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 July 6, 2019

Tom Brady Biography

Born: August   3, 1977 (age 41 years), San Mateo, CA
40 yard dash time: 5.28 seconds Trending
Height: 6′ 4″
Spouse: Gisele Bündchen (m. 2009)
School: University of Michigan
Children: John Edward Thomas Moynahan, Vivian Lake Brady, Benjamin Brady


Tom Brady is a player in the New Inglen Patriots, an American football team playing in the National Football League. His position on the field is a quarterback. Brady is one of 2 players who won 5 Super Bowls (the second is Charles Haley), and the only one who did this by playing for one team. Tom’s achievements have led sport analysts to consider a man to be one of the best defenders in the NFL’s history.


Childhood and youth

Thomas Edward Patri Brady Jr. was born on August 3, 1977 in San Mateo, California. The boy became the youngest child: Tom has 3 older sisters. The soccer’s father, Thomas Brady Sr., is of Irish origin. His ancestors fled to the USA in the 18th century, during the Great Famine. The family tree of the mother of Galinn Patricia Brady (nee Johnson) goes back to Germany, Norway, Poland and Sweden. Thomas is Catholic by religion.


In the 1980s, as a spectator, the boy repeatedly attended the San Francisco Forti Nayners matches involving legendary quarterback Joe Montana. He became an ardent fan of the team and saw with his own eyes the famous Montana pass to Dwight Clark at a 1982 game against the Dallas Cowboys.

In 1995, Brady graduated from Junipero Sera High School in San Mateo. There, in the 9th grade, he began playing football in the linebacker and quarterback positions and even tried his hand at baseball. He didn’t achieve much success in school sports, but in the senior class, he sent a video with information about himself to educational institutions with football programs and aroused his interest.


American football

Initially, Brady chose for himself the “Michigan Wolverine” team of the University of Michigan. The first 2 years the young man was a spare quarterback. During this period, he even had to use the services of a sports psychologist – so Thomas was unsure of his own abilities. However, in 1998, Brady began to play in the first team and made his first successes.



After graduating from college, Thomas was accepted into the New England Patriots, a team with which he will spend all seasons of his sports career. This is the absolute NFL record for the game for one team. In 2001, the footballer became a start-up quarterback, and from this point on, the New England Patriots have not had a single losing season.

In his 2nd game season, after Drew Bledso was injured, Brady became the main quarterback. Thanks to him, the team won the 1st place in the Eastern Division of the American Football Conference and won in the Super Bowl XXXVI. Brady himself then received the first award “The Most Valuable Player of the Super Bowl.”


Although the New England Patriots missed the playoffs next season, Tom helped the team win the World Championships in 2003 and 2004 successively. Along the way, the team set the NFL record – 21 games (including playoffs) for 2003 and 2004. In 2005, Brady scored 400 yards and became the NFL leader in gear. In the playoffs, the athlete won the 10th game in a row and set another league record.

After that, despite frequent victories, the New England Patriots did not return to the Super Bowl until the 2007 season. Then Brady not only set the NFL record with 50 touchdowns, but also led the team to the final with a score of 16: 0. This even surpassed the results of the “Dolphins from Miami” for 1972 – they then finished with 14-0.



The Associated Press called him the male athlete of the year. Among the NFL players this title was last honored only by idol Tom – Joe Montana, who won the title in 1989 and 1990. However, Brady missed almost the entire next season due to a knee injury. In 2009, he again began to play, for which he received the title “Return of the Year.”

On September 10, 2010, Tom signed a new 4-year contract with the Patriots for $ 72 million, becoming the highest-paid NFL player. This year, the footballer with the team scored 14 victories against a total of 2 losses. The second time in his career, Brady was named the most valuable player in the league, and the decision was made unanimously. The season, however, ended prematurely in the first playoff game – the New England Patriots lost to the New York Jets, and Tom himself had an operation after the game due to a broken leg.



In 2011, Patriots for the first time since 2007 got into the AFC Champions League and played for the 5th time in the Super Bowl, but were defeated in the New York Giants season. In 2012 and 2013, the team after losing in the AFC Champions League games for the 6th time performed in the Super Bowl, and Brady himself received the 3rd title of the most valuable player.

