How to Install & Setup Plex on FireStick (Sep 2022) 


 September 2, 2022

Do you know about Plex app? Want to install Plex on FireStick? Are you unable to use FireStick to the fullest? It’s time to turn on the Plex app and start streaming your favorite movies and other stuff. We will help you setup Plex on FireStick as well.

Amazon Firestick is an excellent device to stream movies, TV shows, Amazon web series, and so on. Still, there is room for improvement as you can stream local video files on the device without a third-party application.

Luckily, the cord-cutting OT fans can use the Plex app to stream local video stuff. Plex offers pro-level compatibility with FireStick and lets you store all media files hassle-free.

However, installing the application sometimes create confusion for FireStick users.

Still confused about the real usage of Plex app? Don’t worry, read next section that will help you learn more about Plex.

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What is Plex

Plex is an online application that allows users to watch movies, TV shows, and other content anywhere. This helps generate the central server where you can easily store media files.

What sets this media server app apart from others is users can access Plex on devices of their choice. Plex is available for FireStick, mobiles, laptops, and computers. 

You can also store the TV shows and movies on the device to access them later. At the same time, you can access Plex on Telstra TV for unlimited stream content. 

There’s one more app that lets you watch TV content on FireStick called Peacock TV.

How to Create a Plex Account

It is crucial to create an account before going to use it on FireStick. So, here are the steps to create an account on Plex. 

1. Visit Official Website

First, visit the official website Plex.tv.com on your device. Now, select the Signup button to create the account. 

Click on Signup Button

2. Signup with ID

Users can sign up for their account either by using Gmail ID, Apple or Facebook ID. You can use your Email ID and password too.

Once you decide what ID you will be using, click on Create an Account button. Your account will be created in a minute.

Use an ID

Once you’ve created the account, you are ready to install Plex on FireStick. Plex is available for free and also as a premium. You can choose what suits you the most. 

How to Install Plex on FireStick

Plex App is officially available on Amazon App Store, so it will be easier for you to access it and download it.

Thus, here, we provide you a stepwise guide that allows you to install Plex on FireStick and use it very conveniently. 

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So, let’s look at and follow the instructions to install Plex on FireStick in the next 5 minutes. 

1. Visit the FireStick Homepage and click on Find tab that you will find on the middle of the home page.

Tap on Find Option

2. Once you click on Find tab, you have to select Search icon just below that.

Click on Search Option

3. Type Plex on the search bar. Choose Plex app once you find it in search results.

Search Plex

4. Next, you need to select Plex app card. Once it is open, click on Get/Download.

Click on Download Button

It takes a few seconds to download. Have patience! 

Click on Open button to access the app, and here you go! The Plex installation on FireStick is finished.

And that is how you can easily install Plex on FireStick. Now, you can input the login details with the Plex and go to the Home Screen to watch movies from the app menu.

To watch media content that you have stored somewhere else, you need to setup Plex on FireStick. Let’s move to that section and help you setup Plex on FireStick.

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How to Setup Plex on FireStick

Before you start accessing the app on your Fire Stick, you need to visit your App & Channels section.

Click on the Home Button to access the apps installed on the Fire Tv remote and click on Plex app. Once you have finished with these steps, follow the guide given below to setup Plex on FireStick.

1. Since you already created the account on Plex, you need to click on Sign in to run the app for the first time. You will find it on the extreme right-hand corner of the screen.

Click Sign In on Plex App

2. Now, you will see a code that appears on the screen.

3. Now, take your device, such as a mobile Pc, and visit the Plex Tv and manually type the code.

4. For this, you need to sign up with your Plex account on the device. After filling the code, click on Link button.

5. On your device, you will see the Account Link notification.

Plex Account Linked

6. Now, get back to the FireStick, and a screen will appear to you. Select Not Now if you want to use Plex app for free.

7. However, if you want to pay the Subscription amount, click on Subscribe and make the premium services payment.

Plex Subscription Screen

8. There will be a pop-up window where you see the following “Not Set Up a Server.” Please note that you also need to have it set up before you start accessing the app, so for this, click on Continue.

Click on Continue on Plex App

9. You will be directed to the home screen of Plex. However, you can also stream the content without syncing it into the Plex Server. 

That is how you can setup Plex on FireStick. However, to stream your personal media content from the local server where you have stored is need to be configured.

Check the below section to know how to setup Plex server.

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How to Setup Plex Server

Before setting up the Plex Server, keep in mind that Plex Server can only be set up on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

The server needs to be active on the computer with the help of an internet connection so that users can easily access the app on Fire Tv Stick. 

Here is the stepwise guide you need to follow to setup Plex server: 

1. Visit the Plex-server download website on the browser on the computer.

2. Choose your platform from the drop-down once you click on Plex Media Server.  Now, click on the Download button.

Click on Download Button

3. After that, select the file which is downloaded and run it. Then, follow the further instructions to install the Plex server on your device.

4. Now, click on Launch when the installation is complete.

5. Once you click on Launch button, you will be redirected to the browser. Sign in to the Plex account and select Got It button which appears on the bottom of the screen.

Click on Got It

6. Now, keep the relatable name of the Server and click on Next.

7. Now, there will be an option of Allow me click on it so that you can access media outside the home. The step is to ensure that server files can be accessible from external devices such as Fire Tv sticks. 

8. On the next screen, select the Add Library button and upload all the media on the server, and once you are done with the step, click on next.

Select Add Library and then Next

9. Last, click on Done and the server setup is completed. 

Your media library is ready and this is how you setup Plex server. Now, you can access Library that you have just created on FireStick using Plex app.

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Watch your Local Media Content using Plex

So, this is all about the Plex app installation and how the users can access the application to watch content.

Plex is designed intrinsically to allow users access to local streaming content. Besides that, it also gives you access to online and offline channels. 

Plex also allows the streaming of movies, live TV, and more content. 

Do you have local media content that you want to watch on big screen? Plex is just what you need, right? Would you install Plex on FireStick?

We hope our guide will not only help you to install Plex on FireStick but rather help you to setup Plex on FireStick as well. This article will also help you to setup Plex Media Server.

Do let us know if you find our guide helpful. Till then, happy streaming!


  1. Is Plex legal to install on FireStick?

    Yes, Plex is legal and safe to use on Fire Stick. However, it is recommended to use VPN to avoid any hassles of installation. 

  2. Can I download the movies after installing the Plex of FireStick?

    Yes, you can download the movies and store the data with the help of Plex to access later. 

  3. How much do I need to pay for the Plex app?

    Plex is a free app, so you don’t need to pay anything to access this app. However, it also comes with a premium version, so if you want to go with a premium, then pay $4.99 per month. 

  4. Is there any alternative to the Plex app?

    Yes, apps like Pluto TV and Vudu is the best alternative to the Plex app to install Firestick. 

  5. How to uninstall the Plex app from FireStick?

    If you don’t like the Plex app due to unintentional errors, you can uninstall it simply by going to the FireStick homepage.

    First, select the menu and go to the settings, and from here, select the application icon. From here, select the “Manage installed application” and click on uninstall the application.

    This way, you will be able to uninstall the application easily, and the app will be removed from the Fire Stick. 

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