Tools Required For Making Textures On Metals 


 February 21, 2021

Engraving unique designs on metals isn’t merely a hobby but it is a part of various fields. It is also a significant part when it comes to jewelry creation. Making textures on metals require special tools, as it isn’t something you can just do by hand. The types of tools that you will need depend on what textures and designs you are planning to create on the metals.

But, before we jump on the directory of tools listed for you, we have compiled some pointers which you should remember.

  • Never start creating textures if your metal is wet. It might result in the rusting of the tool and the metal itself.
  • Place your metal on a smooth sheet, and tape down its four corners. This will make sure that your metal is placed right.
  • Draw lines on the metal. It will guide you about the positioning of strikes.

Tools Required Engraving Texture On Metal

A rundown of tools necessary for creating a grain on meta is listed below:

Ball Pen Hammer

The ball pen hammer comprises two ends; one is a doomed shape, and the other acquires a flat round head. The ball side functions when you are beating a metal while the flat end is useful for hammering generally.


Gravers are made up of high-quality steel and are available in a range of shapes. The various forms of gravers include knife-edge, flat edge, oval edge, and around the edge. The steel ensures that the edges are sharp and last for a long time. You can also incorporate a wooden piece on its other end, which will make it comfortable to grip.

Cross Pein Hammer

Another type of hammer required to engrave a texture is a cross pein hammer. It also consists of two types of end; one attains a flat shape, whereas the other end has a wedge shape. Consumed for a rich, bark-like texture on metal, the type of hammer is heavy to hold, considered as an ultimate choice for making and forming metals.

Glass Fiber Scratch Pen Brush

The brush functions to clean and prepare metals for engraving. It eradicates all the dirt and assures that the metal is free from grease. The glass fiber scratch pen brush is usually utilized for giving jewelry a matte touch.


A scriber is used to inscribe design or style, where pen and pencil marks invariably wear away. The sharp steel pin means that you can draw out your design with pinpoint accuracy, before cutting, forming, or bending the metal.

Furthermore, the texture and patterns inscribed by it are enhanced using the liver of sulfur.

Satin Texture Wheels

The satin texture wheels function to give your metal a magnificent satin finish. It is available in two types, which include fine and coarse. But, make sure to wear protective eye goggles while using them.

Texturing metals is a fun activity, only if you have the right tools. The tools create fascinating patterns, can be etched, hammered, drilled, etc. While engraving a texture, make sure to be equipped with the right protective gear.

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