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 August 20, 2020


American singer and actress Stephanie Scott is quite famous in her country. Despite her young age, she managed to work in various projects, from low-budget TV series and commercials to popular films that were broadcast in different states. A talented girl managed to conquer a large army of fans with charisma, attractive appearance and the ability to transform into her heroes.

Childhood and youth

Stephanie’s biography began on December 6, 1996 in Chicago, where she was born and spent her childhood. When the girl was 6 years old, she moved to Melbourne with her parents and two older brothers. She graduated from high school there, and then entered the Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy.

From early childhood, Scott showed herself in acting, loved to perform in public, was not shy about the audience. She dreamed of acting in films and performances, at the age of 8 she first got a role in the production of “Ann”. The young talent was noticed by the directors and offered to appear in commercials. For the next couple of years, the girl advertised well-known brands, collaborated with various companies.

Personal life

Little is known about Scott’s personal life. On Instagram and Twitter , the actress shares with subscribers numerous photos from her holidays, travels and pictures with friends. Despite the constant employment, the girl follows the figure, with a height of 163 cm, her weight is 53 kg.

Filming in films is not the only important role in Scott’s life. Since 2008, she has delved into music and even recorded more than one song, shot videos, and also released a mini-album. Some of the singer’s tracks later became singles, and Stephanie received awards for them.

She also starred in Hayley Kiyoko’s music video for the song Girls Like Girls, in which she had to kiss on the lips with actress Kelsey Chow . After the release of the video, the fans of the artist began to speak ambiguously about her orientation.


Stephanie’s debut in the movie took place in 2008, when she was offered to play a cameo character in the series “Chuck”. She then appeared in Beethoven 6: The Big Throw as Katie, and from 2008 to 2009 she voiced Emma in Special Agent Oso. Then she appeared on the screens in the image of Britney Burke in the serial film “The New Adventures of Old Christie.” And then Scott had work in the films “Funny in Farsi”, “Hello Julie!” and More Than Sex.

The real success came to the actress in 2011, it was then that her filmography was replenished with the series “High Class”, where she entered the main cast and played a girl named Lexi Reed. The plot of the film develops around the 11-year-old musical prodigy Chyna Parks, who has become a newcomer to one of the schools in San Francisco. Scott plays the most popular girl in the school, who intimidates Chyna, thinking that she is competing with her for the title of the best schoolgirl.

In this picture, Stephanie worked until 2014, but this did not prevent her from simultaneously working on other projects. During this period, the girl managed to play in the films “Sworn Friends”, “Jessie”, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and voiced the Muppet girl in “Ralph”.

Scott’s work in the film “Astral-3” and the musical fantastic tape “Jam and the Holograms”, based on the series of toys of the same name and the animated television series, was no less memorable. In 2016, director John Moore invited the actress to the thriller Artificial Intelligence. Access is not limited. ” She co-starred with Pierce Brosnan , James Freshville, Anna Friel and Mikael Nyquist. And in 2017, the artist appeared in the image of Ivy in the film Crime in a Small Town.

2018 turned out to be an equally productive year for Stephanie. Then she managed to appear in the films “Handsome Boy”, Spare Room and Good Girls Get High.

Stephanie Scott now

Stephanie is still acting in films, regularly receives invitations from directors and is happy to take on different characters. In 2019, Scott appeared in the American horror film The Curse of Mary as a girl named Lindsey. The plot takes the viewer to an ordinary town and tells about one family. Its head David buys a yacht at auction. He plans to start a new shipping business and the purchased yacht “Mary” should be his lucky ticket. But the further into the sea the boat is, the more terrible things happen on board.

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