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 August 5, 2020

Rose Williams Biography

Rose Williams is a British artist whose career began in the fashion industry. Having tried her hand as a television actress, she found herself in demand and began to receive invitations to participate in major projects.

Rose Williams  Childhood and youth

Williams was born on February 18, 1994 in the London borough of Ealing. The girl’s mother worked as a costume designer for the BBC, and her father was employed in radio broadcasting. Rose and her younger sister have been fond of creativity since childhood. They enjoyed drawing, and their parents encouraged the girls’ interests.

As Williams grew older, she became increasingly interested in the mother’s profession and studied fashion. She earned her first salary while working part-time at Dover Street Market. The girl carried her interest in trends through the years. Becoming an actress, she is often under the sights of cameras and the eyes of the public, demonstrating a delicate taste and sense of style.

Gradually, Rose realized that the profession of a fashion designer or designer was not for her. At the age of 17, the girl was employed in the dressing shop of the TV series “Scum” and “Big School”. Having started working on the set, she followed the workflow. Once, watching the actress play in the frame, Williams caught herself thinking that she would like to play her character.

She created a questionnaire for online casting, shot a self-presentation video and began looking for job offers as an actress.

Personal life

Nothing is known about Rose Williams’ romantic relationship. She devotes all her free time to work and filming, so the girl’s personal account on Instagram features photos in a duet with on-screen lovers, and not with a real boyfriend.

Sharing news from her professional and personal life, the actress often publishes pictures from the set. Adhering to the image of an artist engaged in historical projects, Rose posts images in which she appears in appropriate outfits. Rare photos in a swimsuit also have a place in the profile. The celebrity’s height is 165 cm, and the weight is unknown.

Williams still enjoys drawing and sometimes shares his work and sketches with followers.


At the age of 20, Rose Williams received an invitation to her first significant role. The girl was offered to participate in the filming of the project “Kingdom”, dedicated to the life of Mary , Queen of Scots. The action takes place in the 16th century and describes all sorts of intrigues associated with the ascension of the ruler to the throne. Williams’ partner on the set was

The series was filmed in Toronto. Rose was involved in three episodes, which lasted 3 years. In an interview, the artist said that for her it was incredible progress and invaluable experience: to live independently in another country and try her hand in a new area for her.

This was followed by work in the project “Quiet Passion” by Terrence Davis, shooting in the film “Curfew” about fans of illegal street racing and participation in the creation of “Changeland” Seth Green .

In 2019, Rose auditioned for the Sanditon TV series and received an invitation to play a minor role. Due to the obligations available at that time, the actress had to abandon her. But later the producers returned to the artist with a repeated invitation to cooperation and the main role. She looked for inspiration in the National Portrait Gallery, enjoying paintings from the Regency era, and in the works of novelists. Filming started on her 25th birthday.

Andrew Davis’s screenplay for Project Sanditon is based on Jane Austen’s unfinished novel . Rose embodied the image of Charlotte Heywood, and her partner on the set was Theo James , who portrayed Sidney Parker.

Rose Williams Latest

In 2020, the artist lives in a rented apartment in Los Angeles. She continues to star in popular TV series. Williams regularly receives interesting proposals from directors.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the girl supported charitable foundations on social networks, calling for assistance to those who were in a difficult situation.

The actress also found herself among the media figures who oppose racism. On her Instagram account, she spoke about the tragic events associated with police brutality in Minneapolis and the ensuing looting.

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