How to Install OLA TV on FireStick 


 November 11, 2022

Not sure how to install OLA TV on FireStick? Here is the complete guide on installation, its key features, installation procedure, and alternatives available. Keep on reading!

With more than 13,000 stations worldwide, Ola TV is a free live TV app. Ola TV has replaced the Relax TV app. Several cable TV channels are available through this well-known IPTV service for FireStick, including those from the US, Canada, UK, Brazil, India, and other nations. There are many other IPTV services available such as Live Net TV, SO Player, CyberFlix TV, etc. 

The most recent version of Ola TV has a variety of servers, so if one server happens to go down, backup servers are available to keep your streaming going. Let’s dive in to learn how to install OLA TV on FireStick. But before that, let’s learn a little more about OLA TV and its features. This will help you to decide whether the app is useful or not to install. Saves time and free up storage space as well on FireStick. 

What is OLA TV? 

Ola TV is a free live TV streaming service offering a wide selection of channels from across the globe. This app is also thought of as Relax TV’s substitute. You may watch live TV from the United Kingdom, the United States, the Middle East, the Philippines, Russia, and many other nations with Ola TV.

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Besides this, it has no limitations like most applications, so you can stream channels from wherever you want. Any geo-restricted video or channel may be unblocked without the need for a VPN. Additionally, Ola doesn’t demand that users register for an account or pay a membership fee because everything offered here is free. 

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Salient Features of OLA TV

These are some of the salient features of OLA TV that makes us fall for the app more and more. 

1. UI

Ola TV’s interface is certainly something to admire. You won’t encounter a problem when browsing since the interface is so slick and the user interface (UI) is so tidy. The software is well-designed and simple to use.

2. Free

I have used a few free live TV apps onFireStick, but this one is the best. There are numerous other free live TV applications available as well, but keep in mind that none of them can equal the quality of this one.

3. Countless Channels

OLA TV offers 13000+ channels from different countries. There are several channels in areas including entertainment, movies, news, kids, sports, cooking, etc.

You can also install Kodi and take advantage of numerous best Kodi addons that are available for FireStick. 

4. Streaming Quality

When using free streaming applications like Ola TV, quality is crucial. With Ola TV, you can always expect a 1080p stream, unlike the majority of free applications that offer very subpar streaming quality. If you facing any buffering problem on FireStick, you can solve that by following our guide. 

5. Extensive Library

Ola TV features many TV shows and films. You will also discover that if you enjoy old vintage movies. Additionally, they continue to add recently released movies to their content, upgrading it every other day.

Aren’t these features enough for you to install OLA TV on FireStick? I’m sure you want to. Let’s move to the next section that will help you to install OLA TV on FireStick easily. 

How to Install OLA TV on FireStick

Although Ola TV is free software, you should set up and utilize a VPN on your FireStick to avoid getting into any legal issues. You will also need to install Kshaw & Ludio Player after installing Ola TV on FireStick. But don’t worry; this guide has you completely covered. To install the new OLA TV version on FireStick, follow these steps:

1. Go to the home screen of FireStick and click on Settings icon that you will find on the middle bar menu. 

2. Select My Fire TV from the Settings menu. 

Select MyFire TV

3. Click on Developer Options to proceed further. 

Choose Developer Options

4. Now select App from Unknown Sources option. 

Turn on App from Unknown Sources

5. Once you click on that, a confirmation pop up will appear, select Turn On button. It will help you to download apps that are not being present in the Amazon App Store. 

Click on Turn On for Unknown Sources

6. Go back to the home page and click on Find. A drop-down will appear, click on the Search icon where you need to type Downloader. Once it is shown in the search results, click on that. 

Type Downloader and Click on it

7. Press Get/Download button and wait for some time to install the application. 

Click on Download for Downloader

8. Once downloading is completed, you need to click on Open to launch the application. 

click on open on downloader

9. Click on Allow when the downloader app opens. A message will be prompted on the screen. Click on OK to proceed further. 

10. By default Home tab will be opened along with the URL box on the screen. In this box, you need to type the URL OLATV.net followed by clicking on Go. 

Install OLA TV on FireStick

11. Scroll down to select the button Download Now. Wait for some time or until finished with downloading. 

12. Once the downloading process is complete, you need to click on Install to proceed further.

Install OLA TV on FireStick

13. Click on Done when the installation is complete. A message will be prompted on your screen to delete the APK file which is of no use anyways. You need to click on Delete. Click on delete again if you get a confirmation pop-up on the screen. 

