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 August 20, 2020

Nicki Minaj Biography

Curvy shapes, bright wigs, enchanting outfits – Nicki Minaj never ceases to amaze fans. She is a singer, songwriter and actress. The celebrity’s creative biography includes studio albums, mixtapes, joint discs, dozens of singles and fifty video clips of other pop stars, in which Minaj starred as a guest star. Nicky managed to become the richest woman rapper, but this was not always the case.

Nicki Minaj  Childhood and youth

Onika Tanya Maraj (real name of the singer) was born on December 8, 1982 in the suburbs of Port of Spain, the capital of the island state in the Caribbean. Father is half African, half Indian, mother is Malaysian. Nicky tries not to remember his childhood, because there was little pleasant in it: the girl’s father is a complete alcoholic and drug addict. In a drunken stupor, he often beat his wife, and once set fire to his own house. Nicky and her mother miraculously survived.

The family lived in poverty, they could not save money to move to America. Niki Minaj lived with her grandmother for several years. When the girl was 5 years old, her mother took her and fled from a domestic despot in Queens.

The girl was painfully worried about the move and was looking for salvation in music. At school, Niki became interested in the clarinet, then began to develop vocal abilities. The girl painted, participated in school performances, but always dreamed of a big stage. As a teenager, Minaj began listening to rap – this musical direction determined her future destiny.


Nicki Minaj’s debut work was the mixtape “Playtime Is Over”, which was released in 2007. In 2008-2009, she released several more demos, which the public did not notice. Rapper Lil Wayne liked her work , and the musician ventured to sign a contract with the young performer.

Soon Nicki Minaj’s first album “Pink Friday” was released, after which she woke up famous. The single “Your Love” became a hit. Next, the girl presented another single “Right Thru Me”: a music video for it revealed her as a talented dramatic actress.

At first, Minaj exploited the image of the Japanese geisha, but when it began to crumble, she changed her role. In her third video, “Moment For Life,” she is portrayed as “the cinderella of hip-hop.”

From that moment on, Niki began to regularly record music videos for her songs. The artist’s appearance, scandalous twerk choreography, multi-colored hair and an emphatically sexy figure bring deafening popularity to the music video. In total, 4 Minaj videos were released in 2010. In the future, the singer will present up to 10 videos a year.

The track “Super Bass” became the most successful of the singer’s career. He immediately broke into the TOP-10 and held on to the top for a long time. This explosive hit racked up 760 million views on YouTube.

Throughout the year, Minaj presented new songs from the upcoming album, but all the new ones failed – the compositions did not hit the charts, critics spoke negatively about them. The failure forced the singer to postpone the release date of the new album, diluting it with compositions of neutral content: a large amount of negativity in the tracks was disapproved of even by Nika’s most devoted fans. The conceived succeeded – the compositions from this album sounded at all discos.

n May 2014, the singer recorded the first track on her upcoming new album, “Pills N Potions”, and in August, Minaj released her second single, “Anaconda”. “Anaconda” reached number two on the US national charts and became an undisputed hit. In December 2014, Niki presented the album “The Pinkprint”. At the same time, she got into the cast of the comedy “The Other Woman”, where the main characters were represented by Cameron Diaz , Leslie Mann and Kate Upton . The singer played the role of Lydia’s secretary.

In 2015, Nicky recorded the track “Hey Mama”. The composition became a world hit, the refrain of the song “Hey Mom” ​​did not leave the radio frequencies, and the track confidently took high positions in the music tops.

In 2016, Nicki Minaj recorded the track “Side To Side” in support of Ariana Grande ‘s studio album “Dangerous Woman”. The composition became the third song in support of the colleague’s album.

In the same year, Niki Minaj again acted as an actress and played in the film “Barber-3”

In early 2017, Minaj presented the song and video “No frauds”. Together with Nicky, the song was performed by Drake and Lil Wayne. In the spring of 2017, the singer released a music video for the track of the same name “Swalla”, recorded together with Jason Derulo .

Also in 2017, the singer recorded the singles “Kissing Strangers”, “Run Up” and “Make Love”, released without an album. The compositions were created in collaboration with other musicians.

Today Nicki Minaj is a rap singer whose singles are released in millions of copies. She is known all over the world, world stars want to perform with her as a duet.

Personal life

Almost nothing is known about the personal life of the popular rapper. Journalists and paparazzi never managed to unearth anything interesting, and fans and spiteful critics, analyzing her texts, came to the conclusion that Minaj is bisexual.

In April 2015, Nicki Minaj announced to fans that she was engaged to rapper Mick Mill . The singer took a picture of the ring presented to her and posted the photo on Instagram

Nicky loves tattoos. On her left hand hieroglyphs are engraved, which decipher as “God is always with you.”

The artist’s bright style attracts fans to her page on Instagram. Fans admire the figure of the singer in open dresses, which Minaj prefers, and follow the change in the image of the celebrity: she dyes her hair pink, light green and other colors.

Nicky’s voluminous forms give the ill-wishers a reason to assert that the singer did plastic surgery on the buttocks. According to the press, at the beginning of her career, Minaj went through plastic surgery, before and after which her figure was radically different. The singer denies rumors about plastic and refers to heredity in this matter.

Nicki Minaj now

In August 2018, Minaj’s 4th studio album was released, which was named Queen. Its release was preceded by the premiere of the singles “Chun-Li”, “Barbie Tingz”, as well as “Rich Sex” with the participation of Lil Wayne and “Bed” in a duet with Ariana Grande. The disc started from the second position of the Billboard 200 chart, but in terms of the number of copies sold it became the worst among the artist’s records.


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