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 January 19, 2020

Full name Penelope Cruz (Penelope Cruz)

Date of Birth

Place of Birth Madrid, Spain

Zodiac sign Taurus

Height 168 cm

Weight 49 kg



Penelope , or , as she is affectionately called in her homeland , Pe , was born into the family of a simple merchant and hairdresser. As a child, Penelope was very drawn to art , was fond of dancing and jazz. Due to her great love for ballet, the girl stopped studying at school and devoted herself completely to ballet. Penelope studied Spanish dances , ballet , jazz for 10 years . Having decided , that we should move on , Cruz went to New York , where she began to study at the school of acting at Christina Roth.

It should be noted , that all the children in the family Cruz were endowed with some talent. Her sister , Monica Cruz is now a dancer and actress , and brother Eduardo Cruz is a very famous musician and composer in Spain.

From the age of 15, the girl began acting in television shows and music videos.
In 1991, Penelope Cruz starred for the first time in the feature film “The Greek Maze”, where her debut took place. And already in 1992, Cruz played in the film  Era of Beauty”, this film immediately won many awards , including the Oscar in the nomination  Best Foreign Film of the Year”.

Actress Carreer

When Penelope starred in several diverse films , the famous Spanish director Pedro Almodovar invited her to shoot the film  Living Flesh”. It was this film and the film  Open Your Eyes” that brought the actress popularity. Already in 1998, Penelope Cruz became known not only to the citizens of her country , but also to American residents. This happened after , as the actress played in “The Hi-Lo Country”, as well as the British-Spanish film  Man with Rain in His Shoes”. In 1999, Penelope Cruz continued her work with director Pedro Almodovar , who provided her with a role in his film 

All about my mother. ” And the Cannes Film Festival in 1999 opened it Almodovar film , and he , as well , as the “Age of Beauty”, received  Oscar” in the category  Best Foreign Language Film of the Year.” After such a success, Penelope was in demand among many directors , she began to act with already famous Hollywood actors. Already in 2000, she was paired with Matt Damon in the movie  Wild at Heart” by Billy Bob Thornton . In the same year, she became the wife of Johnny Depp in Cocaine, as well as her beloved Nikolos Cage in Captain Corelli’s Choice. She also played with actors such as Tom Cruise ,

Salma Hayek. And with Tom Cruise, she even managed to start a romance , which lasted for three years , and began with the filming of the film  Vanilla Sky” and eventually flowed into real life outside the set , and almost got to the wedding.

In the following years, the filmography of the actress was replenished with more and more worthy works. She played in movies , like  Noel” ( 2004), “Bandidas” ( 2006), “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” ( 2008), “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” ( 2011), “To Rome with Love” ( 2012) .

Personal life Penelope Cruz

As soon as Penelope Cruz appeared in the frame with the next actor , rumors about their romance immediately crept. Cost her to star Matt Damon , as it is accused of , she fought off the bride from Winona Ryder. When she played with Nicolas Cage , she was called the main reason for the divorce of Cage and Patricia Arquette. Was on the same set with Tom Cruise , the actor immediately filed for divorce from Nicole Kidman.

The fact is , that with a man , whose relationship she allegedly destroyed , Cruz did not become to build the future. Especially hard for Cruz , when the start of their romance with Tom.

There was a case , when Penelope came into the store , and the most active female fans Cruise swarmed on all sides , asking suggestive questions of varying degrees. From “Does Tom Cruise kiss well?” To “What is Tom in bed?”. When desperate Pe understood , that no one will help her here , she ran out of the store , barely leaving his bag at the mercy of jealous fans.

He and Tom even planned to get married on February 14, 2003 , chose a wedding venue – the island of Malta , to get closer to friends and relatives , but the marriage did not take place. Penelope would be better off running to an uninhabited island , because she could not step to step , without meeting a reporter.

Fortunately , the situation has subsided over time. Tom Cruise married another , and with Penelope they still maintain friendly relations. Moreover , Penelope Cruz was among the first , who saw the daughter of Tom.

In the end, Penelope opted for the Spanish actor Javier Bardem. It was with him that the actress nevertheless reached this important step – marriage. Their wedding took place in early July this year. And again, the place was chosen exotic – Bahamas. On January 25, 2011, Penelope and Javier had a son, Leo.




“Roman Adventures”
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
“Sex and the City 2”
“All About My Mother”
“The dangers of love”


Oscar in the nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for the film Vicky Cristina Barcelo


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