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 September 7, 2020

Sara canning Biography

SarahCanning could reach heights in sports or journalism, but she preferred filming. Her choice was rewarded with the love of millions of viewers and the opportunity to try on different images.

Childhood and youth

Sara Canning was born on July 14, 1987 in Gander, Canada. The childhood of the future celebrity was spent in the province of Newfoundland, later the family moved to a city near Edmonton. The girl was creative from an early age, her favorite subjects at school were English literature and drama.

As a teenager, sara canning  often participated in amateur productions, falling more and more in love with acting. But she chose journalism as her main profession. Canning entered the University of Alberta, where she first appeared on the stage of professional theater. After this debut, sara canning realized that she wanted to be an artist and dropped out of college.

Th sara canning e girl moved to Vancouver and enrolled in a local film school. At first, Sarah often heard rejections at auditions, so she began to work as a waitress. Success lay ahead of her. sara canning

Personal life

The celebrity sara canning was married to banker Michael Morris, but her chosen one died in 2011. This was a hard blow for the actress, who has since preferred not to disclose information about her personal life.


The young actress sara canning made her acting debut in the film Paparazzi Princess, based on the biography of Paris Hilton . She played the role of the sister of the main character, Nicky. The image was given to sara canning brilliantly, and soon she began to receive invitations to auditions for other projects. During this period, her filmography was replenished with the picture “Kidnapped in broad daylight” and the series “Kyle XY” and “Smallville”.

The popularity came to the girl after the release of the drama ” The Vampire Diaries “. The news of the approval for the role of Jenna Sommers made the actress happy, because sara canning  was fond of vampire themes since childhood. It all started when she saw the school play “Dracula” and then went on to watch movies and read books about supernatural creatures.

sara canning partner was actor Matthew Davis , who played her lover. Viewers with bated breath followed the development of their relationship for two seasons and were disappointed when Canning had to leave. After that, new stars appeared in “The Vampire Diaries” – Joseph Morgan , Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin .

The next project, in which the sara canning l managed to participate, became no less mystical. She starred in an episode of Supernatural, joining Jensen Ackles , Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins . Her heroine Lydia is an Amazon who gave birth to a child from the main character of the adventure drama Dean Winchester.

After that, the artist joined Niall Maitter and Crystal Lowe on the series “Jurassic Portal: New World”. Sarah embodied Dylan Weir, an animal behaviorist who has to deal with prehistoric creatures. The girl joked that after participating in the drama she was ready for a dinosaur attack, because on the set sara canning  received a lot of important advice.

No less striking was the appearance of a celebrity in the film I think I do about the relationship of sisters, one of whom was thrown at the altar on their wedding day. Mia Kirshner and Jenny Levine starred with Canning in the comedy drama . This was followed by shooting in the movie “Hell on Wheels”, where she played Charlotte Royce, and in the episode ” Once Upon a Time “. sara canningIn 2019, the actress was cast as Charlie in the comedy Hospital Show, which sheds light on the feelings of actors playing doctors on television. The series was warmly received by fans. sara canning

Sara Canning now

In 2020, the movie An Awkward Balance, starring sara canning  was released. sara canning now continues to build a career in cinema and delight fans with new photos on Instagram . Despite the presence of a slender figure (with a height of 168 cm, she weighs 57 kg), a celebrity rarely publishes pictures in a swimsuit. sara canning


  • 2008 – “Kidnapped in broad daylight”
  • 2009 – “Kyle XY”
  • 2009–2011, 2012, 2014, 2017 – The Vampire Diaries
  • 2012 – Supernatural
  • 2012 – “Jurassic Portal: New World”
  • 2014 – Hell on Wheels
  • 2017 – “War of the Planet of the Apes”
  • 2017 – Lemony Snicket: 33 Misfortunes
  • 2018 – Once Upon a Time
  • 2019–2020 – Nancy Drew
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