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 August 25, 2020

Svetlana khodchenkovaBiography

Svetlana Khodchenkova is a Russian theater, film and television actress. She was remembered by viewers for her roles in Russian films, as well as for filming in Hollywood films. Her name still remains in the top of the requested names of Russian cinema stars, directors appreciate the actress for her professionalism and femininity, and relatives know Svetlana as a person with character. svetlana khodchenkova

Svetlana Kodchenkova Childhood and youth

The actress  svetlana khodchenkova was born under the sign of the zodiac Capricorn on January 21, 1983 in Moscow, Svetlana’s family also spent a long period of life in the city of Zheleznogorsk. The girl’s parents did not live together, so all the care for the child fell on the mother’s shoulders. The woman was not afraid of any work, she worked at a construction site, a cleaner, a janitor. When Svetlana became famous, Tatyana Vladimirovna did not quit doing svetlana khodchenkova own business. Now  Svetlana khodchenkova  has her own construction team.

It was her mother who prompted the girl to study at a model school at the Vyacheslav Zaitsev Fashion House . Khodchenkova herself began to think about an acting career as a child, she even participated in auditions at a film studio. In her youth, Sveta spent six months in Japan, where she was engaged in the modeling business.

However, after school, the svetlana khodchenkova chose a more mundane profession for herself and entered the Institute of World Economy, after which, however, she transferred to the advertising faculty. But Svetlana did not stay there either – the Shchukin school became her place of study, where she was admitted to a course with Mikhail Borisov .

svetlana khodchenkova After graduating from a theater university, she decided to focus on her film career and did not get a job in the capital’s theater. Nevertheless, the artist’s repertoire includes several stage works. In the entreprise of the “Independent Theater Project” she played in the performances “Moulin Rouge Hospital”, “Santa Claus is a scoundrel!”, “Theater by the rules and without”. Svetlana khodchenkova

Svetlana khodchenkova Personal life

Until 2010, Svetlana’s personal life was closely associated with the actor Vladimir Yaglych . The young people met at the Shchukin school, Vladimir studied for a course older, when he met Svetlana khodchenkova  immediately.

The romantic relationship between them began later. In 2003, Svetlana received an offer to appear in the film Quiet Moscow Courtyard, surprised that it was Vladimir who was approved for the role of her husband in the film. These shootings became happy for the couple, because a romance began between the young people.

In 2005, Yaglych and Khodchenkova got married. The marriage lasted 5 years. During this time, the actors never got children, as both were passionate about their careers.

After her divorce from her husband, Khodchenkova began to meet with businessman Georgy Petrishin . He proposed to his beloved on the stage of the theater after the completion of the performance with the participation of Svetlana. Despite the fact that the actress replied in the affirmative, the wedding never took place.

Soon they started talking about the performer’s personal life again: Dmitry Malashenko, a colleague in the acting workshop, was added to her chosen ones. But in 2018, Svetlana resumed relations with Georgy. This was reported by reporters, providing as proof of joint photos of the couple, which were taken during a vacation in Bali

In the fall of 2019, news appeared in the media about the novel of Khodchenkova and Semyon Slepakov . According to guests at the GQ Person of the Year Awards, they came across as a couple in love. Previously, they were noticed kissing during a tour of the Hermitage. The producer and actress met while working on the House Arrest project .

Later, the celebrity commented on the rumors about her affair with Semyon, saying that they were just friends and colleagues. And at the event where joint pictures of the couple were taken, Svetlana was in the company of director Alexander Molochnikov . However, the journalists found the footage with Slepakov more interesting.

In 2020, at the Golden Eagle award ceremony, the artist appeared with an engagement ring. The news of her pregnancy was not confirmed. svetlana khodchenkova  was dressed in a tight-fitting golden dress, which emphasized all the dignity of the figure. Reporters suggest that Svetlana accepted Petrishin’s offer and even moved to his apartment. The artist herself refuses to comment.

Many social media users note that the actress has lost a lot of weight, and her parameters (height 180 cm, weight 51 kg) resemble the ideal of female beauty. Svetlana monitors the condition of her face, so even without makeup she looks younger than her age.

A miniature mole on her cheek adds uniqueness to her image. It is interesting that many viewers determine by her that it is not Yulia Peresild on the screen , but Svetlana Khodchenkova, because the actresses are so similar in appearance.

