Red Color – All You Need To Know! 


 February 21, 2021

The existence of colors in nature and our environment is not only essential for our vision but also has a tremendous effect on our minds and our lives. We may not realize it, but the colors are extremely powerful.

According to psychological classification, there are four primary colors i.e. red, blue, yellow, and green. Each color has a different psychological effect on the human mind and has a different perception and response by the human brain. Some color effects have universal meanings and others have somewhat subjective perceptions.

The color spectrum towards the red area features warm colors i.e. Red, orange, and yellow. The warm colors are known to evoke different emotions like anger, warmth, comfort, and hostility.

The colors falling into the blue side of the spectrum are known as cool colors i.e. blue, purple, and green. These colors though have calming effects but could also have other effects i.e. feelings of sadness or indifference.

Effects and Impacts of Red Color

Red is quite a strong color. People refer to it as the color of Cupid and the Devil, while it also depicts extreme emotions like love and hate. This color has the ability to draw human vision and perception towards it at a glance. The color therapies use red color to stimulate one’s mind and body as well as to enhance circulation. The stimulating effect of the red color is due to its long wavelength.

Stated below are the common emotions and feelings that Red color triggers:

Danger and Warning

As stated above, red color is the most visible color in the color spectrum owing to its longer wavelength and that is why it has the ability to catch human attention in an instant. This is the reason that red color is used to alert people about impending danger. Traffic lights, fire engines, ambulance sirens, stop signs, caution signs, etc. are a few examples.

Besides, people associate red with negative and danger-bearing emotions because it is the color of fire, blood, poison, dangerous animals, etc.

Passion and Yearning

Red is also the color of love and is linked to passion and yearning. This is the association due to which people wearing red get more attraction and attention from the opposite sex. In fact, most men find women wearing red more desirable sexually, according to research.

Enthusiasm and Energy

The red color is linked with energy, excitement, and enthusiasm. According to studies, it is found that people wearing red feel more energetic and emit energetic vibes. Furthermore, the color also tends to elevate their blood pressure, metabolism, heart rate and respiration rate. All the physiological changes eventually increase energy levels. Since red increases metabolism, appetite is also enhanced and that is why restaurants feature red background and theme.


Red is naturally associated with the concept of anger. When one gets angry, their blood circulation increases, and thus the face turns red.

Red color has different cultural and psychological influences. The psychological effects of this color are universal but the cultural association is variable across the world. In some regions and cultures, it is the symbol of love but in other, it is regarded as danger and enmity.  Whatever region you are in, you got to agree on one thing – one can’t ignore red color!

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