’t miss out; choose a proxy now and unlock the best of British television!

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