How to Install TiviMate on FireStick (Sep 2022) 


 September 1, 2022

Don’t know how to install TiviMate on FireStick? Here is the quick guide that helps to install TiviMate on FireStick successfully and lets you enjoy streaming content. 

The use of IPTV services is becoming more widespread. They provide vast libraries of live TV channels, films, and TV shows for a small fraction of the cost of established media behemoths.

Numerous devices, including the FireStick, Android TV Box, Smartphone, Android tablet, iPhone, NVIDIA Shield, and Fire TV Cube, are compatible with these IPTV providers.

However, not all IPTV services offer a specific app for streaming their programming. Some people use IPTV players to accomplish their goals.

TiviMate Player is undoubtedly one of the best IPTV players to try out. Let’s dive in to know how to install this on FireStick.

But before that, as always, a quick overview of the app will help you understand more about its usability and functionality. Read on! 

What is TiviMate? 

TiviMate is an IPTV player that combines Stalker Portal, M3U connections, Xtream codes, and third-party IPTV services. We’ll discuss each of them in more detail later in the post. On a suitable device, you can just download TiviMate and start watching TV shows or movies. One of the three integration techniques we outlined is supported by the TiviMate.

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TiviMate also has a premium edition. We suggest spending some money on the advanced features if you determine you’ll use TiviMate frequently.

TiviMate Features: Which Makes it Unique! 

The app’s built-in video player is one of its main selling factors, as one might anticipate. The video player harmonizes flawlessly with the rest of the program. If you already have, you may add your various IPTV subscriptions to the TiviMate app.

Certain other key features of TiviMate are as follows that will make you fall with this app. Another app that we love is IPTV Smarters. You should check out our guide on how to install and use IPTV Smarters

You can also check how to install and use Live Net TV if you love to watch Live TV on your FireStick. 

1. Record Content 

You may record stuff using TiviMate IPTV Player so that you can watch it later. You may capture a video and record it into the player if you do not have enough time to view it right away and later watch it by selecting the Recordings option available on the TiviMate app’s home screen.

Install Tivimate on FireStick

2. Add to Favorites

The TiviMate Player app offers several options for you to add channels to your favorites. Our preferred technique is to use the video player’s Add to Favorites button.

Install Tivimate on FireStick

3. Enable Subtitles

This one is really helpful when you are watching a favorite movie or show that is not in your native tongue. Simply choose the CC (closed captions) option from the player menu to activate subtitles.

4. Sleep Timer

Any IPTV app must have this feature. After a predetermined time, a sleep timer switches off the program. I appreciate that the player menu has a nap timer. On the video player screen, just click the stopwatch symbol, and then choose the time again from the right-side menu.

The TiviMate app may rest automatically in intervals of 15 to 240 minutes. For instance, when kids watch TV before night, this function might be helpful. You can pause the app for a half-hour and then resume.

Install Tivimate on FireStick

5. Change App Appearance 

Not a fan of the TiviMate app’s standard design and theme? Go to Settings to alter the TV guide, text size, backdrop color, and even selection color, among other components of the present appearance.

6. Check Video Details

The TiviMate also offers an interesting application of ‘Check Video Details”, such as sound quality and number of frames per second. 

These are some of the great features of TiviMate which make it an interesting app for those who love to watch Live Net TV on their FireStick. Let’s move on to how to install TiviMate on FireStick. 

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How to Install TiviMate on FireStick?

TiviMate Player must be sideloaded as a third-party program on your FireStick as it isn’t offered in the official Amazon Store.

In this manual, Downloader is being used. Suppose you will utilize entrusted IPTV providers with TiviMate Player, set up, and use one of the best VPN services on FireStick before you start.

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Let’s follow the below steps on how to install TiviMate on FireStick. 

1. Go to the FireStick Homepage. Now, click on the Settings icon. 

Click on Settings Icon

2. Click on My Fire Tv. 

Select MyFire TV

3. Select the Developer Options. 

Choose Developer Options

4. Now tap on Apps from unknown sources.


5. Tap on Turn On. 

Click on Turn On for Unknown Sources

6. Go to the FireStick Home Page once again and click on Find from the middle menu bar.

Tap on Find Option

7. Click on the Search option. 

Click on Search Option

8. In the search bar, type Downloader and search for it. 

9. Tap on the Downloader icon to download it and wait for a couple of minutes for app installation. 

Click on Downloader

10. Click on the Download button. 

Click on Download for Downloader

11. Wait for a few minutes for the app to download. Once it is downloaded, you will see the Open button. Click on it. 

click on open on downloader

12. Now open the downloader icon and click on the Allow button. 

Click on Allow for Downloader

13. A prompt window will be there. Click on Ok to proceed. 

12. The Home tab will be opened by default, and a text box will be displayed. Now, enter the given URL bit.ly/tivimate2022 in the text box as shown in the below image. 

Enter URL and Click on Go

13. Wait for a couple of minutes to download the application. Click on the install button once the app is downloaded. 

Click on Install in Downloader App

14. Click on Delete to remove the APK file once the app is downloaded. As these apps takes too much space on FireStick, sometimes it is good to delete them as soon as the installation process is complete. But, if you forgot, find out the guide to that will help you free up storage space on FireStick.

