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 February 18, 2020

Real Name: Michael Shawn Hickenbottom or Michael James Hickenbottom
Also known as: Shawn Michaels, Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Royal
Height: 6 feet 1 inch; 185 centimeters
Weight: 237 pounds; 108 kilograms
Date of birth: July 22, 1965.

Professional debut: October 16, 1984
Hometown: Scottsdale Arizona (Scottsdale, Arizona)
Location: San Antonio Texas (San Antonio, Texas)
Religion: Christian
Coach for: Michael Shane, Spanky, American Dragon, Todd Sexton, Tony Stradlin, Paul London, Lance Cade, Shooter Schultz, Spiro, Slayer, Brian Kendrick and others.
Relatives in wrestling: nephew – Michael Shane
Teams: Rockers (Marty Jannetty), Two Dudes with Attitude (Diesel), American Force (Paul Diamond)
Organizations: SCW , AWA , NWA , TWA , WWF , WWE ( RAW )
Crown reception: Sweet Chin Music.



SCW Southwest Tag- Team Champion (2 times)
NWA Central States Tag-Team Champion
AWA World Tag-Team Champion (2 times)
AWA Southern Tag-Team Champion (2 times)
WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion (3 times)
WWF Tag-Team Champion (3 times)
WWFHeavyweight Champion (3 times)
WWF European Heavyweight Champion
TWA Heavyweight Champion
WWE World Heavyweight Champion
1995 – 1996 Royal Rumble winner



He came to the sport just at that difficult time, when most organizations focused exclusively on large superstars (such as Hulk Hogan, King Kong Bundy and Big John Studd). Therefore, Michaels was intended for midcard status. Instead, he began to do what all normal-sized wrestlers did — began working in the team rank.

Michaels achieved his first success on a team with Paul Diamond under the name American Force, winning the Texas All-Star Tag Team titles in 1985. In the same year, he moved to the Minneapolis-based American Wrestling Association, where he worked with his other teammate named Marty Jannetty. Sean and Marty called their team Midnight Rockers. Having won the titles of the National Wrestling Alliance Central States Tag Team, the next year they won AWA Tag Team titles . Also, they won the Southern Tag Team titles several times and then Michaels enjoyed its great success and popularity – but 1989 did not bring any pleasant surprises.
In 1989, Michaels and Giannetti moved to the World Wrestling Federation, where, under the name Rockers, they began to fight among the best promotion teams. A big favorite among young ladies, the team simply flourished until Michaels abandoned Jannetty, deciding to seek success as a one-on-one wrestler. And not in vain. Pozdzhe in the same year, Shawn won the Intercontinental title of the WWF .

Michaels fought for the belts against several rivals, including his former friend Jannetty and Razor Ramon, with the latter having a number of legendary ladder matches. After the Intercontinental title was freed, Michaels entered into an alliance with Diesel to get the WWF Tag Team titles again , and the next year he again became the holder of the Intercontinental title.

In 1995, in Syracuse. New York Michaels was attacked by a group of sailors (see the section ‘Did You Know?’ For details) and was seriously injured, so that he could not even defend his Intercontinental title, and therefore was forced to free the title. After recovering, Sean laid eyes on the WWF Heavyweight title and still got it from Brat Hart in the 1996 Iron Man epic. After that, he took turns holding almost all the titles of the Federation and became her greatest star.

In 1997, WWF decided to play on Michaels, taking on his shoulders the World Heavyweight title, taking him from Brat Hart in the most scandalous match of the decade. After that, he formed the rebel movement Degeneration X, thereby continuing to attract the most attention to WWF . With his impeccable appearance, charisma and presumptuous nature, Michaels managed to achieve great popularity among wrestling fans around the world. With his tremendous talent and hard work, he became one of the best sports performers


Fighting syles

He is one of the most charismatic and graceful wrestlers who have ever set foot in the WWE ring . He was one of the cheerful champions of WWE . Every kilogram in his body indicates his stamina.

If a back injury had failed to reverse Sean Michaels’ career, who knows what this guy could have accomplished. Be that as it may, he managed to achieve more than anyone ever. He became the first Grand Slam Champion – the only wrestler to hold all exceptions for WWE titles . Weighing only 102 kilograms, he somehow managed to win the WWE Heavyweight title as much as three times, defeating rivals that were almost twice his size. One of the keys to his success was that he constantly put his body at risk. He participated in one of the first (and most exciting) Hell in a Cell match against Undertaker. There were also staircases. But even in regular matches (though in the case of Sean, all matches are special), HBKalways intended to be an idol and an icon. Unfortunately, this adversely affected his health. Sean is now a little over 30, just the age at which most superstars reach their peak; Michaels suddenly left the big stage after his unfortunate defeat to Steve Austin on the paid program WrestleMania XIV in March 1998. Soon he underwent surgery, after which his back pain should have stopped, but at the same time he would end his career in the ring, in any case, they thought so.

But Michaels does not have to lace up wrestling boots to play a creative part in WWE programs . In addition, he is one of the best naturally speaking wrestlers in history, he has the ability to excite fans and anger his fellow superstars by simply holding the microphone in his hands. Remember that Michaels was one of the founders of D-Generation X, perhaps the most famous movement in the history of sports entertainment. They had as many significant moments behind the rin as in the ring. And Michaels remained one of the most popular superstars when he returned to normal in November 1998, although at that time he was no longer a wrestler, but a WWE commissary . But for some reason, Michaels refused to accept commissions in 2000 and has since become a very rare guest in the arenas.The WWE .
Perhaps his best change since then was his return June 3, 2002 to RAW live, when he was named the newest member of the nWo scandalous movement. Fans at the American Airlines Arena applauded because they were happy to see him and ridiculed him because they were completely unhappy that he joined nWo. But all of them to one jumped up from their seats, as well as every time when the musical accompaniment of Michaels – “Sexy Boy” begins. Luckily for all HBK fans , nWo soon collapsed. Then Michaels again successfully began to compete, backed up by a victory at the last Survivor Series, where he once again received the title of World Heavyweight Championship


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