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 March 15, 2020

Puneet Issar was born on November 6, 1959 in the family of director Sudesh Issar. In the film industry, he made his debut in the movie Coolie / Porter . The start was not very successful, since during the filming of one of the scenes of fights involving Amitabh Bachchan , Amit-ji was very seriously injured. Many blamed on this Punita. Later, the actor shared that he had to face many problems in getting roles due to this incident. Some believed that Amitabh put sticks in Punitu’s wheels, but the actor himself denied this.



The real fame came to Punit after the role of Prince Duryondhana in the epic series “ Mahabharata ” by Ravi Chopra.

In 1983, he played the role of the second protagonist in the cult horror film Purana Mandir / Old Temple . In 1987, he played the role of Indian Superman in an unofficial remake of a Hollywood movie.


Punit Issar has played in more than 200 films, both Hindi and regional. He starred in such films as “God knows”, “Unfaithful beloved”, “Brave man”, “Chandra Mukhi”, “Frontier”, “Soldier of the law”, “Fidelity and betrayal”, “Duel”. “Krrish”, “Barkha”, “Son of Sardar . ” Since 1974, he also worked as an assistant director, in 1996 he shot his first series “ Hindustani ” and then “ Jai Mata Ki ” with Hema Malini


Punit Issar is also a theater actor, author of plays and scripts. In 2018, he returned to the role of Prince Duryodhana in the play Mahabharata, which he himself directed. The role of the prince in his youth was played by the son of Punit, Siddhant. In 2004, Punit Issar acted as screenwriter and director of the film “Garv: Pride and Honor \ Honor” starring Salman Khan.

The film gathered a good box office and received a verdict above the average. Punit participated in the eighth season of the BIGG BOSS show in 2014. He reached the finals and became one of the 7 finalists. At the age of 56, he became the oldest participant in the project.

Punit is married to Deepavali, the daughter of the Punjabi actor Diljit Puri and the Bengali singer Ashita Puri , and her brother is the actor Satyajit Puri. They have two children. In addition to acting, Punit Issar also worked as a professor of diction and acting. Punit is also a mixed martial artist, practicing kung fu, kara.

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