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 October 14, 2019

Maria Valverde is a Spanish actress born in Madrid. Full name is Maria Valverde Rodriguez. Maria grew up in a very creative family, where almost all relatives were related to art – Mary’s father was an artist, her mother was a sculptor by profession, and grandfather was a theater director.

Date of birth: March 24, 1987

Birth Name: María Valverde Rodríguez

Place of birth: Madrid, Spain

Childhood Maria Valverde

Maria is the only child in the family; she spent her childhood in the Karabanchel area with her parents and a golden retriever named Rufus. She often spent time behind the scenes of a theater led by her grandfather.

In school years, the girl was an ardent fan of hip-hop and funky music, listened to Nelly Furtado and the group Nirvana. She claims that she was always a little rebel by nature – she performed at improvised performances in the city of Guadalajara, where she spent almost every summer. Maria has replaced several acting schools in Madrid, from a young age leads a healthy lifestyle. She suffers from celiac disease, intolerance to food containing gluten.

The disease made me a more responsible and disciplined person. I am convinced that what we eat has a huge impact on our mood and character in general. The main love in the life of Maria Valverde was cinema. – She spent hours at a local cinema and studied posters on the streets of her city.


The main love in the life of Maria Valverde was cinema. – She spent hours at a local cinema and studied posters on the streets of her city. “I came to this profession because I want my name to remain in my memory a hundred years later.” So I leave my mark on the story. Constantly watching her favorite actresses, she always dreamed of becoming a world-class actress herself. Studying at school, Maria combined with parallel training in theatrical art. Already at the age of 10, Maria played her first role in one of the local performances. The debut of Maria Valverde was at the age of 16 when she starred in the film “The Bolshevik’s Weakness” (2003). For the main role in the film, together with Luis Tosar, she received her first award – “Goya”, as “Best Young Actress”. Soon after, she starred in the thriller Outside the Body, where Maria played a minor role as the daughter of Jose Coronado. Soon she appeared in the short project “Cuando nadie nos mira”, the main plot of which was the drug addiction of the younger generation. Cosmetic brand Max Factor recognized Maria Valverde as the owner of the most beautiful face in Spanish cinema. The young actress walked around her compatriots Irene Visedo and Veronica Sanchez. In 2005, Maria was invited to Italy, where she starred in the movie “Melissa: An Intimate Diary.” In this film, shot by Luca Guadagnino, based on a very scandalous novel by the Italian writer Melissa Panarello, Maria played the main role of Melissa, a teenage girl who was just starting her sex life with the thought that sex would help her to feel loved. Maria was so in love with this role that she broke up with her young man for a trip to Italy. The role of Melissa has changed my life. I had to give up many familiar things. It was a huge step forward, a step of a mature person. It was incredibly difficult for me on the set because I lacked professionalism and a solid character. But I did it. And everything that does not kill us makes us stronger. After the role of Sofia in the drama “Vorvik”, Maria had to leave school for endless photo shoots, festivals and gala concerts. The next serious work of Mary was the film “Borgia” (2006) , in which Maria Valverde played the role of Lucretia Borgia. In 2008, Maria Valverde appeared in the drama “The Anarchist’s Wife”, and a year later she played the Spaniard Fiamma, a pupil of a boarding school, in the thriller “Cracks”. In 2010, Maria Valverde played a major role in the romantic film Three Meters Above the Sky, and then starred in the Spanish series 2055. Maria Valverde is compared to the Hollywood star Penelope Cruz, and the youngest actress is very flattered. She tries to take a responsible approach to the choice of roles and appears in public with the Spanish actor Mario Casas, however, they deny any romantic relationship between them.


Personal life of Maria Valverde


Today, it is known that young Maria Valverde is dating Mario Casasos, a partner in the film “Three Meters Above Sky”, and their romance is developing very rapidly and gaining momentum. After filming the painting “Three meters above sea level,” the couple practically does not part, they spend virtually all their free time together. In one of her interviews, Maria Valverde speaks of him like this: “In addition to being a popular, beautiful and excellent actor, he is also a good friend. Every woman dreams of having such a friend. There are no more perfect people on Earth than him. Mario has no flaws. I like it when viewed on the street. And this is not surprising … I believe in true love and I would fight for death for my love. For the sake of my boyfriend, I would have done everything that would be necessary if, of course, he needed me. I’m a big party girl but with him everything is fine with me. I’m happy!”

According to those around, Maria Valverde, whose personal life is closely connected with cinema and Mario Casas, is currently engaged in acting and is preparing to shoot a new film.

he personal life of Maria Valverde is of interest to many fans, but the girl carefully hides the main moments from her life. Although there are rumors among Spanish actors about her tumultuous intimate life, but there is no evidence so far, so fans of the actress can only guess about the secrets and secrets of the personal life of Maria Valverde. In her interviews, the young actress is restrained and concise, the only thing known is that today she is in love with Mario Casas and is very happy.


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