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 August 7, 2020

Natalie Emmanuel Biography

Actress Natalie Emmanuelle became world famous for her role as Missandei in the TV series Game of Thrones . The beautiful translator with a bright exotic appearance immediately fell in love with fans of the fantastic saga. However, not all viewers know that the creative biography of Natalie Emmanuel is much richer than one, albeit memorable, role.

Natalie Emmanuel Childhood and youth

Natalie was born on March 2, 1989 in the English county of Essex, in the town of Southend-on-Sea. The full name of the actress is Natalie Joanna Emmanuel. In the pedigree of the girl’s mother, many bloods are mixed: the woman’s relatives lived in England, Spain and Dominica (a small island state in the Caribbean). Father’s roots are half from England, half from Saint Lucia. Such a diverse cocktail of genes gave Natalie an exotic appearance, which is hard not to pay attention to.

Natalie Emmanuel is not the only child in the family: the girl has an older sister, Louise, although she is a half-sister. With Louise, the actress has developed a close and truly warm relationship, which Natalie, by her own admission, values ​​very much. When the future star was three years old, her parents sent the girl to St. Hilda’s School, and later, at the age of 12, Natalie began to attend Westcliff High School for girls. Studying was given to the girl with difficulty: at first Natalie cried every day, not wanting to go to class.

Then, wanting to make the baby pleasant and distract from thoughts about school, the parents enrolled their daughter in a vocal studio. The loud-voiced Natalie liked the singing lessons, and after a while the girl also began to study choreography and acting. Such a diverse creative development has borne fruit: already at the age of 10, Natalie Emmanuel first appeared on the stage of the West End Theater, where the musical “The Lion King” was staged. The girl got the role of the lioness Nala.

After graduating from school, Natalie got a job at a bank. It seemed that childhood dreams of stage and fame were no longer destined to come true. However, fate decreed otherwise: Natalie was cast by one of the advertising agencies and got a role in the advertisement of the mobile operator Vodafone. The bright and talented beauty was noticed, Natalie began to receive other proposals. Later, the aspiring actress starred in commercials for McDonalds and British Airways.


The first serious film work Natalie Emmanuel – a role in the TV series “Hollyox”. The heroine of the actress is a drug addict girl named Sasha Valentine. The next year, 2007, added to the filmography of Natalie Emmanuelle roles in the TV series “Catastrophe” and “Dregs”

2015 pleased the fans of the actress with the role of hacker Ramsay in the movie Fast and Furious. Initially, this character was presented to the creators of the picture as a weird nerd guy, but Natalie’s non-standard appearance and a sparkling sense of humor outweighed all the arguments, and the role went to the young actress.

In the same year, the girl played in the movie “The Maze Runner: Trial by Fire.” Natalie Emmanuelle got the difficult role of Harriet, the leader of the so-called Group B, whose task is to create a cure for the outbreak. The actress’s partners on the set were stars Catherine McNamara , Dylan O’Brian and Thomas Sangster . However, these roles of Natalie Emmanuel turned out to be preparation for a more serious film work.

TV series “Game of Thrones”

The actress’s finest hour was an invitation to shoot “Game of Thrones” – a series that has been gathering the whole world for several years. This fantastic saga is notable for its unpredictability of the plot, as well as an abundance of erotically explicit and frankly violent scenes. Here Natalie Emmanuelle played the role of Missandei, a slave girl who first became an assistant and translator, and then the main confidante of Daenerys Targaryen (played by Emilia Clarke ).

For the first time, Natalie will appear in the third season of the series, and by the seventh season she will become not just one of the central characters, but also a favorite of the audience. Her role in Game of Thrones

In addition, the sudden collapse of popularity gave Natalie a place in the 100 sexiest women of 2013 and 2015 according to FHM magazine, as well as invitations to a photo shoot in InStyle and GQ magazines. However, the actress was unhappy with the published photos. Natalie Emmanuel admitted in an interview:

Personal life

Despite the fact that the constant shooting, it would seem, should have taught the actress to the idea that her whole life is in full view of the audience, there are moments that the girl prefers not to advertise. The personal life of Natalie Emmanuel remains largely a secret for both journalists and loyal fans of the actress. One can only guess who is the happy chosen one of a slender beauty (Natalie Emmanuel’s height is 170 cm, and her weight is 61 kg).

It is known that the girl devoted several years to a relationship with actor Devon Anderson, but neither the details of this relationship, nor the reasons for the breakup have become public.

The press often credits Natalie Emmanuel with an affair with Jacob Anderson , who played the role of the Gray Worm in Game of Thrones. Indeed, on Instagram there are many joint photographs of young people. However, apparently, the romantic relationship between the actors is exclusively on the screen.

Natalie EmmanuelleLatest

Natalie Emmanuelle is now absorbed in the filming of Game of Thrones. Season 7, just released on the screens, prepares many surprises for the fans of the series. The actors are preparing for the upcoming filming of the final season of the popular fantasy saga, which will reveal the remaining secrets and tell the world the fate of the iron throne. It is known that the actress starred in the fantastic film “Titan”, agreeing to a supporting role. The premiere of the film is scheduled for October 2017.

In addition to work, Nathalie Emmanuel’s life also has a place for hobbies: the girl independently developed a collection of fashionable clothes Nathalie Emmanuel Seduction, and also released a women’s perfume With Love from Nathalie. The girl, by her own admission, devotes her free time to communicating with loved ones, as well as her beloved dog named Spinny.

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