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 July 11, 2019


He is a Bollywood Actor

Her Nick name is Sunny

She was born on October 19, 1956  in  Sakhneval, India

Height: 159 cm Weight: 90 kg

Her Age is 62 years old in (2019).

Her Star Sign  Libra

She is Still married

Sunny Deol, nicknamed the million-strong army of fans of Sunny Sunny, is the favorite Bollywood artist, winner of the Filmfare Award and the National Film Awards. The artist is known outside of India, pictures with the participation of young Sunny enjoyed great popularity among Soviet viewers.


Ajay Singh Deol was born in the village of Sakhneval (Ludhiana district, Punjab, India). The boy’s father is the great Indian actor Dharmendra (“Sita and Gita”, “Revenge and the Law”). Soni’s father’s family is a Sikh, but, as the artist asserted, advocates of the Indian Ariya Samaj reform movement.

At the insistence of parents Dharmendra married the mother of Sunny – Prakash Kaur in 1954, at the age of 19. The sons of Sunny and Bobby and daughters Vizhita and Agita were born in marriage .

sunny deol bio

In the second marriage of Dharmendra with actress Hema Malini , Sunny had stepbrothers Ash and Ahan. Officially, in Hinduism, polygamy is prohibited, but Dharmendra, who fell in love with Hemma, received Brahmins permission to remarry without divorcing the first.

The creative atmosphere in the family predetermined the cinematographic biography of the children, Sunny, Bobby and Akhana became famous actors in India.



Sunny Deola’s debut in the movie took place in 1983 in the film The Power of Love. Sunny’s first job was a commercial success and opened the door to a young artist for a creative career. “The Power of Love” gave a star start to another future Bollywood star – Amrita Singh (“Cruel World”, “Shootout in Lokandval”). Sunny’s work in the film received the nomination “Best Male Role” in the Filmfare Award.


In 1984, the film “The Legend of Love”, a joint work of Soviet director Latif Fayziev and Indian Umesh Mehra, was released. The picture became the second in a tandem of Soviet and Indian directors (for the first time cinematographers met in 1979 at work on the project “The Adventures of Ali Baba and Forty Thieves”).

In the plot of the film “The Legend of Love” lay the Indian parable “Sonny Mahival” about the tragic love of an Indian girl and son of a Bukhara merchant. The heir to the rich Bukhara clan Izzat, played by Sunny Deolom, sees in the water of the river an image of the poor Indian girl Sanya (Poonam Dhillon) and falls in love. The young man goes in search of his beloved.



Found in the Indian village of Sania gives Izzat love, but relatives are against the union. The story ends tragically – lovers die during a flood. The Legend of Love won in several nominations at the Filmfare Awards and earned the love of not only Indian but also Soviet audiences.

In 1985, the action movie was directed by director Rahul Ravail “Arjun”. The painting is the luck of a young artist Sunny Deola. The actor in the film played a major role – a carefree guy named Arjun Malvankar. The year 1986 was marked for Sunny Deol by working with his father in the film The Possessions of the Sultan. The film was attended by the star of Indian cinema Sridevi . The Sultanate has replaced a galaxy of star films featuring Deol: Orphan, Underworld, and Bandit.


In the adventure thriller “Ocean”, released in rent in 1986, Sunny Deol met again at the site with Poonam Dhillon. The film tells about the son of the deceased police commissioner, brought up according to the laws of thieves. The guy gets the job to kidnap a girl. The couple, fleeing from the persecution of the police, falls on an uninhabited island and tries to survive in extreme conditions.

In 1989, Sunny Deol played a major role in Rajiv Raya’s action film “Three Angry Men”. The artist was given the role of Karan Saxena Police Commissioner. After the attempt on the local politician with a criminal biography, Karan finds himself in a difficult situation. The policeman, being discredited, is forced to fake death and work “under cover” to catch the criminal. The film played Jackie Shroff , the villain of Indian films – Amrish Puri , Anupam Kher. “Three angry men” was a success in the box office in the USSR.


The role of boxer Ajay Mehra in Rajkumar Santosh’s Blue River, played by Sunny, erected the actor on a pedestal of the best action films in the 90s. The hero of the actor was convicted of killing his brother, who did not commit, and is trying to find the real killer in prison. For his role in the “Blue River”, Sunny Deol received the Filmfare Awards in the category “Best Actor” and was awarded the “Special Award” by the jury of the National Film Awards.

The national film award, Sunny Deolu, in 1993 brought the role in the thriller of Rajkumar Santosh “The Witness”. The film tells about a girl from a simple family, successfully married. One day, a heroine witnesses rape in her husband’s house. A woman is ordered to be silent. Deol played a supporting role – Govinda. During this period, the actor appeared in popular films “Disappointment”, “Border”, “Obstinacy”.


In 1999, Sunny Deol made his debut film director’s film “Enchanted by You”. In the film, the actor and director starred in a trio with brother Bobby and Urmila Matondkar. As in life, in the movie Bobby played Sunny’s younger brother. The artists showed a love triangle: brothers in love with a girl named Shalini. In 2007, he joined the Deol brothers on the set of Dharmendra, playing with his sons in the sports drama “Native People” and securing success in 2011 in the comedy action movie “The Crazy Little Family”.

The romantic comedy “I love the New Year” of 2013 is an unauthorized remake of Ryazanov’s film “Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!”. The film’s hero is a bank employee of Indian origin, Randir Singh (played by Sunny Deol), decides to celebrate New Year with a friend, teacher Ria. Having well celebrated with erection drinks on the eve of the holiday, Randir gets on a plane to New York. Once in the apartment of 26-year-old teacher Tikka, the hero does not notice the substitution.

Eldar Ryazanov in the credits of the film “I love the New Year” is not mentioned, assistant director Radhika Rao said that the author does not know the original version of his picture. Sunny as a romantic hero, not a hero “in the fight against evil”, did not bring success to the film: box office in India fell short of distributors’ expectations.



Personal life

In India, the personal life of artists is inviolable, most do not put out in public the details of family life. Viewers see only a wonderful fairy tale on the screen, retell each other the content of new pictures, empathize with the heroes. The poor collect money for a ticket to the premiere of the “delegate”, in order to listen later to the lively story of a lucky man about what he saw.

It is known that Sunny Deola’s wife is Puja, the couple have sons Karan and Rajwir. Occasionally there are general photos of the actor with the eldest son Karan. Karan made his debut in 2015 in Sunny’s directorial work Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas, produced by grandfather Dharmendra.

Sunny Deol now

The acting work in the 2017 Poster Boys film is a creative duet of Sunny Deola with brother Bobby. The film was unsuccessful and completely failed at the box office.


Attempting to repeat the success of 1990 – to remove the remake of the super-hit “Blue River” entitled “The Blue River Once Again” also failed – the critics smashed the film, and the picture was a fiasco at the box office.




  • 1984 – The Legend of Love
  • 1991 – “Narasimha”
  • 1993 – “Witness”
  • 1996 – “Disappointment”
  • 1999 – “Love is above all”
  • 2001— “Furious”
  • 2001 – The Runaways
  • 2001 – Indian
  • 2003 – “From Memories”
  • 2007 – “Full finish”
  • 2011 – “The Crazy Family”
  • 2015 – “I love the New Year”
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