Throwing a Winter-Themed Party – The Checklist 


 February 21, 2021

There are days when you are tired of daily routine and want to have a get-together for family and friends. Usually, the guests and venue are easy to decide but what takes most of the time is deciding the theme. For this, we have an idea for you! Throw a winter-themed party! Just go through the checklist and start planning.

Prepare Your Guest List and Decide on a Date

Prepare your guest list first as many things are dependent on the number of people attending the party. Once you are done with your guests, choose a tentative date, and check the availability of your guests. If everyone agrees to attend, then declare this date as the final one. Nowadays, social media websites and WhatsApp groups have made this job easier- one text and you get prompt replies.

Decide on a Time

Now that you have the date, you need to decide what type of party is it. Lunch, dinner, brunch, or teatime? For a winter-themed party, dinners are perfect as it is easy to create an ambiance.

Settle on a Menu

Now you need to pay heed to the food. A winter-themed party should have all the food items that we usually eat in winter. For example, soup, nuts, BBQ, and coffee. You can start your dinner with soup. Then you can serve some delicious beef steaks or broths for the main course. As per your budget, you can select the number of courses. Likewise, end your dinner with a tasty dessert. Coffee will be an ideal drink after dinner for your guests. You can keep nuts and fruits as snacks to be munched on the go. A hot chocolate bar with all the trimmings can also be an excellent idea. You can invite your guests to make their own hot chocolate with their favorite toppings.

Focus on the Décor

Now let us discuss the décor ideas. A winter background that reflects snow and winters will look great. Turning everything, white and light blue would give the guests a feel of snowfall. Moreover, hanging snowflakes and snow globes can turn your ceiling into a beautiful piece. Snowflakes are readily available in the market. However, you can also make a DIY. There are many tutorials available on the web. A fireplace will compliment your entire decoration but if you do not have one you can put on a fire screensaver on your TV. Ideally, a winter-themed party should have a bonfire and located outdoor. However, if the temperatures are not suitable, you can have a perfect setup indoors. Keep the lights dim and do keep a couple of blankets for a cozy warm feel.

In many areas of the world, winters mean Christmas, New Year, and holidays. You can also put up stuff related to these. For instance, you can add the colors red and green. You can put up a Christmas tree in one corner of the house. Make sure you incorporate these ideas on a little scale, as you do not want to undermine your main theme.

You can also plan an activity with the title “winters around the world.” Research beforehand about what to do people do in winters around the world. You can then either share this information as a game or in a discussion.

Now that you have some great ideas for hosting the perfect winter-themed party, all you need to do is get started with the planning!

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