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 March 18, 2020

Scarlett Johansson has a very rich biography. The biography is filled with information about filming in dozens of wonderful movies, a successful career as a model and singer. The celebrity did not pass prestigious awards.


Career singer , movie , actress , model

Date of Birth November 22, 1984 Scorpio

Age 35 years

Place of Birth New York, USA

Height 164

Family status divorced


The future actress was born on November 22 in 1984 with a Danish architect and a housewife in New York. The family of Scarlett Johansson moved from Denmark long before the advent of the younger ones. With the future movie star, four more children grew up. The youngest daughter received the name in honor of the main character of the most beloved work of her parents, Scarlett O’Hara.

Mom took the kids to the auditions. The older brother of the future singer Adrian starred in the advertisement. Scarla from an early age dreamed of becoming an actress. She was supported by her mother, who noticed the giftedness of the child. With her eight-year-old daughter, she went to the acting school at the Theater University of Lee Strastberg. For many years, it was Melanie who was the manager of the movie star.

The girl was accepted into the class for gifted children, but was soon transferred to an adult group. During her studies, the performer found out about the divorce of her parents. The news seriously overshadowed Scarlett Johansson’s childhood . A talented debutante in 1992 played in the production of “Sofistka”, a year later she starred in a movie.

The film “Just Cause” was released in 1995. In the film, the young star played with Sean Connery. A year later, the young actress played the first prominent role in the film “Manny Lo.” For the role of Amanda, the talented performer was awarded the Independent Spirit Award. Scarlett Johansson Hunter, the twin brother , also starred in this film .

Then there was work at the Horse Whisperer. After a touching picture of a girl seriously injured after an accident, the performer became famous. She quickly became the most sought-after film director as a child actress. The drama was the last in the children’s period of the star’s creativity.



The schedule of the young film star was so tight that she could not find time to study. The familiar school was replaced by a private one, and then a decision was made on distance learning. Teachers came to the set. Lessons were held in between filming. In 2002, the young performer graduated from a professional theater school in Manhattan for gifted children.

Skill and experience helped to accumulate work in the films “The Man Who Was Not”, “The World of Ghosts”. Then there was the work with Sofia Coppola in “Translation Difficulties”, which brought prestigious Scarlett Johansson awards and nominations.

For the role in the famous film “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, the actress then received the second BAFTA award. In 2004, the star was nominated for the Golden Globe after working in the low-budget film Love Rush. And in melodramas, and in comedies, and in thrillers, the actress is equally good.

In 2005, the star starred in the fantastic film project “Island”. At that time, Woody Allen’s Match Point came out, bringing the Golden Globe. After this work, the performer became a recognized star. She starred in several films of the famous director.

The comedy “Sensation” became the most popular, and then the light and dynamic film “Vicki, Cristina and Barcelona” was released. The Black Orchid in the thriller noir genre, Another Another of the Boleyn Family, historical drama, Iron Man 2, Avengers projects received high marks.

All facets of talent

In the theatrical biography of actress Scarlett Johansson, there are outstanding successes. For the role in the production of “View from the Bridge” in 2010, the film star was awarded the Tony Prize, theatrical analogue of the Oscar.

The film star diva was solemnly opened in 2012 on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The actress participated in the projects “Long Live Caesar” and “The Jungle Book”, shown in 2016. In the second, she voiced the Kaa boa.

Then the audience saw the superhero action movie “Captain America: Civil War”. In the spring of 2014, the star was awarded the Cesar Award. She took up the scoring of the film star again in 2017. The protagonist of the animated film “St. John’s Wort” Ashley really liked the audience.

The performer created the band “The Singles”. In 2008, the first experience was presented, the pop and dance composition “Candy”. Then the debut album came out, the next year was marked by the second disc with Pete Jorn, and the new one appeared in 2015. The criticism met the songwriting coolly, and the soloist again switched to film activities.

Personal life

Scarlett Johansson’s personal life does not go unnoticed . She admitted that she appreciates loyalty and true love and dreams of finding them. However, the press often ascribes to her relations with those whom the star is not even familiar with. The first known was a short-term 17-year-old singer with musician Jack Antonoff, her fellow practitioner.

In 2004, there was a meeting with Josh Hartnett, who turned into a two-year romance. The press mentioned the star’s relationship with Benicio Del Toro and Jared Leto.

In 2007, serious changes occurred in the biography of Scarlett Johansson. Kinodiva met with Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds. Six months later, an engagement followed, and in the fall of 2008, a modest wedding was held in secret from the press. Love and harmony reigned in the family for two years.

Then the feelings began to cool. And an overly busy schedule, the inability to be together and a noticeable difference in career growth, the couple decided to leave.

After a divorce in 2011, an affair with Sean Penn began. And in 2012 there was an acquaintance with the French art critic and journalist Romain Doriac. In late autumn 2013, an engagement took place. The wedding was planned in early 2014, but the ceremony had to be postponed due to a serious event in the biography of Scarlett Johansson, pregnancy. The daughter of celebrity Dorothy Rose was born on September 4, 2014. A month later, her parents’ wedding took place.

Failures and joys

The army of fans of the actress believes that any image suits her. For many paintings, the star has to change the usual image of a blonde beauty. She already appeared in public with straightened red and black locks.

In September 2017, news of the separation of Romain and Scarla appeared. The press learned about him only after the start of paperwork. No comments have been received on the reasons for the break. Then Doriac said that he was trying hard to save the marriage, but due to the filming of his wife, family life became impossible.

For the same reason, he tried to defend the sole opera over his daughter. Mother insisted on living the girl with her. As a result, the Hollywood film star won the process. She did not restrict the right of the father to see the child.

Soon, a new star novel began. Her chosen one was the TV presenter and screenwriter Colin Jost. The couple spends time together, the actor found a common language with Dorothy. It is known that the engagement took place. Colleagues are sure that a little time will pass, and the biography of Scarlett Johansson will be replenished with a new marriage.

Scarlett Johansson is recognized as one of the most sought after performers. But in an interview, a celebrity says that she wants to create masterpieces herself. Her dream is to become a director.




Oscar Nomination (2019):
Best Actress (Marriage Story)
Best Supporting Actress (Jojo Rabbit)

Golden Globe Nomination (2019):
Best Actress, Drama (Marriage Story)

BAFTA Award “(2003):
Best actress (” Lost in Translation “)

Honorary” Cesar “(2013)

Tony Award (2010):
Best Supporting Actress in a Play


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