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 August 4, 2020

Tina Karol Biography

Tina Karol is the brightest Ukrainian pop star. The artist is actively involved in charitable activities, gives concerts, to which an army of thousands of fans comes, and becomes the face of major brands. She was awarded the title of People’s Artist of Ukraine.

Tina Karol Childhood and youth

Tatyana G. Lieberman – this is the real name of the famous Ukrainian singer Tina Karol. She was born in January 1985 in snow-covered and frost-free Magadan. Here, in the north of Russia, in the town of Orotukan, at that time the girl’s parents lived – engineers Grigory Samuilovich Lieberman and Svetlana Andreevna Zhuravel. At the time of Tanya’s birth, the son Stanislav was already growing up in the family.

When her daughter was 7 years old, the family moved to the small homeland of Tina’s mother – to the western Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk. The girls spent their childhood and teenage years here, in one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine. Like all children of her age, Tatyana Lieberman attended a comprehensive school. In addition, the girl, whose parents discovered good hearing and a beautiful voice in early childhood, studied at a music school, in a piano class. Additionally, Tanya attended vocal lessons.

It seems that even then, in childhood, Tina Karol understood what she would do in adulthood. She dreamed of becoming an artist, a famous singer and confidently walked towards her goal. Quite early, Tanya became a star of school concerts, she was the constant soloist of the ensemble. The artistic girl was entrusted with the main roles in theatrical productions of an amateur theater.


Personal life

In January 2008, Tina Karol secretly married her producer Eugene Ogir. This beautiful couple got married in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Many people could envy Tina Karol’s personal life.

After 9 months, the happy spouses had their first child. The parents named the boy Benjamin. The marriage of Tina and Eugene seemed like an unshakable beautiful island in the stormy and volatile ocean of show business with its scandals, betrayals and frequent divorces. The couple built their own house near Kiev, in which they dreamed of spending their whole lives.

In 2019, journalists started talking about Tina Karol’s romance with singer Dan Balan . The relationship began while working together on the show “Voice of Ukraine”. According to the performer, Dan was the first to take the initiative, starting to shower her with flowers and gifts, which she at first perceived as an attempt to disarm her as a rival: their teams were competing on the project. However, later, Tina believed in the sincerity of feelings and began to willingly respond to Dan’s advances. Together, the stars performed on the show, singing the lyrical composition “Home”

The pop diva is the owner of a graceful figure, which she willingly demonstrates at photo shoots. Long hair, styled in Hollywood curls, and red lipstick became the hallmarks of her image. Now Tina is considered one of the most stylish and sophisticated stars of the pop scene, but on the way to a flawless image there were many successful and unsuccessful experiments.

In 2017, a photo of young Tatyana Lieberman at a youth festival was found on social networks, and fans hardly recognized their favorite in a brightly painted girl with her eyebrows plucked into a thread. Even today, Tina considers herself far from ideal: when asked if she had ever participated in beauty contests, she honestly answered “No, I was always too fat for that”. Due to the natural tendency to be overweight, the celebrity is forced to adhere to a special diet and not forget about physical activity. Now her weight is 62 kg with a height of 168 cm.

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