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 August 15, 2020


Children of stars are often included in scandalous news bulletins. In 2016, the media wrote that the youngest son of the singer Valeria Arseny Shulgin left home, and in 2019 he managed to get into an accident three times a week. In 2017, rumors appeared in the press that the eldest daughter of the pop singer Slava Sasha Morozova was in an interesting position . But she hastened to refute this information, saying that she will devote the next 6-7 years exclusively to study and creativity.

Childhood and youth

Anastasia Slanevskaya, who later became famous under the stage name Slava, met her first husband when she was still in high school. The chosen one was the restaurateur Konstantin Morozov.

On the 4th day of the new 1999, the couple greeted their daughter Sasha, but, unfortunately, the child did not seal the marriage – the couple divorced when the baby was not even a year old. Subsequently, in an interview, the singer argued that she and her husband did not get along in character and parted due to domestic disagreements. However, in the future, the ex-lovers managed to establish friendly relations.

Since March 2002, the protagonist of the pop singer’s personal life has been businessman Anatoly Danilitsky , to whom she presented the girl Antonina on December 24, 2011. Now the Russian pop star lives with a common-law husband and two heirs.

In news reports, Alexandra began to flicker from adolescence, when, in the company of her mother, she began to attend entertainment events (concerts, music awards ceremonies, etc.). Omniscient journalists were lucky to find out that the girl studied well at the Moscow Lomonosov private school and was going to leave for Switzerland.


The next year, the first-born of a celebrity, having acquired the necessary knowledge at the preparatory courses of the Moscow Art Theater School, entered two prestigious theatrical universities by competition. Choosing between “Pike” and “Sliver”, the applicant stopped at the latter, having found herself in the workshop of Vladimir Beilis and Vitaly Ivanov.

However, after staying within the walls of the school for a little less than a year, the student took the documents and entered the RUDN University as a linguist. In 2020, she found herself on an exchange in France, where she was caught by the raging pandemic of coronavirus infection.

Personal life

Despite her young age, the daughter of the singer Glory already had experience in romantic relationships. In 2017, with a young man named Dmitry Sasha, she even lived in a separate apartment, where she played the role of an exemplary hostess – she solved household issues without outside help and learned to cook.

The lovers went on trips together, the boyfriend showered his soul mate with a million scarlet roses, but since 2018, joint photos of the couple have disappeared from Morozova ‘s Instagram . Therefore, now it is not completely known whether the heart of the owner of a slender figure, which she does not hesitate to demonstrate in swimsuits, is occupied or not.

The eldest heiress of the pop singer carefully monitors her appearance, regularly goes in for sports, visits gyms and is not afraid of bold experiments. So, in April 2020, the model changed her dark hair color to light.


Having managed to act in films and finally saying goodbye to her acting career, Morozova added the modeling business to her professional biography. The plump-lipped beauty willingly takes part in candid photo shoots, not afraid to appear in front of the camera in underwear or without clothes at all.

In parallel with the fashion industry, Alexandra decided to develop her own blog and follow in her mother’s footsteps, trying herself as a singer under the pseudonym Mom’s Daughter. On July 30, 2020, the premiere of her debut song “It was at night” took place, and the next day the single “Don’t touch me” was released, in which Roma Acorn also appeared in the video .

Sasha Morozova now

Immediately after the release of the premiere tracks, accusations fell on Sasha that the famous mother was singing instead of her. The offensive assumptions were cut short by the singer Slava, saying that the heiress does everything on her own.

On August 3, 2020, Mother’s Daughter had her first performance at the Clouds Party, which took place on the occasion of the opening of the Grand House blogging house.


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