Paint Splatter – Creative, Refreshing and Fun! 


 February 21, 2021

Who doesn’t like colors, especially when there’s a lot of them! Well, we certainly do! And what could be more fun than splattering colorful paints on your artbook, canvas, or wall? We’re talking about paint splatter!

What Is Paint Splatter?

Paint splatter is a creative art technique for making abstract art pieces. It is also known as Drip Painting or Action Painting.

Splatter painting is known to have positive, refreshing, and relieving effects on a person’s mind. It is, in fact, a stress-relieving, creative, and fun activity that lets one explore their creativity and artistic potential. Thoughtful and breathtaking abstract art pieces are produced by virtue of paint splatter art approaches. It brings about playful vibes your way!

How To Perform Paint Splatter Art?

The technique involves the utilization of brushes and different other tools to spread, throw, or splash different colors over a canvas, walls, or any desired surface instead of painting directly onto that surface.

Mostly, acrylic paints are used for this purpose owing to their cost-effectiveness and smooth handling. However, watercolors and gouache paint serve the purpose too. The additional benefit of this paint material is the impartment of a soft and smooth touch to the artwork. Latex paints, on the other hand, could also be used as these produce a unique paint splatter effect along with a stringy texture. Latex paints are costlier than other paints. After selecting the paint material, you need to make perfect paint to water ratio and you are ready to have fun!

Paint Splatter Tools and Techniques

As for the tools, a variety of differently sized brushes could be used. But to add details, you’ll need brushes with stuff control and other thin tools to have more control over your artwork. Household items like toothbrushes, straws, etc. are fun to use. You could craft paint splatters on any surface (canvas, paper, or wall).

Listed below are the fun splatter paint tools and techniques

Spread it with a Tooth Brush

Whether you want to create galaxies of stars or a sunset, the toothbrush technique is the right approach. Immerse the toothbrush in the prepared paint water solution, project it to your canvas, now use your fingers to flick the bristles to create paint splatters.

Brush Flick

This is similar to the toothbrush technique, but here you need to perform the flick technique with any of your brush. Keep the brush close to the canvas and run your fingers over the edge of the brush to impart short yet detailed splatters.

Use Your Hands!

The most fun way of splatter painting is by using fingers and hands. The flicking and flinging of paint from fingers create a range of detailed and broad splatters. It all depends on the projecting force and part of the hand being used. To project concentrate splatters, wrist action is appropriate whereas, to have a loose and broader splatter, you need to do a full arm swing.

Let the Paint Fall and Flow!

After projecting a definite amount of paint on Canvas, you need to move your canvas either vertically or rotate it in different directions to let the paint drip and create different abstracts. A hairdryer could also be used to produce explosive drips over a large magnitude.

Paint splattering doesn’t just sound fun, but it is actually enthralling! You’ll be amazed to see how simply splattering paint can produce such breathtaking artwork!

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