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 March 16, 2020

Name: Sushmita Sen / Sushmita Sen
Nicknames: Sush
Date of birth: November 19, 1975 • scorpion
Place of birth: Hyderabad, India
Height: 1.73 m
Title: Miss Universe 1994.
Career: actress, model

Sushmita Sen is a popular Indian actress, model. Sushmita is also known for her victory in the Miss Universe beauty pageant in 1994. Sen became the first Indian to receive this prestigious title. As an actress, she won the Indian Filmfare Award in 2000. Sushmita is not married. She alone brings up two adopted daughters. The beauty’s height is 179 centimeters.


Sushmita Sen was born 11/19/1975 in the city of Hyderbad in India. Her parents were of Bengal origin. The girl’s father, Shabir Sen, was a military pilot in the Indian Air Force, retired lieutenant colonel. Mother, Shubra Sen, devoted herself to jewelry design, worked closely with fashion industry workers. Aunt Sushmits, Moon-Moon Sen, and her cousin, Riya Sen, were actresses. The beauty’s grandmother, Suchitra Sen, was also a very popular actress in her youth.

In addition to Sushmita, two more children were raised in the family: the girl’s brother Rajiv and sister Neelam. Neelam Sen subsequently married the Indian billionaire, consul Nauman Malik. Nauman leads an active social life; he is a very famous person in India.


Beauty contest At the age of eighteen (in 1994), Sen participated in the Miss India beauty pageant. At this competition, Aishwarya Rai herself competed with Sushmita, the competition was difficult and intense, but the judges unanimously voted for Sen. As the winner of the contest, the girl went to the Miss Universe international competitions. At the preliminary stage, the beauty was in the top three, but lost to the girls from Colombia and Greece.

Victory Sushmite provided an exit in swimsuits and an exit in evening dresses. In the final, Sushmita competed with Venezuelan representative Miinorka Mercado and Colombian representative Carolina Gomez. As a result, Sen became the first Indian woman to win such a major beauty contest. After the victory, the photo of Sushmita Sen circled not only all Indian newspapers and television channels, but also all the world media. The girl herself could decide what to do in her future life. Sushmita decided to become an actress and model.



Sushmita Sen’s first Indian film, Mad Love, was released in 1996. According to the plot, the actress is a victim of a stalker. The picture was not particularly successful at the box office and did not add acting glory to the girl. The next film with Sen Ratchagan was much more successful than the previous one, but still did not become super-box office.

Acting success came to Sushmite in 2000. Movie Biwi No. 1 was very warmly received by both viewers and critics. As a result, Sen won the prestigious Indian Film Award Filmfare for best supporting actress for her role in this film.

In the same 2000, the actress was nominated for her work in the Indian film Sirf Tum. Sushmits recognized the acting talent, and she became successful and in demand. Soon, the movie “Dangerous Game” came out. She became one of Sushmita Sen’s most successful films, both in terms of box office and acting. Critics also praised the Dangerous Game


Top movies

One of the first Indian films to bring glory to actress Sushmite is “Number One Wife,” directed by David Dhawan. The film took second place in the ranking of Indian film hits of 1999 and received several awards from film critics. In this film, Sushmita Sen and Salman Khan play a couple in love.

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According to the plot, the hero of Salman Khan is married, but leaves the family for Sushmita, when his wife finds out about his love affair. The role of the protagonist’s wife was played by actress Karishma Kapoor. The heroine Kapoor is not ready to give up and divorce. She comes up with a plan how to plague a rival and return the traitor home. –

In 2005, Sen again had to play in a romantic comedy with actor Salman Khan. In the movie “How I Loved”, the actress played the role of an assistant to a successful doctor, Naina. The doctor is an inveterate womanizer, and only Nain can resist his spells. The girl has to portray the role of the doctor’s wife whenever he needs to get rid of another patient in love

Personal Life

Personal life An active life position and work in the cinema prevent the actress from arranging her personal life. Sushmita even wanted to end her acting career at the age of 40 in order to get married and have children, but later changed her mind about quitting cinema.

In 1996, she met with the famous Indian director Vikram Bhatt. Vikram at that time was already married, but divorced for the sake of relations with Sen. Before marriage, it never came.

In 2000, Sen adopted a girl named Reni from the orphanage. Reni is the name of the Indian goddess of love. Sen takes care of the girl in the hope that she will bring in her life the long-awaited love and happiness. Reni grows a real beauty and in the future also plans to become a famous actress.

After Sushmita adopted Reni, she was credited with an affair with producer Sanjay Narang. Despite the fact that he became friends with Reni and treated Sen well, things never came to marriage. In 2010, Sushmita adopted a second child – a girl named Alice. Now the actress is less likely to act in films and is trying to devote more and more time to her business and adopted daughters. It is possible that a woman will still meet a decent man and marry. At least Sushmita’s search did not stop. Let’s hope that soon Sushmita Sen and her husband will travel together to relax in the United States and take care of their adopted daughters.


For the role in the film “Wife Number One” in 2000, the actress received the IIFA Awards, Filmfare Awards, Star Screen Awards, Zee Cine Awards. In 2003, Sushmite was awarded the Zee Cine Awards for their work on the film “



The production center and Sushmita company is called Tantra Entertainment. In 2010, she received the rights to organize and conduct the Miss Universe India contest. In India, the competition was called I am She – “I am She.” Ushoshi Sengupta won the 2010 competition.

Since 2011, Tantra Entertainment has been involved in organizing two more beauty contests Miss Globe International and Miss Asia Pacific World.

Preferences and hobbies

The actress loves American cinema. Her favorite actors, whom she enjoys watching and wants to be like, are Julia Roberts, Woody Allen and Robert de Niro. Sushmita often travels to the USA and prefers to spend her vacation there. From food, Sen prefers sushi and Chinese dishes. Her favorite color is black. In her free time, Sushmita loves reading aphorisms and quotes from clever books.


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