The Impact Of Purple Color 


 February 21, 2021

Colors create a strong impact on our behaviors and moods. Every color that exists has a different effect; however, the feeling that each of them enhances individually can be different according to culture and experiences. If we talk about purple color, it can be associated with different emotions and feelings.

When you see a purple background, what do you feel? Most people refer to this color as a royal color, and some people associate purple with spirituality, imagination, and mystery. However, it can depend on how we like the color.

Let’s discuss some popular associations with the purple color.

Just like other colors, purple color has been liked with several emotions because of cultural associations. Though there are many associations with this color, many can surprise you! Let’s begin!

Purple – A Royal Color

The most popular quality linked with color is ‘Royalty.’

Mostly purple is associated with wealth and royalty. Anciently, producing dyes for coloring fabric required so much effort and cost a lot of money, and because the color purple is less common, creating dyes for this color used to be extra costly.

In the 15th century, Tyre, a city along the coast of Ancient Phoenicia, started making purple color dye. They crushed small sea snails’ shells to make it, and the color formed was called Tyrian purple.

Moreover, this connection with royalty did not just stay in the past. The color of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation tickets was purple. If we go deeper, purple is also connected with spirituality and wisdom.

Effects of Purple or Violet Color

  • Empathy: kindness, compassion, and love for humanity.
  • Controlled emotion: Violet is also associated with passion; however, it is inclined to appear private.
  • Distinguished and Respectable: The dark shades of the color violet are especially connected to the purple color’s origin when it was only available to the wealthy and royalty.
  • Impractical: Aside from all other feelings, it can also be impractical. It is like floating in the air rather than walking on the ground.
  • Immature: Voilet enhances idealism and fantasy that is actually hard to achieve in reality.
  • Cynical: It is the dark or negative side of the color purple/violet.

Effect of Purple Color On Vision

It is difficult for the eyes to discriminate purple color—most people like places with purple. Of course, we all love a purple cake and a bedroom painted with dark purple walls. It makes us feel like royals, right?

Myths About Purple Color Effects On Body

Purple color has been used in the care of nervous and mental disorders as it has provided some help in balancing the mind and minimizing fears and obsessions.

However, no studies have been conducted to prove this, so we cannot be sure about this.

Meanings Of Purple Color

  • ‘Purple Cow’ is something unique, amazing, remarkable, unusual, or eye-catching.
  • ‘Purple Prose’ can be used for fiction and imaginative writings and exaggerated lies.
  • ‘Purple Speech’ defines bad language and profanity.
  • ‘Purple Haze’ can be used for euphoria or confusion.

The color purple has something special and attractive about it. It presents a soothing and calming effect. No wonder it is such a loved color around the globe and is often featured in happy events like engagements, weddings, and bridal showers!

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