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 February 12, 2020

By  ahsan

Triple h real name is paul 

Years of life:Birthday July 27, 1969

American professional wrestler, actor and top manager, better known as Triple H


Paul Michael Leveque (born July 27, 1969) is an American professional wrestler, actor and top manager, better known as Triple H (an abbreviation for Hunter Hearst Helmsley).

Over the course of his 20-year wrestling career, he won 14 world titles and led the D-Generation X, McMan Helmsley Faction, Evolution, and Power. Starting in 2010, Triple H reduced his performance in the ring as he took on a large amount of administrative work. He currently holds the position of WWE Executive Vice President for Wrestler Relations, Show Organization and Creative. He is also the founder and senior producer of WWE NXT.

A member of the McMan family, the main owners of WWE.

Early life

Paul Levek was born in Nashua, New Hampshire. In his youth, he was a fan of professional wrestling, and his favorite wrestler was Rick Flair. At the age of 14, Levek began to engage in bodybuilding. After graduating from high school in 1987, he began to take part in various bodybuilding competitions. And in 1989 he was even awarded the title “Teenage Mr. New Hampshire. ” After that, he began to seriously think about a professional wrestler career. In 1992, Levek got to Killer Kowalski’s school, which Ted Arkidi told him to. Then he made his debut at the IWF and a few months later became the IWF champion.

Professional wrestler career

World Championship Wrestling (1994-1995)

In 1994, Levek moved to WCW and signed an annual contract. In his first televised match, Levek made his debut as a healer under the name Terror Rising and defeated Keith Kohl. After his name was changed to “Terra Ryzing”, which was used until mid-1994, until he again changed his name to Jean-Paul Leveck. This gimmick intersected with his surname of French origin and he had to speak with a French accent, since he did not speak French. From this time he began to use his finisher – Pedigree (Pedigree).

Levek had a small feud with Alex Wright, which ended at Starrcade 1994 when Wright defeated him with a hold. In late 1994 and early 1995, Levek was in command with Lord Stephen Regal. Leveck joined WWF in January 1995 after WCW refused his request to become a solo fighter.

World wrestling federation

Connecticut Nobleman (1995-1997)

Continuing his WCW gimmick, Levek began his WWF career as a “Connecticut Blueblood” Hunter Hearst Helmsley (born “Connecticut nobleman” Hunter Hurst Hemsley). Levek appeared in the arena dressed in a tailcoat and spoke about the rules of etiquette before his debut on April 30, 1995.

Although he was actively promoted in the first few months after his debut, during 1996, Levek’s career stalled. It all started with a feud with Duke Droes, who followed after losing to Free for All before the PPV Royal Rumble 1996. Up until this event in the storyline, he appeared on the show every week with various escorts (which also included Playboy Playmates models Shaya Marx and Tylin John). Rena Mero was accompanying him to WrestleMania XII, and after losing to Ultimate Warrior (in the story), he threw all the aggression on her. Debuted Mark Mero – her husband in reality – tried to save her, which marked the beginning of the feud between him and Levek.

During 1996, Hemsley appeared in an episode of the WWF Superstars show in a match against Marty Garner. When Levek tried to perform Pedigree, Garner mistook the reception as a double underhook suplex and tried to jump during the execution of the reception, which led to Levek landing on his head and causing neck damage. Garner sued WWF, but ultimately the case was settled out of court and the incident was later discussed on the Montel Williams show.

Behind the scenes, Levek was known as one of the members of The Kliq, which also included Sean Michaels, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman, and Scott Hall. They were known for their influence on Vince McMan and the WWF creative team. Allegedly, he was supposed to win the King of the Ring 1996 PPV, but the victory was awarded to Steve Austin after the Madison Square Garden incident (MSG incident), in which the group stopped following the plot after the match to say goodbye to those leaving WWF Nash and Hall. Despite the punishment that followed, Hemsley had several successful battles after the MSG incident. Mr. Perfection became Levek’s manager and he won the WWF Intercontinental Champion title for the first time in his career, winning the battle against Mark Mero on October 21, 1996. When Mr. Perfection left WWF, his departure was highlighted as that Hemsley turned his back on his manager after winning the title. Levek held the title for almost 4 months, after which he lost it to Rocky Maivia on February 13, 1997, on a special edition of the Monday Night Raw show called Thursday Raw Thursday. For a very short time, Hemsley was accompanied by Mr. Hughes, who in the story was his bodyguard. After losing the title, he began a feud with Goldast defeating him at WrestleMania XIII. During their feud, China made her debut as a bodyguard to Levek. After losing the title, he began a feud with Goldast defeating him at WrestleMania XIII. During their feud, China made her debut as a bodyguard to Levek. After losing the title, he began a feud with Goldast defeating him at WrestleMania XIII. During their feud, China made her debut as a bodyguard to Levek.


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