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 July 18, 2019

Michael Jordan Bio


Michael Jeffrey Jordan is an American basketball player and model; he was born on February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York. During his career, an athlete five times was recognized as the most useful player in the National Basketball Association, six times became a champion. In 2009, he was in the Hall of Fame, and Michael was elected the best basketball player on the planet. He is a two-time Olympic champion and legend in his sport.

Sports childhood

In early childhood, Michael even dreamed about basketball fame. All his relatives were not tall, no one achieved success in sports. But the parents of the boy and his four brothers and sisters met after a basketball game. Dolores and James moved to North Carolina shortly after the birth of their son. There, his father began working for General Electric, and his mother received a position in one of the local bank branches.

Michael was not always hard at work. At school, he could have become an excellent mathematician, but he preferred to study in three and ignore his homework. While his brothers and sisters helped their parents around the house, the boy avoided work in every way. Teachers complained about him because of the breakdown of lessons and bad discipline.

In adolescence, the future champion became interested in baseball. He constantly played with his father in the backyard, and at the age of 12 he reached the Junior League Championship final with his team. Later, the athlete recognized the state champion and the most valuable player.

Quite unexpectedly for all the young man became interested in basketball. His older brother Larry chose this sport; perhaps it was he who inspired Jordan by his example. The father set up a playground in the yard for the sons so that they could train. Due to his small stature (175 cm), fifteen-year-old Michael had to sharpen his jumps for a long time, and at first school trainers simply ignored him. This angered the guy, so he worked several times more than the other players. In each match, he received 24 points.

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In parallel, the young man engaged in athletics, American football and baseball. By grade 11, he managed to grow and build muscle. As a result, Michael became a member of the team, in which his brother was already numbered 45. The athlete chose his number 23, citing the fact that he wanted to play at least half as good as Larry.


Studying at the University

Thanks to the sporting achievements of Jordan, representatives of the most prestigious educational institutions of America noticed. He received several offers, in the end the young man chose the University of North Carolina. In 1981, he became a student, while at the same time he joined the Tar Hills university team. His coach was Dean Smith, who had repeatedly won the student championships.

At first, Michael felt uncomfortable as an attacking defender, but eventually he began to like a new role. Already in the second year he became the best newcomer and was able to lead his team to victory in the championship. For three seasons, the basketball player managed to show the best results in the Pan American games, get the Naismith Award and enter the national team “Chicago Bulls.” In its composition, he went to the Olympic Games, where the team won another victory.

In 1984, Jordan fulfilled his dream – he became a NBA player. In the same year, he signed a contract with Nike for $ 2.5 million. Especially for the basketball player were developed Air Jordan sneakers. For all this, the student dropped out of school during his last year. In 1988, he was recognized as the most valuable player of the association, and in 1991 the team won the championship in the final championship.


Tragedy and ending career

For several years, Michael managed to get a lot of sports awards, to win primacy in many competitions. In 1992, he joined the Dream Team, with company champions being Larry Bird, Scotty Pippen, Karl Malone and Charles Barkley.
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Together with the national team, he participated in the 1993 Olympics, held in Barcelona. But in the same year there was a terrible tragedy – unknown persons shot Jordan’s father. In memory of James, his son decided to leave basketball, devoting himself to baseball. He simply did not have the strength and desire to engage in his favorite sport. But baseball did not become an outlet, so two years later the athlete returned to the team.

In January 1999, Michael decided to leave basketball again. This time he returned a year later, but in the role of manager and co-owner of the Washington Wizards club. Since September 2001, he took to the field as part of this team. A basketball player donated all the money to people who suffered as a result of the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001. Eight years after the terrible event, the basketball player got into the Hall of Fame. After that, he decided to finally quit his career, as he had already achieved everything he wanted.

Later, Jordan became interested in golf and motor sports, but did not strive to achieve serious success in these sports. Most often he participated in charity competitions, and in 2004 became the owner of the team “Michael Jordan Motorsports”. Also, the athlete has repeatedly appeared in commercials, worked as a model, and even appeared in one of Michael Jackson’s Jam clips. In 1996 he played himself in the Cosmic Jam tape.



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