Tips to Taking Cute Pictures Yourself 


 February 21, 2021

With the advent of social media websites, taking pictures has become necessary for everyone. Whether you are on a vacation or simply sitting back at home, and eating your dinner, clicking a picture is a must. Nevertheless, taking pictures of other people is not at all difficult, but capturing yourself can be challenging.

If you know how to take a perfect selfie, then you are good to go but unfortunately, not every person is a born photographer. There is a dire competition on the web to have the best picture ever. And to help you win this race, we have these tips for you to take cute pictures all by yourself.

The Distance Between You and The Camera

Do not hold the camera very near to your face. Show some background as it will create an environment. Pictures that give a story to the audience are the most popular. Although you might think, how can a picture show some activity? The answer is, your background puts you in some activity. You can always use a tripod to put the camera at a certain distance.


Lighting is the most important element in photography. It adds life to your picture. Nobody likes a static picture. Even if you do not have a good camera but you have the perfect lighting, your shot will be incredible. Always face towards the light and then hold your camera in such a way that it does not create a shadow over you. To counter this shadow, you can put another light on the opposite side. Natural light gives the best photos. No matter what, artificial light will never match the level of natural light. So always opt for perfect natural lighting that is usually before sunset. The soft golden glow turns everything in the picture ten times better.

Think About The Composition

A picture is a canvas and in order for you to create the perfect picture, you have to put everything in just the right place. The rule of third is the best solution for this. Divide your image into imaginary horizontal and vertical lines. Always place yourself in the third section of the picture either one-third or two-thirds but never in the center. Before taking a picture, quickly brainstorm how do you want everything to be placed. Even if you do not gather any idea through this, you can start experimenting by taking photos. Keep trying different angles, different actions, different props, etc. hopefully you will reach to one picture that will be breathtaking.


A timer can enable you to use both your hands. It can be a tiring job to hold your phone for that long. Almost every cell phone has this feature. Now timers have improved to start with special gestures of the hand.

Special Shooting Modes

There are a number of special effects that can turn your picture into a very dramatic one. Just look into your camera’s option and choose the best shooting mode.


Lastly, the key to every jaw-dropping picture is a perfect smile. So do not hesitate in giving away the best smile while taking photographs so that you can have cute pictures all by yourself.

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