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 August 30, 2020

Minka Kelly Biography

The filmography of the American actress Minka Kelly has dozens of works, including feature films and popular TV series. She is not included in the number of TV stars of the first magnitude, but her beauty and talent have provided the artist with the love of fans who follow her work and expect to appear in new projects.


Date of Birth June 24, 1980 Cancer
Age 40 years
Place of BirthmLos Angeles, USA
Height  165

Minka Kelly Childhood and youth

In search of fame, Minka Kelly did not have to travel a long way – the girl was born in 1980 in the center of the film industry – Los Angeles. Her relatives were involved in show business, for example, her father Rick Dufey was the guitarist for the rock band Aerosmith . However, the man left the family, and Maureen’s mother raised Minka alone

It was a difficult time when a woman constantly had to change jobs to make ends meet. Spectacular appearance with “legs from ears” opened different roads for her, but she chose a career as a dancer in Las Vegas, and then worked as a stripper in nightclubs. Minka says that the relationship with Maureen has always been difficult, but in 2008, when her mother was dying of cancer, the actress spent the most difficult days with her, letting go of all childhood grievances.

Minka Kelly  school years were spent mainly in Chicago, but she graduated from school in New Mexico, from where she moved to Los Angeles as soon as she received her diploma. Here, the girl submitted a portfolio to a modeling agency and attended auditions, but, not relying entirely on luck, she simultaneously received a medical degree, striving to become a surgeon’s assistant. To pay tuition fees, Minka Kelly  had to work as a cleaner.


The career of the  Minka Kelly artist began with small episodes in shows and films, the first significant work was the character of Lila Garrity in the NBC sports drama “Friday Night Lights”. The youth series, where the girl played the first beauty of the school and the leader of the support team, did not turn out to be a commercial “bomb”, but earned the audience’s love for its striking characters and a true description of the life of “one-story America”.Minka Kelly 

In 2011, Minka Kelly landed the lead role in the thriller Roommate, which grossed a multimillion dollar box office. Then came the detective “The Search for Sonny”, where Minka Kelly also appears in the foreground. She has appeared in “500 Days of Summer”, “Charlie’s Angels” and “Almost a Man”, participating in several projects every year.

Personal life

Minka Kelly personal life According to Whosdatedwho.com, Minka is rarely alone. Men are constantly present in the artist’s personal life, and actors Taylor Kitsch and Sean Penn were among her chosen ones . Kelly’s longest relationship was with New York Yankees baseball player Derek Jeter, with whom the actress dated for 3 years. After 2011, the couple broke up despite rumors of their engagement gathering steam.

Since 2012, the actress began to appear in public with her colleague Chris Evans , whom she had known for many years. They even managed to flirt a little with each other in 2007, but then this relationship did not go far. Now the couple was happy and determined, but by 2014 it became clear that nothing would come of it.

In 2017, Minka Kelly boyfriend was actor Jesse Williams , famous for his role as Dr. Jackson Avery in the popular TV series Grey’s Anatomy . But this novel did not stand the test of time, and now Kelly enjoys solitude in the company of her beloved dog Freddie. The woman loves to cook, and baking is a favorite hobby. The artist even graduated from a culinary school in 2015. “Dangerous” hobby does not affect a beautiful figure – Minka Kelly  height is  165 cm, it weighs 56 kg.


Minka Kelly now

Minka Kelly  continues her career as a model and actress, starring in films and TV series. The project, where Minka Kelly  has been involved for more than one year, is a fantastic superhero action movie “Titans” based on DC comics.

Here, the American plays a character called Dove (Don Granger) and fights evil with the assistance of her boyfriend Hawk. In the fall of 2019, season 2 of the show began showing on the DC Universe streaming service.

Minka Kelly uploads a photo from the shooting to her Instagram account , where hundreds of thousands of subscribers follow the latest facts of her biography. There is also footage from the scene of the comedy project “Drunken Story”, where in 2019 Minka played the role of Florence Nightingale .

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