How to Install & Watch Sling TV on FireStick (Sep 2022) 


 September 2, 2022

Sling TV offers a $30 monthly subscription is available that has more than 50+ live TV channels that you can watch. Already hooked with the offer? If yes, keep reading the article that will help you to learn how to watch Sling TV on FireStick easily with all the necessary information.

Our recommendation is to consider Sling TV if you plan on going the cord-cutting route. Sling TV allows you to watch live TV on a range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

There are Sling TV packages that include all the popular channels. You can also access a number of on-demand shows through this service, even though it is primarily about live TV.

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Additionally, Sling TV lets you stream your favorite channels instantly without requiring your participation in a contract or any special equipment.

That’s why we think Sling TV is an absolutely worthwhile investment. And there’s no match better than having a Sling TV subscription and a FireStick TV.

This is the reason, we came up with this article that will talk about Sling TV, its features, pricing plans, and lastly, how to install and watch Sling TV on FireStick.

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What is Sling TV

Streaming television service Sling TV is operated by Dish Network-owned Sling TV LLC. The multichannel video-on-demand service is available in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Through smart TVs, digital players, and apps, Sling TV subscribers can access major cable channels and OTT services.

In Short, Sling TV is an awesome service that lets you watch the content coming on cable TV but at a very lower rate. Another best part of Sling TV  is that there are no hidden charges. You get what you’ve paid for.

Sling became the first over-the-top MVPD streaming service to offer all five: HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, and Epix.

Due to its clear goal, clearly defined pricing, and easy-to-use interface, Sling TV is a must if you can’t live without cable TV programs.

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Features of Sling TV

Among the live TV streaming services, Sling TV offers one of the best value options for cutting the cord. Here are the most noticeable features of a Sling TV:

  • Prices are significantly lower than top competitors.
  • Major streaming device compatibility.
  • Free streaming devices are frequently the subject of promotional offers.
  • Local channels are only partially available.
  • Additional packages are needed for channels included in the basic package for other services.

Sling TV Pricing Plans

In addition, to live TV and on-demand movies and series, Dish Network’s Sling TV is the perfect streaming service for cord-cutters and sports enthusiasts alike.

Instead of offering a single glut of channels, Sling TV offers a variety of packages that offer users the option of choosing the channels that best fit their viewing preferences.

For $35, Sling TV offers two packages. The third package is also available. Below are the differences between the packages:

1. Sling Orange: $30

  • There are currently 32 channels available
  • You can only watch Sling Orange on one device at a time since it’s limited to a single stream.
  • Sling Orange is a Disney-friendly plan.

2. Sling Blue: $30

  • The current plan consists of 43 channels
  • With up to three streams available on Sling Blue, it is a better choice for larger households.
  • The Fox networks are all available on Sling Blue.

3. Sling Orange+Sling Blue: $50

  • If neither service allows you to watch all the channels you need, you also have the option to subscribe to the combined Orange & Blue plan.
  • All channels from both plans are included.

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How to Install Sling TV on FireStick

Now, you have an idea of what is Sling TV, what are the features of Sling TV, and the pricing plans that you can opt for?

We are sure you might be excited about how to actually install Sling TV on Firestick? If yes, this guide will show you how to install Sling TV on FireStick.

The installation process is straightforward since Sling TV is available on the Amazon Store. Take a look at the below steps to check how you can install Sling TV on FireStick:

1. Open home screen on FireStick TV. Click on the Find Tab that you will find in the middle of the homepage.

Tap on Find Option

2. Then click on Search after you click on Find Tab just below it.

Click on Search Option

3. Enter Sling TV in the search box. After you type a few letters, you will see Sling TV listed below.

4. Click Sling TV from the list of results.

Click on Sling TV

5. A list will appear, click on Sling TV card to proceed further.

Click on Sling TV Card

6. You can now download and install Sling TV on FireStick by clicking the Download button. Installation should not take longer than a few minutes.

Click on Download Button

7. After installation is complete, you should see an Open button. Click on Open button to open the app.

Click on Open

That’s it, this is how you can install Sling TV on FireStick TV.

However, if you are outside India and want to watch Sling TV on your FireStick device, you need to sideload the app.

For that, check out the article that will help you learn how to sideload apps on FireStick.

How to Watch Sling TV on FireStick

FireStick supports Sling TV without any problems. However, there is a special process you must follow in order to make it work.

Registering on Amazon and providing your billing information are the first two steps.

Go to pay.amazon.com/us to update your payment information.

We already installed Sling TV on FireStick, now it is time to see how you can watch Sling TV on Firestick.

For that, you need to follow the steps. We are assuming you are using Sling TV for the first time and for that a sign-up is required.

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You must follow the following steps to sign up and start watching after you install the Sling TV app:

Earlier, you can view 7 days of free Sling TV on your FireStick by clicking on Watch Now 7 Days Free in the Sling TV app. It has changed to only 3 days free now.

1. Choose a plan according to your preferences. To know more about pricing plans and the offerings, scroll above.

2. Following that, you can add “Extras” if you want any (this is optional). Please select an option that matches your needs and click Continue.

Click on Continue

3. Enter the payment information and click on Create An Account.

4. You will now be prompted to enter your login credentials. Click on Sign in to proceed further.

Click on Sign In

5. Once you are signed in, a welcome screen appears called My TV. It lets you manage your Home Screen.

6. It allows you to create a list of your favorite channels so you can access them quickly. Click on Add button and find the channels you want to check once you logged in.

Click on Add

7. Next is the On Now section. The live shows in this section are currently being telecast right now.

On Now Section

8. The Guide section follows by On Now. This helps you to know about live shows, the section also informs you about the shows scheduled to air later through a timeline.

Click on Guide Section

9. The final section will be about Sports. The sports channels and shows listed here will cater to sports fans of all ages. 

There’s one more app on FireStick that is called Plex which helps users to watch Live TV.

If you are wondering how to use it, consider reading the complete guide on how to install and watch Plex on FireStick.

Please Note:

Sling TV as discussed above is not available outside US. So, if you are trying to access Sling TV outside US, you will see an error just like below image. But, there’s a way through which you can have an Sling TV access outside US. If you have to use VPN services if you live outside US and want to watch Sling TV on FireStick. Some of the best FireStick VPNs are:


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Sling TV Outside US

Wrapping Up

Did you liked our article showing how to watch Sling TV on FireStick and watch wide array of live channels?

Live TV can also be watched on your internet-connected devices through Sling TV. The experience feels like it’s watching cable TV, albeit for a lower price and without a contract when you’re using Sling TV on FireStick.

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All you need is an Amazon Fire TV device and you can watch Sling TV on it for $30. You get more channels, premium channels, and special deals if you add some Extras, at an additional cost, of course.

There is, however, another side to this story as well. If you elect to purchase the $5, Cloud DVR service, Sling TV lets you record up to 50 hours of programming.

Additionally, not all regions are covered by Sling TV’s local channels. You can, however, bypass geo-restrictions with a VPN, and enjoy Sling TV anywhere around the globe.

There are many ways to watch television these days, but Sling TV is the best option for almost everyone.

While there are a few downsides, overall live TV is not too watered down because we are still able to accomplish a lot.

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The viewing experience is hassle-free and filled with many channels, on-demand content, and convenient features.

We hope to have covered almost everything related to how to watch Sling TV on Fire Stick. All things considered, we do think that Sling TV sounds like a good deal.

If you are facing any problem in following how to watch Sling TV on FireStick guide, do let us know and we will try to resolve it as soon as possible.

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