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 December 31, 2019

Career hockey player
Date of Birth August 7, 1987 Leo
Age 32 years
Place of Birth Col Harbor, Canada
Height 180
Family status not married


Sidney Crosby is a young Canadian hockey player who plays in a responsible position as a central striker. Sidney Crosby is known for the fact that the young man became the youngest captain to receive the Stanley Cup, as well as the first hockey player who managed to win the three most prestigious competitions – the World Cup, the Stanley Cup, the Olympic Games – in the role of team captain.

Sidney Crosby childhood

The athlete also set a number of records based on statistics: he became the first player in the NHL to receive 100 points and also 100 penalty minutes in the debut season, while Crosby set other records, became the youngest hockey player in the league to reach a total of 100 points, and then – and the youngest, who scored 200.

Sidney Crosby was born on August 7, 1987 in the goalkeeper’s family, which explains his passion for hockey. True, the father, unlike his son, never had a chance to play for the NHL.


Sidney’s hockey biography began in early childhood, according to the hockey player himself. In an interview, Sidney Crosby said that he first picked up a club when he was two years old. This happened in the basement of the house where the hockey player’s family lived. Not far from the “training place” was a dryer. After a couple of shots of the future striker, the device was put out of action completely and irrevocably.

At three years old, Crosby Jr. was already confidently skating. Soon, the boy began to train in a children’s school, and in parallel with hockey he played tennis.


Sidney Crosby’s sports career began in 2003, when the athlete first played for the Rimouski Oceanic junior hockey league. Crosby played two seasons with the national team. Both seasons received the titles of the best scorer and the best player.

In the summer of 2014, Crosby was offered a contract by the Hamilton team. The athlete was supposed to play in the team for three years for $ 7.5 million. The 17-year-old hockey player refused an attractive offer. Sidney’s refusal was motivated by the fact that he was not yet ready to play for a professional adult team. The athlete was cunning, because for two years in the junior league the hockey player made journalists and coaches talk about himself. Wayne Gretzky even said that only Sidney Crosby is able to break the NHL records.

The first season for the NHL, Crosby played in 2005-2006. The young man was lucky to play 20 matches with NHL legend Mario Lemieux. But due to frequent injuries, Sydney ended his career in the middle of the season, by this time he already had new records.

sidney crosby new records

The next season was marked for the hockey player with new victories and a new status. In May 2007, Crosby became the captain of the Penguin team. Then the hockey player was not yet 20 years old. At the end of the season, Crosby signed a contract with this club, under the terms of which he was supposed to play for the “Penguins” until the summer of 2012. The amount of the contract was $ 43.5 million.

2007-2009 was a difficult period for Sidney Crosby. In one of the matches, Crosby injured his ankle and temporarily dropped out of the game. Then came another injury and again missed games.

Sidney Crosby

The team was unstable, so the owner decided to replace the head coach. Michel Terien was replaced by Dan Bilesm. The game “Penguins” has become more confident. At the end of the season, Crosby became the third in the list of the best NHL scorers.

Crosby twice led the team to the Stanley Cup final. The first time, “Penguins” lost, but a year later took revenge with a score of 4: 3. Both times, Penguins met with Detroit. At the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, Sidney scored the winning goal in the final of the US-Canada match, and four years later at the Olympics in Sochi he repeated this success and received the second Olympic medal.


In the 2013-2014 season, the hockey player’s contract with the club expired, but Sidney Crosby renegotiated the contract, and became one of the last athletes to use a loophole in the rules and conclude a contract for 12 years (today the contracts are limited to 8 years), while the salary of the famous hockey player increased from $ 9 million to $ 10.9 million

At the 2015 World Championships in the Czech Republic, Sidney Crosby won gold again. This made the hockey player the 26th member of the Triple Golden Club, an honorary group of hockey players who won gold medals at the Winter Olympics, World Championships and won the Stanley Cup.

sidney hockey player

About Crosby they say that the hockey player is equally good in defense and attack, the athlete sees the hockey field very well and quickly reacts to the situation, taking up shock positions. The hockey player’s strengths include high-tech skating, but frequent injuries and an explosive nature are the player’s minuses.

At the same time, Sidney Crosby has quite average parameters for a hockey player. The athlete is 180 cm tall and weighs 87 kg.

Personal life

In 2005-2010, Sidney Crosby lived in the house of Mario Lemieux, and then acquired his own house nearby.

The hockey player is not yet married, he says that it is difficult for him to find a girl who will understand and share this lifestyle. The ideal woman for Crosby is a friend who is willing to tolerate the absence of a hockey player and who loves a man not for money. Sidney Crosby is not a womanizer, the press does not write anything about the athlete’s love affairs.

sindey gf

In 2008-2009, the athlete met with American Katie Lutner. His girlfriend was engaged in modeling, which is probably why the relationship between Sidney and Katie was in full view of the press. Subsequently, the couple broke up.

The hockey player does not flaunt his personal life, does not maintain an account on Instagram or on other platforms, so fans find it difficult to find out what is happening in the life of an athlete.

In addition to hockey, Crosby produces his own clothes in conjunction with the Reebok brand. The athlete says that they came up with models as a family, it was interesting. Sidney loves expensive cars, good wines and computer games, though he plays a hockey player in them usually only on airplanes.

The hockey player prefers to spend his free time on the shore of a lake or river. The athlete loves places where there is no noise and fuss, but there is calm, nature, peace, alien to megacities.

Sidney Crosby Latest

In 2016, the athlete again entered the Canadian national team, this time to participate in the World Cup. Competitions were held in Toronto. Crosby has traditionally become a captain and led his own team to victory. Sidney Crosby himself was recognized as the top scorer, and also declared the most valuable player in the World Cup this year.

In 2017, the hockey player received an invitation for the second time to participate in the All-Star Game of the National Hockey League. This is a friendly match in which the strongest of the current league players participate. The hockey player already participated in this event in 2007, which made Sidney the youngest player in the NHL, who was selected to participate in the All-Star Game by voting.


In 2017, the Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins team played unstable, alternating wins with defeats. Sidney Crosby, although he remained a legend of the club, but made experts say that the hockey player is losing ground. However, such conversations were also conducted in 2013, which did not prevent the athlete from concluding a contract with the club and even improving his conditions.

However, in 2018, the team nevertheless overcame a difficult period and began to win positions. But the star of the games was no longer Crosby, but the Russian hockey player Evgeni Malkin . In the game with the Detroit Red Wings team, Malkin even received the title of best player in this match.

Awards and Achievements

  • 2004 – silver medalist of the youth world championship (in the national team of Canada)
  • 2005 – Winner of the World Youth Championship (as part of Canada)
  • 2006 – World Cup top scorer
  • 2006 – the best forward of the World Cup
  • 2006 – getting into the symbolic team of the World Cup
  • 2006, 2007 – the youngest winner of the Art Ross Trophy prize
  • 2007, 2009 – winner of the prize named after Lou Marsh
  • 2007, 2017 – participant of the All-Star Game
  • 2010, 2014 – Olympic champion (in the national team of Canada)
  • 2010, 2017 – prize winner Maurice Richard Trophy
  • 2015 – World Champion (as part of Canada)
  • 2016 – World Cup winner (as part of Canada)
  • 2016 – World Cup top scorer
  • 2016 – the most valuable player in the World Cup
  • 2016, 2017 – Conn Smythe Trophy prize winner
  • 2017 – entered the list of 100 greatest hockey players in the history of the NHL in the opinion of the league
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