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 July 1, 2020


Nurlan Saburov is a young Kazakh comedian. In his student years, he played in KVN, but gained wide popularity, becoming a resident of the Stand Up project on the TNT channel.

The charismatic comedian jokes a lot about his nationality and family, delighting listeners with an unexpected point of view on completely ordinary things.


Nurlan was born in the small town of Stepnogorsk, in the north of Kazakhstan. According to him, all family members, including grandparents, were amazing pranksters and pranksters. The atmosphere of humor and fun constantly reigned in the house, which little Nurlan absorbed.

He liked to make people laugh and speak in public from young nails. At school, he constantly played classmates, getting from his sense of humor and teachers. Nurlan studied well, at leisure he went in for sports – he devoted eight years to boxing. In high school he became interested in playing in KVN, played for the school team and even participated in the Higher Kazakhstan League. After secondary education, Nurlan moved to Yekaterinburg, where he entered the Faculty of Physical Culture, Sports and Youth Policy of the Ural Federal University. As a student, he continued to play in KVN, speaking for the university team.


In Yekaterinburg, the budding comedian had new friends who suggested he try himself in a new humorous genre – stand-up. Then he did not even suspect that in the future this occupation would become a matter of his whole life.

In the meantime, a young student needed money. Saburov started a family early, and in order to earn a living, he led weddings and corporate parties in a duet with Yekaterinburger Nikolai Tesenko. Seriously carried away by the stand-up, the novice comedian began to write monologues and perform with them at improvisational concerts in Yekaterinburg. At one of these events, he was noticed by the comedian Dmitry Romanov , already held at that time – he was the headliner, and Nurlan was at his “opening act”.


Nurlan’s jokes made an impression on Romanov, and he advised the young stand-up man to send recordings of his speeches to the editors of the Stand Up show and apply for participation in the Open Microphone section.

After graduating from university and receiving a diploma in “Organization of work with youth”, Nurlan moved to Moscow, where he actively performs with his original numbers on the TNT channel, and also conducts successful touring activities.


He met his future wife Diana Nurlan in Yekaterinburg when they were both students. They met for a long time, until the girl became pregnant.

Lovers played a wedding; soon little Madina was born. So Nurlan, while still a university student, became a young father – he learned about the birth of a baby, sitting on a pair. He often talks about this time in his speeches, and rarely when he does not mention his beloved wife and daughter in monologues, as well as the pug, which the family started soon after the birth of her daughter

After graduating from university in 2014, Saburov moved his family from Yekaterinburg to Moscow, where they now live.

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