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 July 9, 2020

Parveen Babi was born into a Muslim family and was a miserable child. For 14 long years, her parents, Vali Mohammad and Jamala Bakhta, prayed to Allah for a child. And finally, on April 4, 1949, he presented them with a baby.


Father, being a representative of a noble family, did not spare money for his girl. When the time came to go to first grade, she was sent to a Muslim, the best school. She was 10 years old when the beloved daddy took heaven. For the girl, this was the first serious stress from which she could not recover for a long time.

After school, Parveen babi entered St. Xavier’s College in Ahmedabad. In the fall of 1969, religious unrest began in the city – attacks on temples took place, blood was shed. The girl was saved by the court – the college nuns laid her with mattresses and secretly drove her out of the city.

Subsequently, Parveen babi repeatedly said that that fear of being caught and torn apart by the raging crowd remained with her for life. It is possible that it was precisely this very strong emotional shock that became for her psyche the very same time bomb.

Parveen Babi grew up a modern girl. Silky hair, full lips, short skirts and a bold look – she stood out against the background of peers clad in saris, bashfully lowering their eyes when meeting with men. She could not help but notice in a country where more films are made per capita than free drugs stand out.

She was invited to the cinema, and of course she agreed. When the film “Forced Circumstances” and “Shameless” were released, reporters rushed to dig up information about the actress Parveen Babi who played in them. And they found an emancipated girl – the effect was as if everyone on the street suddenly saw a pink elephant. Of course, the press began to pay her a lot of attention, and the girl quickly registered in the pages of newspapers and magazines.

The directors loved her, the scriptwriters specially wrote scripts for her – so, frame by frame, she turned into a Bollywood megastar. She starred in the same films with leading actors of the 70-80s Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor, Feroz Khan, Dharmendra, Manoj Kumar and others. The film “Forced Circumstances” with her participation became a classic, and the scene of her death in the final was named one of the strongest in Indian cinema.

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