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 March 11, 2020

Bhanureha Ganesyan (better known by her stage name Rekha) is an Indian theater and film actress, starring mainly in the Hindi genre. In combination, she is also a singer – she has more than 30 studio tracks, the most popular of which are the soundtracks for the films “Dear Umrao”, “Love affair”, “Falsehood and Truth”, etc.


The  biography of Rekha contains many popular Indian Hindi films (over 180). Her career in cinema lasted for more than 40 years (the last filming in the movie was in 2015). Often, she played strong female roles, saturated with drama and emotions. Also in the acting biography of Rekha there was a place for filming in the cinema of the genre of arthouse (in India this direction is referred to as “parallel cinema”


Born in 1954 in the city of Madras (now the city is renamed Chennai), Tamil Nadu, India. Rekha is the daughter of Indian cinema actors – Gemini Ganeshan (father, Tamil actor) and Pentapad Pushpavalli (mother, actress, Telugu). However, Rekha’s parents did not live together and were not even married – the father broke up with his mother when his daughter was several months old. Rekha had seven sisters and one brother — all relatives. When the girl grew up, she decided to follow in the footsteps of her parents and start acting in films, however, she never had any desire and desire to be an actress.

At the age of 13, Rekha left school to begin her career as an actress. She did not have any personal aspirations in this direction, however, the restless financial condition of her family forced her to go to act in films. Bhanureha Ganesyan is a graduate of the popular church monastery in Chennai. She is fluent in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and English.



Rekha’s stage biography dates back to 1966, when she starred in the Telugu movie “Rangula Ratman.” She was only 12 years old, and already at that time the film studio for her became a playground and a second home. Despite the fact that the girl’s parents were the greatest actors of Indian cinema, Rekha still had to go through a thorny path in the film industry before her partners recognized her as a competent actress

The future “Queen of Bollywood” did not even know the Hindi language, which makes absolutely all the films in the Indian cinema center in Mumbai. As it turned out, the girl had enough patience and hard work: a few months later she was already fluent in Hindi and competed with other actresses for various roles in Hindo-speaking cinema. Time after time, the actress began to be invited to some paintings, where Rekha was a success. Six months later, the girl even managed to master the aesthetics of classical Indian dance. By the way, the actress is still considered the best and unique in Indian choreography.

The 70s were not marked by popular recognition for Rekha. Despite this, the actress gained invaluable experience in Hindo-language cinema, which “tempered” her for future star status. During these years, Rekha “hit” yoga, and therefore noticeably lost weight and became an attractive and sexy girl (previously she was slightly chubby). At this time, she also meets a colleague and lover Amitabh Bachchan, with whom she starred in more than 20 films. The duet of Rekha and Amitabha Bachchan became popular not only in India, but throughout the world. The two starred together in films such as The Lord of Fate, Raja Natvaral, The Price of Friendship, and many others. In the early 80s, their stage novel grew into reality. Amitabh was already married to actress Jaya Bhaduri, but this did not stop him from falling in love with Rekha. It is also surprising that this love triangle managed to star in Silsil, whose plot clearly describes their situation in reality: a married man has not loved his wife for a long time and constantly deceives her in order to spend the night with his mistress. Fortunately or unfortunately, this was the last time Rekha and Amitahbh Bachchan met at the same venue.


In the 80s, Rekha continued to act in hindofilm and was successful both in her homeland and partially throughout the world. In 1982, Bhanureha Ganesyan visited the Tashkent Art and Film Festival, held in the Soviet Union. Here she presented a film with her own participation in the title role “Beauty Lucknow”. Rekha received the Golden Belt Award and the title of Best Actress in India. However, in the career of Bhanurekhi Ganesian this trophy was far from the last


In 1990, the beautiful Rekha, whose biography was already known around the world, married a successful businessman from the city of Delhi, Mukesh Aggarwal. However, the marriage lived only one year – in 1991, Rekha’s husband committed suicide.

Rekha, biography: family, children

Many fans and fans of the actress often wonder if she has children. Rekha, whose biography was full of romance novels and fans, unfortunately, has no children. In her life, it so happened that the main meaning of life and joy was cinema. The actress had countless fans who confessed her love and promised to roll mountains. However, after the suicide of her husband, Rekha began to be biased towards potential lovers, and soon decided that she did not need a male half. In view of this, Rekha is considered a convinced feminist.


Bhanureha Ganesyan today

Currently, Bhanureha Ganesian lives in the city of Bandra (west of Mumbai) in his own bungalow. Together with her lives the nephew of Navid and the loyal friend and secretary of Farzan. Rekha also loves pets: more than 10 cats, 4 dogs and about 5 parrots live on her estate. The legendary actress to this day continues to master new yoga techniques. She is already well over 60, but she still looks amazing.

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