These are the steps that you need to follow to install TiviMate on FireStick. However, to take full use of the TiviMate app, you should set up an IPTV service that we will be discussing in the next section. Keep reading! 

How to Set Up IPTV With TiviMate?

The next process after the application has been installed successfully is to configure IPTV in TiviMate. Use a VPN service to ensure a safe and secure streaming experience.

To protect you from viruses, a VPN encrypts your original IP address and gives you a new one. Follow these instructions to configure and utilize IPTV on a FireStick using TiviMate.

1. First, go to the Apps & Channels from the FireStick Home Screen and tap on the See All option.

2. Select the TiviMate icon and from the menu button on the remote of FireStick, select the Move to Front option. Now, open the TiviMate app on FireStick. 

3. Click on the Add Playlist from the TiviMate application. 

Click on Add Playlist in TiviMate app

4. Enter the URL (the IPTV Services provider will provide the M3U URL). 

Click on Enter URL in TiviMate

5. Now tap on the Next option. Hold for a couple of minutes when the playlist is updated. 

Click on Next in TiviMate App

6. Once the Playlist updated, a message will be pop up in your window Playlist is Processed.

7. Click on Enter the URL to insert the TV guide. 

Click on Enter URL in TiviMate App

8. Now, enter the EPG M3U URL of the given TV Guide and click Next.

Enter the URL and Click on Next in TiviMate App

9. Now, you have to click on the Done option. The TV guide will be shown on your screen. 

10. You have to buy the premium of the TiviMate to unlock all the exciting premium features. 

These are the steps that will let you install IPTV in TiviMate. However, there is a companion app available too that you can download to use some exciting features of TiviMate. Find out in the next section. 

How to Install TiviMate Companion App and Buy Subscription?

The TiviMate app requires a $4.99/year subscription fee for 5 devices. There is a free trial period of five days. The lifetime option, which costs $19.99, is also an option. With the TiviMate Companion app, you must sign up for a TiviMate Premium account.

The app is simple to install on Android devices through the Google Play Store. You’ll need the BlueStacks emulator program if you use a PC or laptop to access the Google Play Store.

 Once the TiviMate software has been successfully loaded on your Smartphone, follow these instructions to set up a new premium account. 

1. Go to the Google Play Store on the device by using BlueStacks. Now, type TiviMate companion app and search on the app. Click on the icon you get in the result. 

Click on TiviMate Companion in Google Play Store

2. Click on the Install button to install the application and wait for a couple of seconds to download it. Once the application is installed, click on Open to proceed further. 

Click on Open in TiViMate App

3. Now select the Account button. 

Click on Account

4. Type Username and Password to set up an account and then click on Create Account. 

Click on Create Account

5. Now, you need to select Buy Subscription option. Choose any plan and enter the payment details.

Click on Buy Subscription

6. Your account has been registered, and the process has been completed. Now tap on the Ok button on the FireStick remote and open the Menu.

7. Click on the Next Button followed by selecting Account option on the next screen. 

Click on Account to Proceed

8. Enter the account details and click on Log In. 

Enter the Details and Click on Log In

9. Enter your device name and click on on the Activation button. 

Click on Activate

Once you do that, click on OK to enjoy your premium subscription. You just activated your TiviMate subscription by using the companion app. 

Install TiviMate on FireStick – Final Words

TiviMate is indeed an excellent IPTV player that lets you watch all of your preferred channels on a FireStick gadget. Free and paid versions are both available. On FireStick, both are compatible. Because the app is not on the Amazon Store, you must sideload it as a third-party app on FireStick.

You must download the TiviMate Companion application from the Google Play Store to use the app’s premium features.

You can also use the free version if you not interested in premium features of the app and it will work fine. Whatever version you choose, you need to install TiviMate on FireStick using the above steps. 

So, what do you think would you install TiviMate on FireStick? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 


  1. What is the best IPTV player for FireStick?

    The list is rather extensive. For FireStick, numerous excellent IPTV services are available, including Fubo TV, Xumo TV,  Eternal TV, and many more. For a clearer perspective, look at our list of the top IPTV services for FireStick.

  2. What is TiviMate?

    TiviMate is an exclusive IPTV player which allows people to consume endless content. This application is highly compatible with multiple Android devices, including FireStick. 

  3. TiviMate is compatible with which devices?

    This is highly compatible with all Android devices, Fire Tv, iPhone, FireStick 4K, etc. 

  4. Is TiviMate legal and safe?

    On your FireStick device, TiviMate is entirely safe and allowed to be used. However, installing and utilizing a secure connection is advised if your privacy concern is greater. Your IP will be hidden, and it will ensure that your anonymity is preserved.

  5. How do I unlock TiviMate premium?

    For this, you must download the TiviMate Companion app and register an account. You can use the premium edition of TiviMate once your account has been verified and paid for.

  6. Which IPTV Services Work with TiviMate?

    The majority of IPTV services are compatible with TiviMate. Check if your chosen IPTV service has a working M3U connection, Xtream code, or Stalking Portal.

  7. Is TiviMate an IPTV Service?

    TiviMate is only an IPTV player that works with FireStick or Android TV devices to play any IPTV service. TiviMate itself provides no IPTV services.

  8. Is TiviMate Player Worth the Price?

    In our opinion, the TiviMate player is far superior to its rivals in value. It provides a wealth of features and capabilities to enhance your IPTV viewing experience.

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