Click on Delete on Downloader

14. Go back to the menu on the home screen and click on the Apps icon. From here, you have to select the OLA TV. 

That is it, this is how you can install  OLA TV on FireStick. When you launch the app, you will see something like the image show below, you need to click on any option/number.

Install OLA TV on FireStick


A message appears on your screen with a dialogue box. You must click the Direct Download for Android TV/FireStick option. This will help you to install Ludio Player on FireStick that is needed for the OLA TV app to work. 

Install OLA TV on FireStick

You need to wait unless the Ludio Player downloading is finished. Click on Install once it has downloaded the Ludio Player. Finish the process by clicking on Done. 

Install OLA TV on FireStick

You will see the OLA TV interface and select the number/option again from the list. Tap on the Direct Download for Android TV/FireStick, this will help you to install the KShaw player. Again select install and click on done. 

That’s it, your OLA TV app is not ready to use. The next section will help you learn using OLA TV on FireStick. Have a look! 

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How to Use OLA TV on FireStick?

Let’s now look into Ola TV’s FireStick functionality. Go to the Apps & Channels menu, and then select Ola TV. Using the FireStick remote, you must now hit the option key. Then select the Move button.

You may now see the Ola TV symbol on the main screen of your FireStick. Start the application now. The program might ask you to provide some permission when you initially run it. Therefore, choose Allow.

If you already downloaded and installed Ludio player, it will identify that and not show you this message. However, if the notification still appears even after installing the above media player, you need to install it. 

Open OLA TV app and click on any number. After that, you need to choose the category or channel. Once you click on that, it will start streaming the the content.  

Ola TV offers international networks. You only need to choose the genre and the nation, and it will then display all of the channels that are accessible in that category and some on-demand movies in that category. Nearly all major American networks, including ABC, AMC, AMC, Fox News, Hallmark Channel, The Weather Channel, etc., are available on Ola.

If you need to look for anything, you may do it quickly by utilizing the app’s built-in search function.

What are the Alternatives to OLA TV?

There is no guarantee that Ola TV will survive longer; however, we can hope it will since Relax TV was among the most popular discontinued apps. But even if it doesn’t, the following are some Ola TV options you should be aware of:

  1. SMART IPTV on FireStick

2. Rokkr App on FireStick

3. Live Net TV on FireStick

4. Rapid Streamz on FireStick

How to Update OLA TV App? 

The iteration of Ola that we discussed in this post is the most recent; however, the earlier version will stop functioning when the app releases a newer version. Therefore, understanding how to upgrade the Ola TV APK on your FireStick is crucial.

Every time a new version of our content is released, you need to update it. You may save this article as a favorite for later use. You may update the app for free; after doing so, you’ll get the newest features and some fresh material.

1. You must first remove the existing OLA TV APK from the FireStick. Go to Settings >> Applications >> Manage installed Applications on your FireStick to accomplish that. Choose OLA TV >> Uninstall.

2. Open the Downloader app. Type the URL that we have supplied above. Once you’ve entered the URL, click on Go.

3. Hold off until the download is complete.

4. Once the download is complete, install the program and follow the steps that we have mentioned above. This will update your OLA TV app and you can continue using it as previously. 

Watch your Favorite Content on OLA TV!

This is all about setting up and using OLA TV on FireStick. In this tutorial, we went into great depth about everything. In our view, using Ola TV instead of any other applications is strongly advised.

Ola TV offers a wide selection of channels from nations such as the USA, the UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, and others. The app is also available for free download and use. The stream’s quality is likewise excellent. Using this software to watch free Television stations on a FireStick device is a terrific decision.

If you face any difficulty while installing the program, you can let us know in the comments section below. We will help you in the best way we can. Till then, happy streaming! 

Is it legal to stream via Ola TV?

Sincerely, using a streaming app without the appropriate authorization or license is illegal. We advise using approved applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.

Is it safe to use OLA TV on FireStick?

You can watch OLA TV on FireStick without any worries. We’ve used this software for the past six months, and we assure you that haven’t encountered any problems. To be safe, we advise you to permanently install a VPN when using any software, including OLA.

OLA TV is buffering but not streaming the content? What is the solution.

If you are experiencing buffering problems with OLA TV, we advise you to check your internet access speed. Links will inevitably delay if your internet connection is slow. Try to clear all the cache on the FireStick device instead, and if it doesn’t work, see whether the internet connection speed is the cause. Check this article as well to fix problems related to buffering.

Why is OLA TV not working on my device?

OLA TV was functioning reasonably well and is still functioning. We don’t now notice any problems; however, this app could not function as expected in the future, as we have seen with other apps. However, it is presently functioning rather well; if you encounter any errors, try upgrading the application or clearing the Ola TV Cache data.

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