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 June 13, 2020


The story of Margot Robbie is similar to the modern Cinderella story . True, the path to fame and a prosperous life turned out to be thorny, and Margot herself became a good fairy thanks to her fantastic capacity for work.

Childhood and youth

The actress was born on July 2, 1990 in Australia. Parents lived in a resort town, popular with foreign tourists, and Margo herself spent her childhood in the province, on her grandmother’s farm. The father, also engaged in farming, left his wife with four children. Margot has a sister, Anne, brothers Lachlen and Cameron. The latter, by the way, a model and a novice actor, collaborates with the MTV channel.

Robbie never forgave her father for betrayal, after Mike left, she stopped maintaining relations with him. Mother had to work hard. Sari Kessler is a physiotherapist, her work is related to children with disabilities and elderly patients.

Margo grew curious and purposeful, tried to take the maximum out of life – she went to a theater studio, was engaged in dancing, water rowing. Surfing has become a real passion. At the end of the school year, Robbie traditionally went to the farm to her grandmother, at 10 years old she skillfully chopped firewood and milked cows.

After school, the girl went to college and got a job immediately for three jobs. Margo wanted to make her mother’s life a little easier – she worked as a waitress in a bar, cleaned hotel rooms, sold souvenirs and drinks in a beach stall. Having accumulated a little money, she went to acting classes in Melbourne, combined her studies with work and attending castings.

Personal life

Margot has a rich personal life. First, the girl met with Matthew Thompson, whom she had known since school. After parting, the young people remained friends. Then there were short-term novels with a college student and art director Aitken. It was even rumored that Robbie had an affair with Leonardo DiCaprio .

The actress met her husband and assistant director Tom Ackerley on the set of the drama “French Suite”. In December 2016, lovers got married. The wedding was held in a circle of close friends and relatives. The girl dedicated a post on Instagram to the solemn event .

Since then, the couple parted for a maximum of three weeks, if not together every day talking on the phone. There are no children in the family now, Margot says that she is not ready yet, supposedly she can’t cope with two dogs, and here is such a serious step.


At the start of her acting career, Robbie did without an agent, learned about the news in the world of cinema from ads or from fellow students. Sometimes the casting ended successfully, but the roles were so small that the name of the girl was not mentioned in the credits. Nevertheless, director Aash Aaron, who shot the thriller “I See You,” noticed a fellow countrywoman and offered to play in the foreground in the company of James Dea and Christian Redford.

Then Margot came to the casting of the popular Australian TV series “Neighbors” , and after the trials, confident in failure, flew away to rest in Canada. The vacation was interrupted by the message that she was approved for the role of Donna Friedman. For almost 3 years, Robbie starred in the sitcom, spending on the site for 17-18 hours five days a week. For the game in “Neighbors”, the aspiring actress received two prizes at once.

In January 2011, filming ended, and Robbie decided that she was ready to become a Hollywood star. The girl went to America, where she was waiting for an ice reception. Margo went to auditions from morning till night, but in vain. Finally, a proposal was made to become a flight attendant in the television drama “Pan American” about the life of the airline of the same name. True, the 1st season was a failure, so the project was closed. But it is this role that Robbie herself considers the start in Hollywood. The directors noticed a pretty blonde.

Margot Robbie 2020

In February 2020, the biographical drama “Scandal” was released, in which Margot starred in the company of the famous compatriot Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron, a native of South Africa . The film is based on events, including the beginning of the movement against the #Metoo harassment.

Filming in this picture coincided with work on the tape “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood” and the superhero action movie “Birds of Prey: A Stunning Story of Harley Queen” .

In the first, Robbie reincarnated as Sharon Tate, the wife of Roman Polanski , who fell victim to the gang of Charles Manson . This case is part of the background on which the relations of the heroes of DiCaprio and Brd Pitt unfold . Director Quentin Tarantino resorted to a technique he loved in his projects – for a minute and a half, he showed Margo’s legs in close-up.

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