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 May 19, 2020


Having played “second roles” Nina Dobrev once woke up famous, by her own admission, simply because she was lucky. The popularity and millions of followers on Instagram came to the girl with the role of “two in one” – “crazy bitch Catherine and cute Elena.”

Childhood and youth

Nina was born on January 9, 1988 in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia. Her mother, a representative of the creative profession, is engaged in the visual arts, and the head of the family is a programmer. The actress claims that from her mother she got a love of art, and from her father – practicality and determination. Nina is not the only child in the family. She was brought up with her older brother Alexander, who was educated as an engineer.

In 1990, Nina moved with her parents to Canada. The family settled in Toronto. The girl spent most of her life in this country, thanks to which, in addition to Bulgarian, she perfectly mastered English and French.

As a child, Dobrev studied at the JB Tyrrell school. In the educational institution, the girl woke up interest in dancing, ballet, music, drawing, but most of all Nina was attracted by acting and rhythmic gymnastics.

Parents, seeing their daughter’s craving for creativity, transferred her to Wexford Arts School. There, Nina gets the opportunity to try her hand in different directions, but eventually understands that an acting career is something to stop at.


From a young age, Nina Dobrev attended castings, “just got on the bus and went to audition, and relatives were a support in any endeavor.” An interesting oriental appearance, a good figure, photogenicity do not go unnoticed by producers and directors of commercials.

In 2006, Nina gets her first serious job. The actress was approved for the role of 14-year-old single mother Mia Jones in the popular TV series Degrassi, which has been broadcast on television in Canada and America since 1979. The project for the actress becomes a launching pad in the world of show business, cooperation with which lasted until 2009. Nina starred in 53 episodes of this serial film.

After Degrassi, Dobrev gained fame in Canada and the United States. The girl began to be more willing to invite to various television projects. In 2006, the actress signs a contract to participate in the dramatic film “Far from Her.” The actress played only in a dozen episodes, and the work got to international competitions, where she was praised by critics.

For Nina, the year 2007 was fruitful for the role. The young actress appeared in the films “How She Moves”, “Love on the Front Line”, “Too Young for Marriage”, “Shards”.

In 2008, Dobrev was approved for the role in the musical American Alley, then she participated in the projects Mookies Law and Werewolf Hunt. After the actress is involved in the film “Chloe”, the voiceover of the cartoon “Christmas Madagascar.”

At the beginning of 2009, Nina received her first major role in the series “The Vampire Diaries”, which subsequently brought her worldwide fame.

In addition to working in The Vampire Diaries, in between filming from 2011 to 2015, Nina Dobrev played in the thriller Roommate with Francis Fisher and Billy Zane , in the action movie Arena with Samuel L. Jackson . The melodrama “It’s Good to be Quiet” featuring Dobrev, Emma Watson and Dylan McDermott is included in the top ten best films of 2012 by the National Council of Film Critics and was awarded the Independent Spirit award.

In 2014, Nina migrated to the 2nd season of the “Diaries” spin-off – the series “The Original” (“Ancient”), the plot of which revolved around a number of heroes from the main film. Although Dobrev got the role of a defenseless waitress in the comedy Type of Cops, she appeared as the first beauty of the film, to which the heroes of Damon Wayans Jr. and Jake Johnson rush to the rescue .

In March 2015, Nina Dobrev left the Vampire Diaries project. The reasons for the departure of the actress from the series are related to the relationship of the actress with the film partner Ian Somerhalder, however, the girl claimed that she dreamed of larger and more serious projects.

These, apparently, were the comedy horror film “The Last Girls” with Taissa Farmigoy , the adventure film “Especially Dangerous”, in which the main roles were played by Jessica Alba , Haley Steinfeld and Sophie Turner .

Personal life

In 2007, on the set of Degrassi, Nina met actor Daniel Clark. Young people met for 2 years, and in 2009 announced a breakup. The reasons why the couple broke up are unknown, but, judging by Clark’s interview, Nina initiated the breakup.

Perhaps the reason for this is a new hobby Dobrev – Ian Somerhalder, who for several months showed his colleague signs of attention. Young people did not advertise the relationship, and only in 2011 the couple publicly announced their feelings for each other.



  • 2007 – “Love on the Front Line”
  • 2008 – “Werewolf Hunt”
  • 2009 – Chloe
  • 2009-2015 – The Vampire Diaries
  • 2011 – Roommate
  • 2014 – The Firstborn
  • 2014 – “Type of cops”
  • 2015 – Last Girls
  • 2017 – “Three X’s: World Domination”
  • 2017 – Komatozniki
  • 2018 – Family
  • 2018 – Dog Days

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