Even in her youth, the actress accustomed herself to sports training :Svetlana khodchenkova pumps the press every day. Interestingly, during her film career, the artist’s hair color has never changed. Svetlana khodchenkova  avoids coloring to preserve the natural beauty of her hair. In order to maintain a healthy look of hair,  svetlana khodchenkova  loves to relax in Bali. Natural blond is in perfect harmony with the color of her gray-blue eyes. Among the favorite activities of the star are equestrian sports, dancing and water skiing.

As the artist said in an interview, she does not know how to spend a vacation on the beach, but prefers outdoor activities. However, svetlana khodchenkova  Instagram page has several photos in a swimsuit from seaside resorts.

Svetlana khodchenkova Career

As a freshman, Svetlana was noticed by director Svetlana khodchenkova , who at that time was beginning to shoot the film “Bless the Woman”. Seeing the student, he immediately approved her for the main role of Vera, her film debut was successful for the artist’s creative biography. After filming the film, the Svetlana khodchenkova  received a nomination for the Nika Award for Best Actress.

It is interesting that the artist got to the casting to Govorukhin before losing weight. During the first year of study, the student recovered greatly: the body thus adapted to the new way of life. But after filming, Svetlana khodchenkova  managed to lose 20 kg. Stanislav Sergeevich repeatedly reprimanded Svetlana khodchenkova for her act. In his opinion, before losing weight, the actress looked much more attractive.

It is worth noting that  Svetlana khodchenkova was among the few Russian actresses who managed to conquer Hollywood. The role in the film “Wolverine: the Immortal” surprised and impressed both the actress herself and the fans. As Svetlana later recalled, she did not have so many common scenes with Hugh Jackman , but the artist was remembered for his professionalism and benevolence.

Svetlana khodchenkova  cemented her Hollywood success with her participation in a new film from the X-Men franchise. Previously, the actress played a cameo role in the movie Spy Get Out, where the film partners were Gary Oldman , Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy , venerable Hollywood celebrities. Svetlana khodchenkova

In Russia, Svetlana khodchenkova  shone with no less bright projects. Svetlana played the main role in Valeria Gai Germanika ‘s series “A Short Course in a Happy Life”, followed by her debut in the original detective story “Lavrova’s Method” . In the romantic comedy “Loves – Doesn’t Love” she appeared in a pair with Maxim Matveyev . No less significant for the performer was the project “Love in the Big City”, in which Khodchenkova appeared in the image of the girl Nastya. In 2013, the TV-3 channel completed work on a pilot series of the Mistresses project . Despite the high hopes, the series did not collect the required number of viewers’ votes, and its filming was suspended. The historical blockbuster “Viking” is another film in which  Svetlana khodchenkova is remembered for her participation. The actress has repeatedly said that she had to carefully prepare for the filming of the picture. According to Svetlana khodchenkova , the filmmakers even asked to go to Greece. According to the directors, such preparation would help to fully convey the realism of the character. The Svetlana khodchenkova also appeared in the box office comedy “Classmates”, in which a star cast was assembled – Ekaterina Vilkova , Valentina Mazunina , Olga Kuzmina , Ararat Keschyan and others. Soon Svetlana’s filmography was replenished with new works in the films “Blockbuster” and “You all piss me off.” The significant premiere of 2017 was the film “Walking through the agony” , in which the actress played the role of Liza Rastorgueva. Together with Yulia, Franz Khodchenkova appeared in the comedy Sweet Dessert. Svetlana khodchenkova

Svetlana Khodchenkova now

Now Khodchenkova is one of the most sought-after actresses of her generation, so Svetlana khodchenkova can be found both in the highest grossing projects and in auteur films. In 2019, the performer appeared in the title role of the Sect series . In the blockbuster “Hero”, she starred with Alexander Petrov . The actors played lovers who, in their childhood, studied at the school of special agents. Not without a scene with a passionate kiss in the film.

As a producer and performer of the main role, the artist appeared in Veta Geraskina’s project “Svetlana khodchenkova  has a different name.” The film is about an adult woman who is found by her daughter, left by her in early childhood. Also with the participation of Svetlana came out the picture “Number One”.

According to the performer, the moment came when she felt creative satiety. Svetlana khodchenkova  came up with an idea for a film, which she came to the director with. Svetlana khodchenkova notes that this is not the first time she has worked with Veta, and she is impressed by the method of playing with resistance, which the director uses. Svetlana khodchenkova

The Svetlana khodchenkova continues to appear on the stage. Together with Alexander Ustyugov, she plays in the entreprise project “Love Story. A comedy of mistakes ”. Dmitry Malashenko and Anna Ukolova are also involved in the play .

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