The Fun Paw Print Art – All You Need To Know 


 February 21, 2021

There are various types of art and craft activities to keep your kids entertained for hours. You can make art out of anything, and the good thing is, it always turns out something good. You can paint an old wooden chair with bright colors, and it will be the perfect attention grabber for your living room. You can cut a plastic bottle in half, place your favorite plants in it and hang them on your porch and so many more DIY projects that you can try.

Kids, when they are just starting to recognize colors, animals, fruits, and other things are interested in DIY activities. One of the super-fun activities that your kids might love is the fun paw print art.

Learning about animals and pets is a great deal for your kids. Moreover, keeping a pet in your house makes it easier for them to understand it is necessary to care for animals no matter where they live. It is a great way to teach your kids how to be responsible.

The Paw Print Art, in simple words, is taking prints of animal paws.

Paw Print Art Activity

This activity makes it fun to examine which print is made by what animal. Aside from being filled with colors, this activity makes your kids excited about how they will recognize the colors and names of animals. This is the best way to teach them about carefully seeing the details. However, if you do not own a pet, you can always use DIY stampers. Do not how to make one? Here’s how:

How To Make Paw Stampers?

For this activity, you have to create stampers beforehand. But worry not because they do not take much of your time. Here is a bunch of supplies that you can use to make stampers:

  • Dry floral foam. You can also use blocks or big size bottle lids.
  • A fine cutting surface and a knife.
  • Thick craft foam.
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue and a hot glue gun.

You will start by cutting the floral foam into small blocks. Ensure the edges are flat.

Draw all the paw prints you want using a pencil onto the craft foam.

Carefully cut these out.

Use hot-glue to stick them to foam blocks.

Let them cool for a while, and they are ready to use for stamping.

Stamping Art

Stick a card sheet or piece of paper to a flat surface. Set out your favorite paints in paper places or small saucers. Spread them to make a think layer.

Tell your kids to drip the stampers in the paint and stamp them on paper.

When you feel the page is full, turn it around and continue the fun by covering both sides of the sheet of paper.

These sheets or papers can also be used as gift wrap for kids. You can hang them in your kid’s bedroom to make them feel like great artists and that you are proud of them.

Closing Word

Using stampers for paw print art can help your kids develop better control over their hand muscles. They will know how much strength they should use. Also, they will develop teamwork skills, and using a variety of colors can enhance their visual skills.

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