Top 8 Remote Work Tools for Remote Teams 

Michaela Bobulinski

 November 25, 2020

With the help of an internet connection, it’s easy to get the work done wherever you are in the world. And there are potential benefits too. When employees work remotely, it’s a cost-saving to the business, and they become more productive. If you’re preparing to become a remote worker, you should set the best foot forward. Almost every company is faced with the need to use more and more applications for the convenience of doing business, its control, and optimization. Therefore, it is better to search and select applications for online work from articles or adopt the experience of other progressive companies, in order not to waste your time on testing, since now there are a lot of applications on the market, one might even say there is an overabundance of them, but really reliable ones are not so a lot of. Here are the top 8 remote work tools for remote teams.


Audext is a transcription service that helps to convert audio to text. It’s useful to journalists who want to transcribe their speech to text. And because it’s easy to use, this tool can help users engage with the subjects. Also, it saves time and gives accurate transcription. Audext audio transcription can be used in completely different areas, for example, education, medicine, journalism, video editing, podcasting. The most popular field of use is journalism and education because audio-to-text transcription can save a lot of time in these industries, and accordingly optimize employees’ time. For example, writing one interview can take an hour instead of three.

With Audext, you get inspiring tips on trends and how to make the recordings easier. Since it uses cutting edge machine learning, the user gets many benefits. For instance, it converts speech to text in minutes, supports various file formats, and is cost-effective.

After you’re done with the transcription, you can edit the text on your website. Plus, each word is tied to the audio moment.


Basecamp is designed to be used by teams, managers, freelancers, and agencies. It offers different features for organizing conversions, sharing ideas, and keeping everyone on the same page. Also, it comes with a simple design and is convenient to use. Other than that, it helps you communicate with clients and efficiently manage projects.


This is a powerful management software that helps you plan, schedule, and manage your projects efficiently. Instagantt offers an array of features to create milestones, tasks, templates, and other things. Besides, you can use the tool to estimate costs and time.

Instagantt can help you can manage the performance of your employees as they work remotely. No matter the industry you are in, you can track what every member of your team is doing.


Slack will help you learn the building blocks of how the work should get done irrespective of the location. Being a channel-based messaging platform, you can work on third-party applications like Google Drive and Zoom. It’s also much easier to access information and collaborate with co-workers to work effectively.

Slack is almost the most convenient application for team communication. It became especially relevant during the pandemic when many companies switched to remote operation. Slack has very wide functionality since you can call up and tag employees from whom you expect a response on work.

In addition, now in the slack, as in many other messengers, bots have appeared that also coolly optimize working hours.

Slack helps you create a virtual office so everyone can stay up-to-date with the latest decisions. Moreover, you can use the tool to create a dedicated channel for meeting notes, status updates, files, and discussions. And to ensure everyone finds important files and messages, you can pin them.

Troop Messager

This is a remote work collaboration tool designed for small, medium, and large enterprises. All your team members can interact via audio and video calling, instant messaging, file sharing, and create unlimited groups while on the go.

Best of all, Troop Messager allows you to ad suppliers, vendors, and freelancers to the workplace. And because it’s one of the best home communication tools, it can be integrated with essential apps like Google Drive and Dropbox.


Zoom is an easy-to-use and reliable platform for audio conferencing, chatting, and webinars across multiple devices. It allows corporates and businesses to work remotely, and you can connect with the tools easily. Another feature that makes this tool unique is that it comes with affordable pricing options, and you can use a video calling app.


Proofhub is an online management tool that helps you to organize and complete tasks on time. One of the key features is organizing and completing tasks on time. Also, you can create tasks, set deadlines, and select assignees.

The team members and fellow teammates can have seamless interaction with clients and teammates. This tool is a must-have for all teams who need higher management proficiency.

Proofhub has a built-in chat tool to help you communicate with the team members. You can also create and customize reports as per the requirements.


Dropbox allows you to share with your team without having to merge files. And if something needs to be done, you can mention to team members or use a relevant part of the document to notify them. Because dropbox prioritizes creativity and collaboration, you can organize your team’s content.

With online and offline access, you can choose the files to add to your dropbox. Even better, you can automatically sync files to your Mac or Windows computer. You can also make the files available via android and iOS devices.

Dropbox allows you to create folders and organize your files or make the entire folders sync offline. Of course, you can get folder access for all team members – including freelancers in remote positions.

Final thoughts

As modern offices become more digitized, the idea of working remotely is becoming a reality. But you need the perfect tool to get the most from your team. The above tools will help you connect with your team depending on a particular circumstance.

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