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 January 19, 2020

Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton)

Date of Birth

Place of Birth New York, USA

Zodiac sign Aquarius

Height   175 cm

Weight 50 kg


Biography of Paris Hilton

The great-granddaughter of the founder of the Hilton hotel chain was born on February 17, 1981 in New York. According to the passport. But the record in the driver’s license and health insurance suggests , that the year of birth of Paris – 1978 th. In any case, she is an older sister. The youngest daughter in the Hilton family is Nicky , there are two more brothers.



For the first time, Paris appeared on the screens at the age of ten. She played the role of a girl on the beach in a low-budget film – “A Djinn Without a Bottle”

At 19, she signs a contract with modeling agency Donald Trump T Management and becomes a professional model. She works in New York , Los Angeles , London. In addition, she takes part in the movie Sweetie Pie. Well , 2003 can be considered the starting point in the career of Paris. Fox TV selects both Hilton sisters for the reality show – Simple Life.

Soon, Nicky is replaced by a bosom friend of Paris – Nicole Richie . In the story, two secular ladies part with their gold credit cards and go to a provincial town. They live under the same roof with a family of farmers and try to master agricultural labor.

At the same time, Paris begins to regularly play a movie. These are mainly supporting roles. The first rewards appear. For the role of Page Edwards in Wax House, Hilton received the Teen Choice Awards for Best Scream. In 2009, three awards were received – Golden Raspberry – for dubious achievements in the field of cinema.

In 2004, Paris is fond of musical creativity , and two years later her debut album is released. His sales were low , but Stars Are Blind ended up in the top ten hits in 17 countries. Currently, work on the second album is completed.

Despite the lack of great talent , Paris quickly gained worldwide fame. This contributes to its multi-million dollar inheritance , and many scandalous stories , which do not descend from the pages of the tabloids. Stormy social life , sex , drugs , drunk driving , first places in the charts of poorly dressed celebrities – everything is under the gun of the media , and everything becomes self-promotion.

Personal life

From 2002 to 2003, she was engaged to fashion model Jason Shaw. Then, for two years, she met singer Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys. In 2005, her engagement took place with the heir to the Greek shipowners, Paris Latsis.

He was succeeded by the wealthy heir Stavras Niarchos ( yes , the one from the Lindsay list), then rocker Benji Madden , after – showman Douglas Reinhart. Paris was engaged to the owner of a nightclub in Los Angeles, Say Waitsem , who could not stand the popularity of his bride.

In 2012, Paris began dating Spanish model River Viipari , who was succeeded by Josh Upshaw , also a model.

Total secular gossips counted Paris Hilton 45 ex-boyfriend , with whom the heiress associated engagement , holiday romance , affair or just a date ( and that’s just the guys , who have fallen into the lens of the paparazzi!).

Now 34-year-old Paris is again in the status of a bride: she is engaged to a Swiss businessman Hans Thomas Gross , from whom he dreams of having children.




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