How to Use VLC to Stream Videos to FireStick 


 July 2, 2022

The VLC Media player is well known and you are not likely to need our help learning it. The vast majority of moviegoers watch films on their mobile phones or computers using a VLC media player. But, do you know how to use VLC to stream videos to Amazon FireStick TV? Yes, you heard it right! Using a VLC media player, you can stream videos from your computer to Amazon FireStick.

VLC Player can also be downloaded for the Amazon Fire TV. On the Fire TV, you can play videos from external storage using the VLC media player. The player can also be integrated with other apps so that you can view your content directly from inside the app. Additionally, since the product allows integration with other devices, audio and video playback can be optimized for each of them.

In addition to being free, it supports a wide range of file types such as MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, MKV, WebM, WMV, MP3. That way, you don’t have to worry about the format you want to use in VLC to stream videos to Amazon Fire TV.

It can also optimize playback depending on the device and can integrate with streaming services. Interestingly, VLC has no paid features, no ads, no tracking, and has been developed by a committed group of volunteers. This brings us to the focal point of this guide and that is how to use VLC to stream videos to Amazon FireStick.

Using the VLC player, we will be able to stream videos from your PC to Amazon Fire TV through this guide. Are you excited enough to stream videos directly from your PC that you have downloaded from various sources?

If yes, do check the steps below and see how to use VLC to stream videos to FireStick:

How to Use VLC to Stream Videos to Amazon FireStick

We have divided the guide into three parts for ease of understanding. First, we will learn how to download and install VLC on FireStick. Check the steps below to do so:

How to Install VLC on FireStick

The Amazon App Store offers a VLC app for FireStick for easy installation. In the event that you are a new FireStick user, you can install the VLC player the simplest way – by directly downloading it from Amazon’s app store.

  1. Turn on your Amazon Fire TV. Go to Home Screen and click on Find on the middle bar of the screen.
    Tap on Find Option
  2. Press the Search button underneath the Find option.
    Click on Search Option
  3. Locate VLC Player by typing in the search bar and click on VLC Media Player from the list of results.
    Click on VLC Media Player
  4. In the Amazon App Store, Click VLC for Fire app card. You’ll then need to press the center button on your remote to open the VLC app.
    Click on VLC for Fire
  5. Press the Download or Get button to initiate the installation process of VLC on FireStick.
    Press Download:Get
  6. Once the installation ends, click on Open button to open the VLC media player on FireStick.
    Click on VLC

That’s it! This is how you can install a VLC media player on FireStick with ease. No need for an APK file as the VLC media player is officially available on Amazon App Store.

Now, we have installed a VLC media player on FireStick, the steps below are optional that will help you to get access to the app easily when you open FireStick for the next time. Check the steps below:

  1. Following the above steps, return to the home screen. Press the Apps icon on the middle tab to access installed apps on your FireStick.
    Press Apps Tab
  2. Locate the VLC media player on the list of the apps. Press the three horizontal lines, which look like three lines, on the remote to select the VLC Media Player app.
    Click on Options Button
  3. Once you click on the Options button on the remote, you will see a list of options under the Options Menu on the extreme right-hand corner of the screen.
    Click on Move
  4. Select Move to move the VLC media player app card to the Your Apps & Games section. If you do this, you’ll have an easy time locating the VLC app later.
  5. After you drag the VLC app card to Your Apps & Games section, use the remote’s center button to confirm the placement.

There’s the VLC Media Player shortcut on the desktop in case you’d like to get to it right away. This will help when you open your Fire TV for the next time.

That was the installation process. However, it does not stop just here. The focus of our article is to bring to you the process in which you will be able to stream your local videos to your Firestick. So, read on!

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How to Enable Sharing on your Computer

VLC Media Player on FireStick TV can play video files already stored on your computer, but you must first enable file sharing on Windows. To do so, please follow the steps below to check how to enable sharing on your computer:

  1. Type Control Panel in Task Bar Search menu. Click on Control Panel from the list of search results.
    Click on Control Panel
  2. Click on Network and Sharing Center once Control Panel is opened.
    Click on Network and Sharing Center
  3. From here, you need to click on Advanced Sharing Settings from the left pane.
    Click on Advanced Sharing Settings
  4. Ensure that the Turn on Network Discovery option is enabled in the Network Discovery section of Private (current profile). If not, please enable it.
  5. Also, to configure devices on the network effortlessly. You need to check the option Turn on automatic setup of network connected device underneath Turn on Network Discovery option is enabled option.
  6. Don’t forget to turn on the Turn on file and printer sharing option. Click on Save Changes at the end to apply the changes. Ensure that the Network and Sharing Center is then closed.
    Click on Save Changes
  7. Type File Explorer on the Task Bar Search menu bar. Click on File Explorer to proceed further.
    Click on File Explorer
  8. To broadcast a video over the network, right-click the folder that contains the video you want to share. From the drop-down menu, click on Properties.
    Right-click and Properties
  9. Choose the Sharing tab. From here, click on Share button.
    Click on Sharing Tab
  10. Select your Windows User Account, click on Share at the bottom of the window.
    Click on Share Button
  11. You will get a confirmation window stating that “Your folder is shared”. Click on Done.
    Click on Done

This is how you enable sharing on your computer so that VLC has access to FireStick.

How to Access Shared Folder from FireStick TV

Let’s proceed to the next and final process. This guide will help you to use VLC to stream videos on FireStick TV.

  1. Choose the VLC Media Player shortcut on the Fire TV home page to launch it.
  2. On the first launch of the VLC Media Player, you might be asked whether you wish to access the files stored on your Fire TV. Click on Allow to proceed further.
    Click on Allow
  3. The welcome screen will be opened. Click on Browing option from the left pane and Navigate to the Local Network on the right side.
  4. You can access your Windows computer’s local folders by pressing the center button on the remote.
    Click on Browsing and then Local Network
  5. To let VLC access your shared folders, click on the Folder name (you shared on PC a while ago).
    Click on the Shared Folder
  6. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be presented with a list of shared folders. You must first choose the folder that you wish to open before you can choose the file you wish to play.

That’s it. This is how you use a VLC media player to stream content from your PC to FireStick TV. You can now easily play any type of audio and video content directly from your Windows PC without any wires.

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And It’s Time to Sign Off…

There can be no doubt that VLC is at the top of the list of best video or media players. Fortunately, it works with almost all popular operating systems and streaming devices. VLC Media Player can be used not only to play videos on a local network but also to listen to music and stream online content, which is again a handy feature.

There is the easiest to stream media content already stored on your computer on Amazon Fire TV using a VLC media player. For VLC Media Player to perform this function, you need to have it downloaded and installed on your Fire TV. You should be able to do this as long as your Amazon Fire TV has enough space.

If you are finding any problem in following our guide on how to use VLC to stream videos to Amazon FireStick, do let us in the comments section below. We promise to resolve it as soon as possible.

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