In 2015, Tom was involved in the scandal associated with the deflation (deliberate descent) of footballs. The player himself categorically denied his guilt. After a series of hearings and repeated appeals, Brady was able to return to the game in September 2015.


On February 29, 2016, the athlete extended the contract with the New England Patriots for 2 years, and 3 days later appealed the court’s decision, according to which he was to be suspended for 4 games due to charges of deflation of balls. During the trial, despite the appeal, Tom was eventually convicted and released on his page on “Facebook” information that will miss the first four games in 2016 season.

After returning to the team, Brady helped the Patriots win 11 of the 12 remaining games of the season, as well as 2 playoff games. In addition, Tom received the title of the most valuable Super Bowl player for the 4th time. In the 2017 Super Bowl, a 40-year-old athlete scored a record 505 yards, but the team lost to the Philadelphia Eagles.

It is noteworthy that on the 5 winning Super Bowls, Tom willingly shook after playing a hand to the quarterbacks of his rivals, but did not do that after losing. In total, Brady’s sports biography has been nominated four times as the most valuable player, won 5 Super Bowls, and also made more shots and earned touchdowns than any other quarterback in NFL playoff history.



Personal life

From 2004 to 2006, Tom met with American actress Bridget Moynahan. Their son John Edward Thomas Moynahan was born on August 22, 2007, after the couple’s separation.

In December 2006, Brady began dating the Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen . In an interview with 2009, the footballer said that they met on a blind date, which was organized by the couple’s mutual friend.

February 26, 2009 Tom and Giselle got married. The ceremony, to which only close people were invited, was held in the Catholic Church in Santa Monica. The couple have two children: on December 8, 2009, a son, Benjamin Raine, was born, and on December 5, 2012, his wife gave Tom a daughter, Vivian Leake. The Brady family lives in Brooklyn.


In 2012, Brady was related to another athlete, baseball player Kevin Eukelis — he married Tom’s sister, Julia.

Tom repeatedly appeared on the screen in the role of himself, and in the animated series “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy” he sounded his drawn versions. In addition, the football player has repeatedly appeared in advertising. In 2007, Brady became a model for the Stetson cologne, and later advertised uggs, Under Armor sportswear and electrolytic beverages.


It is known that the footballer has been friends with US President Donald Trump for more than 16 years and supported his candidacy in the elections. However, Giselle Bundchen, in her blog on Instagram, asked if she had voted for Trump, answered categorically “NO!”. After that, Brady said that the spouse advised not to speak out on political issues, and he considered this the right decision.



Tom brady now

Now the football player continues to play for the New England Patriots in the position of the quarterback and maintains the physical form necessary for the games – with an increase of 193 cm, Brady’s weight is 102 kg.

In October 2018, Tom became the first quarterback in the history of American football, which won 200 victories in the regular season. In addition, Brady picked up his 500th pass touchdown. Besides him, only Peyton Manning and Brett Fare were able to take this height.


Since 2016, the footballer leads the site tb12sports.com, dedicated to sports and nutrition. In the online store site you can buy sportswear, equipment, as well as food additives and products for vegetarians, vegans and raw foodists.

Fans can learn about the events in the life of Brady from the official blog of the athlete in Instagram , where an athlete regularly publishes photos that highlight his sporting achievements and personal life.


Awards and achievements

  • 2002 – ESPY Award for Breakthrough of the Year
  • 2005 – Sports Illustrated Athlete of the Year
  • 2007 – Bert Bell Award
  • 2007 – NFL Honors Award in the nomination “Best Player of the Assault of the Year by the Associated Press”
  • 2007 – NFL Honors Award in the nomination “The Most Valuable Player of the NFL according to the Associated Press”
  • 2008 – ESPY award to best NFL player
  • 2009 – NFL Honors Award in the nomination “The Return of the Year according to the Associated Press”
  • 2010 – NFL Honors Award in the nomination “The Most Valuable Player of the NFL according to the Associated Press”
  • 2010 – NFL Honors Award in the nomination “Best Player of the Assault of the Year by the Associated Press”
  • 2017 – NFL Honors Award in the nomination “The Most Valuable Player of the NFL according to the Associated Press”
  • 2018 – ESPY award to the best NFL player


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