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 January 19, 2020

Prince William Full name

Date of Birth

Place of Birth London, UK

Gemini zodiac sign.

Height 191 cm



Prince William Biography

The first-born of Princess Diana and Prince Charles was born on a summer evening at St. Mary’s Hospital in London. Before him, all the crown princes of Great Britain were born in the royal residence , but with this guy everything turned out differently.

William was baptized two months at Buckingham Palace. The boy grew up , and brought him not , as is customary in the royal family. If his father Charles was taught at home , then William was sent to Ladgrove boarding school , where he was not at all distinguished from other students , despite his noble birth. The prince studied well and was very athletic – he played football and basketball , was involved in swimming , he was the captain of the hockey and rugby teams. In 1995, the prince entered the prestigious Eton College.

William was worried about the divorce of his parents , then the blow for him was the death of his mother , Princess Diana. The prince gradually recovered and continued to live on – in 2000 he took a break from his studies and visited African countries and Chile with a charity mission , and then entered the University of St. Andrews.


In 2005, the prince’s university education came to an end. William wrote a thesis on coral reefs ( his specialization was geography), graduated, and for some time devoted himself to social activities. Then he made his first independent official visit – to New Zealand. Then the prince had to undergo military training.

In 2006, he spent several months at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst , where he received the rank of junior lieutenant , and in 2009 he entered training courses at the Royal Air Force , where he studied as a rescue helicopter pilot. William had time to try his hand in the case: in 2011, he saved sailors from cargo ship , drowning in the Irish Sea. In 2012, he was promoted to captain. This gave the prince the right to lead the search and rescue operations , carried out by a division of the Royal Air Force.

In 2015, Prince William joined the Bond Air Services ambulance helicopter pilot.

William devotes a lot of time to charity and heads a number of foundations – for example , the St Giles Trust , Royal Marsden Health Service.

The prince is second in line to the British throne after his father , Prince Charles.

Personal life Prince William

With Kate Middleton , who grew up in a family of civil aviation workers , William met at the university , spotting a girl at a student fashion show. In 2005, it became known about their relationship. Despite the fact that from that moment the press tried to find out all the details of the novel by Kate and William , the girl behaved with dignity and did not compromise herself in any way.

The lovers broke up for a short time in 2007 , but soon renewed their relationship. Middleton moved to the residence of the prince. Only in 2010, William was ripe , to make an offer sweetheart. Although some fans of the royal family are convinced , that Kate was a long time did not dare to affiance with the prince out of fear of responsibility and unwillingness to take on responsibilities Noble and mother of the future heir.

During the engagement, Prince gave the bride a sapphire ring , which belonged to Princess Diana before. On April 29, 2011, the whole world watched a magnificent royal wedding at Westminster Abbey. Wedding Day in the UK declared a public holiday. The residence of the newlyweds was Kensington Palace.

In December 2012 it became known , that Kate and William will be born first-born. Katherine’s pregnancy , which after the wedding adopted the title of Duchess , was accompanied by bets and sweepstakes around the world. The subjects of the kingdom and other fans of Kate argue about the sex of the child , bought souvenirs , associated with the future of the baby , and when it came time delivery , many Londoners were on duty with flowers and gifts at the gate of the hospital.

The heir was born July 22, 2013. A boy was born , whom his parents named Georg Louis Alexander. George was third in line for the British throne after his grandfather and father.

On May 2, 2015, Prince William and Kate Middleton became parents a second time. Duchess Catherine gave birth to a girl , which was named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

In 2017, there were rumors , that Kate is pregnant again. This time the couple did not languish for a long time and soon confirmed that they would become parents for the third time. On April 23, 2018, a son was born to William and Kate. The boy was named Louis Arthur Charles.


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