Psi (PSY) 


 August 30, 2019



Singer “Psi”, whose real name sounds like Park Che San, was born in Seoul, December 31, 1977. The future star was born in the Gangnam District, another pronunciation of which sounds like Gangnam – the name of the native region brought Psai worldwide fame. However, first things first.

The kid was lucky with the family, and more precisely with the level of its prosperity. The fact is that Father Park Che Sang worked as one of the executive directors of a semiconductor company. Naturally, young Park Che was not denied anything, and he was able to get a quality education in a prestigious school.

Already from the age of 15, Park Che San left his studies and paid all his attention to the world of music. At that time, his idols were Eminem and 2 Pac – the idols of American rap culture. However, Father Park Che had his own views on the future of his son, and in 1996 he was forced to move to the United States as a participant in a program that trained employees for his father’s company.

But in America, the future “Psi” did not want to study in the specialty – he could not appear at the university for whole semesters. Despite the efforts of his father, who used his connections to maintain student status, Park Che himself dropped out of school.

Not long after studying at a music college, where Psay mastered the basics of musical notation and musical genres, he returned to his homeland.

By this moment, the rapper had already taken the nickname “Psi” – an abbreviation for Psycho, and gradually began to conquer Korea. So, in 2001, his debut album “PSY from the Psycho World” went on sale, and his music videos broadcast all the music channels. It took quite a bit of time for the eccentric singer to become a star.


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