Most Popular Cartoon Dogs of All Times 


 February 21, 2021

Some of you might be afraid of animals, specifically dogs but it’s almost impossible that cartoon dog characters haven’t caught your attention. The animated dogs in cartoon series are most often shown as lovely, cute, and adorable creatures.

This article aims to recall and discuss the most popular cartoon dogs of all time. Continue reading ahead to see if your favorite character is on the list too.


Scooby-Doo from “Scooby-Doo, Where are you!” is the ultimate legend that every 90’s kid remembers. The dog is part of a gang, which is always on its quest to resolve mysteries. All the gang members i.e. Fred, Velma, Shaggy, and Daphne, love Scooby a lot, but Shaggy is his best friend. Scooby is shown running from ghosts but ends up chasing them. Many times, he helps the gang members in solving cases, but deep down he’s afraid of vampires and ghosts.


Who doesn’t remember Snoopy, the lovely white dog from the comic strip Peanut? Snoopy is shown as an intelligent dog who stays quiet most of the time but is treated well by other characters of the series. The iconic cartoon dog is invited to partake in the baseball team, he flies an airplane and is an amazing pilot as well.


The pet dog from a famous Disney cartoon series, Mickey Mouse, Pluto needs no introduction. He is both a pet and a friend of Mickey Mouse. Due to the popularity of the series, Pluto has been in the limelight for many decades. He is loyal, cute, and can win the hearts of other cartoon characters. He is shown to be super-friendly who gets along really well with others.


The most popular Disney character who’s shown as a closer friend of both Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck is Goofy. It’s hard not to remember him. He is known for his clumsiness. Besides, the dog also possesses several human attributes. He’s shown dressed up in signature blue trousers and orange polo neck like humans.


Featured in Garfield comics, the dog is shown as both a competitor and a friend to the comic’s lead cartoon dog “Garfield”. Oldie is a simple, fluffy, and innocent dog. He’s friendly with Garfield but Garfield often envies him as his owner adopted Odie. Though he’s shown stupid but he often outsmarts Garfield. He’s never heard talking but only in some scenes, he’s shown yelling wordlessly at Garfield.

Droopy McPoodle

Created by Tex Avery, the white lazy cartoon dog has been featured in the world-famous cartoon series “Tom and Jerry” and other MGM Cartoons. He’s shown to be a slow and lazy dog but his wittiness makes him outsmart his enemies. He’s a serious dog who impresses his audience by his intelligence. By nature, he’s quiet but posses a smart sense of humor.

Brain Griffin

Brain Grain is a relatively new cartoon dog in the animated dogs’ family. He’s an ideal companion of Peter Griffin and has a vital position in the Griffin family. He is the most awesome cartoon dog who has a lavish lifestyle. From driving a car to having credit cards, he does it all.

The cartoon dogs listed above have given us a childhood that we will remember all our lives. So, was your favorite one on the list?

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