Top Reasons Why You Need a DUI Attorney 

Kyrie Mattos

 December 4, 2022

You thought you’d only take a glass and drive home, but before you know it, you’re three or four bottles down and counting. How will you get home? How will you make the right judgment in traffic situations? The best option would be to call a taxi or seek a different mode of transportation to take you home.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a leading cause of accidents. You may be charged in court for drinking and driving. You may be required to pay a fine, serve a jail term and lower the chances of receiving a reasonable offer from your insurance provider.

When the inevitable happens

Be prepared for a long road ahead if you’re charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. The judicial system treats accidents caused by drunk drivers seriously. Unless you hire Michael Fulcher Law, pursuing the case in court or with insurance providers is futile.

Benefits of hiring a DUI attorney

1. Helps you to evade testing requirements

Any driver accused of driving under the influence of alcohol is required to take random urinalysis testing. The police and the court ensure you take several random tests, and missing one can negatively affect your probation period or jail term.

Random urinalysis is an expensive mandatory test used in court to prove your sobriety. These testing requirements can be challenging because one often engages in other activities. You also need to carry out the tests in distinguished clinics and laboratories. 

A competent DUI attorney can intervene to have this penalty removed. It can also be expunged so the client can lead a normal life. However, going through the process without an attorney warrants an endless road to seeking justice.

2. Enhances your employability

Driving under the influence of alcohol can go to your criminal record. A criminal record can taint your name when applying for a new job. It can also negatively affect your employability in your current job.

Hiring a DUI attorney helps keep the charges minimum to keep your criminal record clean. However, the court may reduce your punishment to community service or fines. Your drinking under the influence charges does not taint your record. Consequently, your employability and chances of getting better jobs remain high.

3. Maintains your license

Immediately you cause an accident under the influence, the traffic police confiscate your license. Consequently, you may not drive for a long time until the court proceedings clear you of the charges. 

Presenting your case in court without a DUI attorney risks your license. Losing your driving license can harm your work, home, and social life.

4. Helps you avoid high-risk insurance

A DUI attorney negotiates with your insurance provider to avoid categorizing you as a high-risk case. A high-risk driver pays premium insurance that lasts three years. This categorization can have serious financial implications.


Everyone has a little too much to drink when they least expect it. Do not hesitate to hire a DUI attorney to represent and negotiate for you.

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