The Secret of Taking Cool Pictures 


 February 21, 2021

Photography has become universal these days and the competition of taking vibrant, aesthetic, and cool pictures is really challenging. The art of flawless photography is based on some basic principles. Behind all those oh-so-cool pictures, there’s a perfect combination of light, contrast, hues, focus, and space.

This guide is a revelation of all the secrets that will help you take cool pictures that will have the viewers go Woah!

Strong Focal Point

The main subject of a picture is its focal point. It solely depends on who you want to shoot; it could be a person, an object, or natural scenery. Taking aesthetically pleasing pictures of nature is challenging as nature is quite diverse. You need to choose your focal point, on which you want your viewers to focus.

Rule of Thirds

To capture interesting and cool pictures, you need to follow the rule of thirds. According to this rule, your subject shouldn’t fill the entire space of the frame, instead, there should be negative space as well. The most important elements of a photograph must be placed off the center, while the negative space must occupy two-thirds of the frame. After setting the frame, set the camera/ lens focus on the main subject so that it’s focused and receives optimal light. You could use grid lines to have a precise division of the frame into two-thirds.

Leading Lines

Leading lines brings the focus of your viewers on the subject via line shapes of the shot. You need to be creative to draw innovative leads in your pictures. You could choose buildings, hills, trees, roads, or shadows as lead lines to capture a cool picture. The trick is to direct your viewers to the main subject by a visual journey. The direction of leading lines is also important. Horizontal lines produce a calm picture, while for extraordinary cool pictures, vertical lines serve the lead purpose.

Create Depth

Depth is a crucial element of a good photograph and is, in fact, a top-secret to exquisitely cool pictures. If there’s no depth, the photographs will turn out flat and boring. You can incorporate some elements in the foreground, middle ground, and background of the picture to convey depth. For example, in the case of portraits, don’t take walls as background. Rather, choose a better deep background featuring a corridor or a natural scene.

Think about Perspective

A subject, when captured through different angles and distances, appears different in snaps. These aspects really change the entire mood and meaning of a picture. To bring variation to your shots, capture the same subject from different angles.

A bird eye’s view shot makes the person look short while shooting from a lower angle makes him look taller. Similarly, distance impacts the snaps too. If the subject is captured from too far, it seems insignificant. Capturing snaps from different angles brings you a step closer to perfect cool pictures.


Natural light is the best source to illuminate the subjects to be captured. In the absence of natural light, you need to arrange an optimal source of light but that should not be your phone’s default flashlight. It just flattens the subject. Investing in an external flashlight is a great idea!

Keep an Eye on Latest Trends!

These days, cool pictures are the ones that comply with the latest trends. You need to consider the latest posing and photography trends to click some really cool pictures. While shooting people, search for some cool poses. The same goes out for nature or contemporary photography.

Photography is indeed all about perspective. No two people will capture the same subject the same way. However, the underlying secrets to taking amazing pictures will help everyone equally!

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